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We’ve made some behind-the-scenes adjustments to improve overall gameplay.

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Always stay connected to the battlefield with the Battlelog app for iPhone and iPad.
It contains all the features you need to stay on top of the game. Check your stats, see what’s next to unlock, view the results from your matches, challenge your friends to Missions, customize your Loadout and see how you’re doing in the Geo Leaderboards.

Battlelog even connects to Battlefield™ 4 while you’re playing the game! Now you can find the server you want to play on or join a friend directly from the Battlelog app with Remote Joining. You can also customize your Loadout in real-time while you’re playing, and on iPad you can even use BattleScreen to get a fullscreen, real-time minimap of the game you’re playing.

You can also connect with friends and the Battlefield™ community. Write updates to your feed, read all the latest news and join other passionate fans in the forums. With Battlelog you will always have the battlefield with you.

Battlelog Features:
• SOLDIER STATS & PROGRESSION – View the progress and stats of your soldier to see how far you are from your next rank, how many kills you’ve gotten, and which weapon is your best.

• LOADOUT – Customize your soldier’s Loadout wherever you are, and you can even update from the app in real-time while you’re playing.

• SUGGESTIONS & TRACKING – Get suggestions for new awards and unlocks to pursue, or find that special weapon you’re after and track it so you can follow its progression.

• BATTLE REPORTS – View detailed stats of your past games to inspect your strengths and weakness, and share the reports to your feed for extra bragging rights.

• MULTIPLAYER & REMOTE JOIN – View and find servers directly in the app, and join your friends or favorite servers remotely when you’re playing.

• BATTLESCREEN* - View the minimap in fullscreen and real-time on your iPad, while you’re playing. As squad leader you can even set new orders directly from the app.

• LEADERBOARDS – Choose your location and see how you stack up against friends, your city, your country and the world across a wide range of stats.

• MISSIONS – Challenge your friends to custom Missions to see who can get the most kills in a round or be the best tank destroyer.

• CAMPAIGN – View your campaign progression, check your stats and see how many points you’ve collected compared to your friends.

• FORUMS – Share your passion for Battlefield™ with the rest of the community in the forums.

• BATTLE FEED – Stay in touch with your friends’ Battlefield™ progression and share your stories with them.

• COM CENTER – See when your friends are online and are playing Battlefield™ and get quick access to their profile and stats.

• NEWS – Stay up-to-date with the latest Battlefield™ news from anywhere in the world.

• PREMIUM – See what releases and drops are coming up for Premium members.

Supported Games:
• Battlefield™ 4
• Battlefield™ 3 (only iPhone)
*iPad only

Customer Reviews

  • Works ok

    by Enricozzzzz

    This app compared to the Commander app actually works ok. Joining games as soldier and commander mostly works. Loadout changes usually work, sometimes not. Item descriptions are missing. Sometimes it just exits or needs to reload, which never finishes.

  • Map

    by James Chrisco

    I love how on my PC it shows the mini map. But when I want to switch rooms it ain't easy to just take a PC with you or just go out and buy a tablet. But instead it would be extremely nice just to look at it on my iPhone 5.

  • Battlelog

    by Breckton Wilkinson

    Can be a bit slow at times, but this is an excellent app. I'd recommend it for all of you Battlefield 4 players.

  • EA doesn't mess up everything.

    by Dylon 2244

    Don't even compare Call of Duty to Battlefield, we all know that Battlefield has extravagant graphics and extraordinary multiplayer maps. Not to mention Call of Duty doesn't even follow laws of nature. You can't even swim in Ghosts. Anyways, great app! I recommend it for any Battlefield fan.

  • No problems

    by RageCakes

    Great app for battlefield players.

  • Very good idea needs some tweaks

    by Jessica Hicks

    I'm always having trouble with it crashing and the battlescreen did not work and it does not update most of the time it does but you need to check out the battlescreen somethings wrong with it

  • One great app

    by Funnymanreveiws

    One problem if i click on my profile it freezes but great app

  • awesome

    by jellyfisher2571$(,!$;

    I can not customize my load out and some other stuff.Overall good app someone add Me. my ID is J00077

  • :/

    by Joker12565441739

    Great app and all but I don't know. Every time I try to join a game from my mobile into my xbox it says I'm not online. When clearly I'm in the menu. Also it's a little slow but that's ok. Hopefully this was helpful. P.s The guy who put that last comment. Dude it doesn't matter about the graphics when it comes to battlefield bro. It's the action and hardcore maps and weapons and yea it has it's fault and bad graphics I'll give u that . But we battlefield fans love the heart of battlefield and it's just the awesome of the game that makes us love it no matter how much we pay. xXxTEAM BATTLEFIELDxXx

  • Good but

    by Mr war games


  • Great app

    by Nitesh Family

    Great app works great

  • Love the idea but fix it plz

    by Fahbajdjix

    Please make an update that will let be do something. So I open the app all excited and I log in and I press load out and it highlights in white but it doesn't do anything ( left it on for like 20 mins still nothing ) please update

  • Many bugs,but seems good


    It doesn't load up for me and doesn't allow me to do anything,but I feel that when its fix it will help out alot

  • An excellent integrated experience

    by Vadim Lozko

    While I prefer the iPad version, both provide a solid experience. The in game tie in is great, from configuring a loadout to selecting a server. The experience is very seamless.

  • Good idea

    by Sandwatcher

    I love this app but they really needs to work the bugs out. Starting with the calibration of where you tap and where it thinks you tap. And if it would update all my stats such as melee kills and vehicle kill assists. Keep trying guys.

  • worthless

    by YoUrWaVyNeSs

    the app is a piece of crap just like the game freezes laggy & slow fix your trashy servers too... but at the end of the day we want what we paid for the maps plus your giving refunds on premium back to Xbox users like what the f***

  • Crap

    by Picus1thgfrds

    The app mimics the game. Way too many bugs. Link/path takes you to a completely different tab ie clicking on "medals" takes you to "load outs" This happens daily. EA, DICE, and Frostbite looks like they sold everything out to the lowest bidder. Congrats on sucking at life.

  • by Dewmanruss

    I bet it is a good app to have but I keep trying to scan the code on the game and each time it doesn't work. And sadly... I new the scan to work because I can't remember my email.

  • EA can't get it right with Battlefield 4

    by Curlyfries308

    DO NOT download this app. I did because the login button will not work on there website. This app hardly works at all. You can't do soldier customization on this app only on the PC. Tried to pick my region that I live in for the leaderboards and it made me chose Libya. Now it won't let me chose anywhere. I have had it with EA. Battlefield is a mess and so is the whole battlelog system.

  • by King mostafa

    95% of the app is not functional. Extremely buggy. My grandma could probably do a better job at making this app

  • Update

    by Fluffy phily cheesecake

    The app will not let me do anything

  • Horrible

    by JL1215

    Worst experience with an app as long as I've had an iPhone. It cannot function in the slightest. Nothing works within the app. Do not waste your time downloading it.

  • So bad, it's offensive

    by Dawgs vs. Cougs

    I didn't think EA/DICE could put out something worse than Battlefield 4, and then they went and released this app. Is this all some kind of sick joke? I honestly started laughing the first time the app crashed. Why get angry anymore? I've run out of energy for EA's garbage.

  • Needs fixing

    by Izzandrew133667

    It worked GREAT until lately it wont let me sign in, reset my password and reinstalled app and nothing .... Fix it i use this app often

  • Can't even sign in...

    by 330HoFcity

    It was working fine in the beginning. But now out of the blue it won't let me sign in. I went and reset my password just to be sure so I know for a 100 percent fact I'm using the correct email and password.

  • ...

    by Hercules360

    I can't even log in to this! I reseted my password over and over again. EA needs to get their head out of their a**

  • Terrible

    by Dragtail

    I had this app for a while with no problems until now, I can't sign into the app, I even changed my password and it still won't let me in, FIX IT

  • Can't even log in

    by MH weapons master

    I can't even log into the app. I changed my password and tried again but still didn't work. I guess I got my hopes up thinking it would be great but what do you expect from EA?

  • Has serious issues

    by Leaping Snail

    Until recently, when I would tap something it would go to something completely different. And today it signed me out of my origin account and always says my username and password is wrong. I have reset my origin password to try to fix it but nothing is better

  • Not working.

    by TyrantAT

    It seems like it works for some but not all. As for me, it does not work. I can't even log in. It says my information is incorrect. Tried over and over, even changed the password and still no dice, dice. Brought up QR and attempted through my PS4 and still nothing. If it doesn't work for everyone then it is flawed. So, 1 star until I see it work.

  • Update!!!

    by DiegoR189

    Does not work on iPhone 4S at all!

  • Crapy app

    by Madgatos

    First of all, I'm surprised that some ppl have can log in to the app. Every time I try, it will just keep loading. I would have given more stars, but I can't, because like I said I have not even been able to use it once since I downloaded it.

  • Crashes every time

    by Stupidgamereviews

    I get to the login page and it crashes. Every. Time. I redownloaded and nothing helped. Do. Not. Download.

  • Bugs bugs bugs...

    by Mac addict 42

    ... sort of like the game itself! Trying to tap UI elements often results in activating links that are on a lower layer of the UI. Makes the app largely unusable. Then there's the fact that it doesn't update unless you quit and relaunch. Very stupid.

  • This app continues to crash even after update

    by Sir Rob IV

    I've re downloaded this app multiple times and all it does is load and crash on my iphone 5s. This is an update it is still crashing every time you open it.

  • Cant do anything

    by AnjelCrafts

    I can login just fine but it when i click something it wont load

  • Great idea. Poor execution.

    by Douglas Jones

    There are so many bugs. First off, there is no refreshing. If you unlock anything, you have to quit the app to see them. Some of the buttons are unresponsive. Some of the buttons are unresponsive and when you click them they take you to completely random, unrelated products. Please fix immediately. Oh and make sure you test your apps instead of attempting to be first out on the market.

  • Freezes and lags

    by Coby R.

    Great app but you can't use the app cause it freezes. The new update ddnt help obviously

  • Buggy, what else would you expect

    by Mvxc

    A great concept, poor execution. It freezes and glitches, just like the game! Double your frustration, double your fun!!

  • Crashes on iPod though 4th gen.

    by DurandalAbraxas

    Please fix. And by fix I mean fix it don't make it so only IOS 7 users can use it. Has potential though and looks great.

  • Terrible App

    by The Only MikeNYCe

    This app might have actually been good if it ever worked. The app does absolutely nothing. People do not want to hear this but the Call of Duty app is way better than this garbage which isn't really saying much.

  • Needs update keeps freezing

    by Yo mammaaaaaaa

    And crashing

  • Broken

    by stringbeam1

    Crashes every time I open it, how about fixing this already?!?

  • Horrible

    by jfetherboy

    This app won't even let me login I've changed my origin account creds and verified that they were the same ones that I was typing into my phone and they still didn't work...this app needs a lot of work

  • Needs update

    by Christian7668

    Once I click on something it freezes. I can't access anything.

  • Click on AK to change load out

    by GetItRight!!

    End up on a tank load out. Fix ASAP.

  • Freezes

    by EMB78

    This app continuous freezes on me every time I click on something. I can't check anything. I even deleted the app and installed it again and it still doesn't work!

  • doesn't work

    by ssigxxg

    The only thing that works is the screen after it loads and when I go to any other thing like multiplayer it just freezes! Please fix it

  • Chat?

    by Ice Tea!

    Where's the chat i need ? What the point id viewing friends and seeing who's online or nor,only way to chat with them is to write on activity feed! Which i refuse! Add chat to friends to make this app at least normal!

  • Does not work. Period.

    by Jamedina17

    This app has not worked at all. Does not load anything . I have downloaded it more than once. COD ghost app works perfect. Step your game up.

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