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This version includes a bug fix that resolves an issue with communication notifications, as well as a few other fixes and enhancements.

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eHarmony is the premium online dating destination that’s helped over a million people get married to date. As the most trusted online dating site today, we match singles and make amazing introductions by really getting to know you. With the eHarmony iPhone app, it literally takes minutes to sign up and to receive your first match – all for free!

By downloading the free mobile app, you can:
• Sign up for eHarmony Online Dating for FREE
• Complete your Relationship Questionnaire for FREE
• Receive your detailed Online Dating Personality Profile for FREE
• Upload photos from your phone or from Facebook
• Receive your daily matches for FREE
• Send Icebreakers to your matches for FREE
• Communicate with your matches for FREE during our FREE Communication events

Get the most out of your eHarmony experience by subscribing. As a subscriber, you can:
• Unlock full mobile access
• See matches' photos
• Send and receive Guided Communication
• Send and receive eHarmony Mail
• See who’s viewed your profile
• See when a match last logged in

We have multiple subscription options to choose from – starting as low as $19.99/month:
• Your iTunes account will be charged at confirmation of your purchase and auto-renews for the same upgrade price at the end of each three/six/twelve-month period.
• Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase and must be turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
• No cancellation of the current upgrade plan is allowed during your active period.

Other things you need to know:
• eHarmony is safe and secure
• You can view our Privacy Policy at
• You can view our Terms of Use at
• You must be at least 18 years old to download and use this app

Customer Reviews

  • Works great for me

    by geostrykyr

    I get lots of dates in the Bay Area using this app. Works fine for me, and I like the process much better than match.

  • Fairly easy to use

    by Carrie Nelson

    Fairly easy to use

  • Amazing!!!

    by Importgrl1969

    Nothing but good experiences;)

  • Works well

    by JJL65

    I like this app very well. I have been using it for about three weeks. And it seems to work fine.

  • Easy to use and reliable!

    by Jillybeany13

    This app is so user friendly! I find myself using the app over the actual website on my computer and I get new matches every day or two. I've only been on eHarmony for a couple of months and I have met a few gentlemen who I really seem to have a lot in common with. I love that you have to put some time and effort into getting to know someone with the guided questions portion. You can tell a lot by a few back and forth question sessions. I would definitely recommend this app, and eHarmony itself. It's truly unlike any other dating website out there.

  • Love The App and eHarmony

    by Gymnast2493

    Personally, eHarmony has been great for me. In the beginning my matches seemed to be coming slow, but within in a week's time that changed. I've realized my matches are not just based on what I've put down (location, race, etc) but on who exactly I'm communicating with. I've noticed my matches are more similar now in height and even occupation. So for those who don't seem to be finding who they're looking for, I suggest giving it a little time.

  • Works good enough for me

    by William Bremkamp

    I am probably one of the few people to really say this app has worked well for me so far. I have had no issues except it would be nice when I send a message to a match that the message shows up in the message history so I don't send duplicate messages if I had already sent one.

  • Surprised by all the negative reviews!

    by Turboman911

    I'm very new to both eHarmony as well as the app. But having been a Match member for nearly 1 year I am quite pleasantly surprised with the number and quality of area matches I've received. Unlike Match, I feel like the matches are considerably better aligned with what I want and who would be a good match for me. Again, just starting out but pleasantly surprised and pretty optimistic!

  • It's okay.

    by errocksmysocks

    I haven't had any problems so far, but have not been blown away, either.

  • Redo the price set up

    by rsw4christ

    So far I think this is a pretty good app. My only flaw is with the price set up. If you want to do one of the monthly plans, you have to pay for the package all of front. I'm sure most people are like me and cannot pay $200-$300 up front when there is a monthly cost that they would more willing and better be able to pay.

  • So far, so good

    by PinnerAnnie

    Works fine. Convenient.

  • Fast and has a lot of functions.

    by Gmunnie

    I like eHarmony.

  • Awesome app...

    by Mychan76

    The app is easy to use and makes using eharmony more convenient.

  • Does ok

    by Jb705cf

    The app does ok. The main problems that I've had are that matches that I hide become unhidden when I refresh the app. Secondly, the type size on the mail section is incredibly tiny. I can barely see it. Otherwise, I'm satisfied

  • Good platform

    by cole starr*

    Sometimes it crashes and it definitely doesn't have the functionality of the website, but for a mobile app it does the job quite nicely

  • Useful

    by Work geek.

    Makes the use of eharmony easier.

  • Good app.

    by C L D H

    I'm not having any issues, it's pretty user friendly, no glitches. Good app!

  • Unsure

    by Egghead33

    So far no app issues, but questioning some of the matches? Most don't say enough to really decide if they are worth your time. So all in all ok!

  • Works great - good on the go

    by Carreonp

    I can quickly get to match replies and then type my responses right away. Updating my profile is not so ideal cuz it shows less detail(so I use my PC)

  • Pretty good, could be better

    by stephammon

    Sometimes hard to navigate. It's hard to get to my latest communication sometimes. Also, always takes me to a blank profile page for someone named Rebecca whenever I try to go to my latest notification from my phone without opening the app. Then have to close it and open app separately and then go to communication.

  • App is fine. Matches r scarce

    by tbill647

    It looks like EH isn't getting many people to join. Most of my matches were with others that had not been on the site for months and the others were out of my age range. This would be understandable in a small city but I live near Chicago. Sadly, I have give the thumbs down to EH.

  • No matches!

    by Gustavo Diaz

    The app. Is fine the company itself is horrible! I paid $100 fir the site and they only have match me with 6 person in the last 2 months! The matches wore horrible! For example I clearly said that I'm an athletic person and no one of my matches wore even remotely close to what I said I was interested on!

  • Terrible site, terrible app

    by Kevin Ropp

    First of all, the entire eH process is laughable and a gigantic waste of time and money. They'll match you up with people who aren't members and can't communicate as well as people who haven't even logged on in more than a month. And let's face it, there is NOTHING to the matching process. The app is just as bad. Avoid the entire thing

  • Crap

    by Michael Pace

    It cost to much and you don't get much it is not worth the money

  • Ugh. Worst.

    by Addictedtoappslmao

    EHarmony is a weird dating site with a lot of Christian and sexist undertones. You see a lot of this in the questions and dating advice. No good matches. Almost every guy I'm matched with is in their 50s because women just loooove older men. (Sarcasm). I can't search matches either. It's literally whoever the computer generates for you. It's a joke and really expensive. Oh side note, if you are going to take the chance, call and ask for a discount rate. They actually will help you out. So see, that's one nice thing.

  • Great site that works like a Yugo

    by Onsitewelding

    Very slow load times, usually times out. Third day of not being able to upload pictures. Site will boot you back to log in all the time. Smiles show sent, but are not actually sent. Not worth the cost being charged for these services.

  • Review

    by Kamajoy

    I've tried this online service and though follow advice etc., it did not work out for me. The worst part is they keep sending you matches from far away, who wants to Travel 4 hours to have Coffee together? I will not use them again.

  • Slim pickings.

    by Dk77042

    I think there are more guys than girls on here.

  • Not worth it!

    by Clao1

    That's because you're new to Eh turboman, but I totally agree with Michael Evans.

  • Bad

    by DHARI's

    Bad bad bad

  • Barely Functional

    by CaseyRossB

    Both the iphone and iPad versions of the eharmony app are poorly done, both functionally and stylistically. Don't get me wrong - I actually like eharmony, itself - but I can't count the number of issues this app has given me. It often fails to download user pictures at random. Sometimes it is extraordinarily slow. Sometimes it logs me out for seemingly no reason at all. Overall, this app just doesn't get it done.

  • Glitchy

    by MaggieMaeM

    This app should be so much better! It does not send my answers to the open ended questions so I have to re-type everything! And it doesn't re-load when you've blocked someone--the person keeps showing up! In this day and age of great technology, EH really should have a better app.

  • im 11

    by Sky assassin

    i only wanted diamonds for my game..:

  • Just not worth the subscription.

    by George Brattina

    Just not worth it.

  • Don't waste your money

    by Gal from NJ

    Matches are lots of fakes, not worth what you paid!!!

  • Very Disappointed

    by MiszzBryant

    The app is buggy. Doesn't update as it should. Limited functions. Are the developers of this app even reading the comments posted?!?! Very disappointed in eHarmony has a whole. It's getting really old being matched with people who are no longer active on the site!!! smh

  • Boo

    by J Michael Evans

    The app itself is ok. My issues are with eharmony. The advertise all those millions of users. Ok well where are they? If you're lucky, you may get 3 matches a day. They try to tell you that your search area is too small. Well I'm sorry. I don't want to date someone 120+ miles away. Matching system seems to be junk. I'm not seeing how it's scientific. After spending over an hour answering their prodding questions, it doesn't even seem like it uses those in matching you up with others. I have a couple months left on my plan but seriously doubt I'll renew. It's just a scam to take your hard earned

  • Matches are awful

    by JWendy p

    No success at all

  • Kim Jong

    by Connorito


  • Not great not terrible

    by Juice6434

    The app does it's basic function, However, I think eharmony misses the mark. By not having an incredible app, In today's world where so many people only use their phone to access the internet and communicate. One would think eharmony would crush this. Maybe they too much money spent on the rose bowl floats.

  • Disappointing

    by Jess8912

    The app is terrible. It's full of bugs and has very few features. I expected more.

  • This app is terrible.

    by Hack58

    This app is terrible. It's slow, buggy, and it doesn't have nearly the amount of features as the web site.

  • Eharmony is a scammer

    by Saihite

    They lure you with tapjoy points and never give one

  • Cannot cancel account

    by TDunkin459

    It is impossible to cancel your account without speaking to someone. It's ridiculous.

  • Facebook

    by Mrybckr33

    Step 3 asks a standardized question about social media. My reply included the words Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Eharmony kindly removes Facebook from the reply making my response illegible. I wasn't giving out my info. I wasn't in breach of contract but they sure are!!!!

  • Great site that works crappy

    by Onsitewelding

    Very slow load times, usually times out. Third day of not being able to upload pictures. Site will boot you back to log in all the time. Smiles show sent, but are not actually sent. Not worth the cost being charged for these services.

  • Not for me

    by TheBrighterStar

    As far as the site, it is nice to use and not so overwhelming since it gives a person their matches. My only complaint would have to be is I would of liked a trial of what the full version would be before I decided to purchase it in 3 month increments.

  • Ugh

    by Secret Sammie

    App was okay, price was outrageous very Unsatisfied deleting this application.

  • Can I get a refund?

    by TehGamingLord

    App freezes to many time,

  • Very upset

    by ForgottenProphet

    I paid how much for this dating site? Just to be matched up with guys who don't even answer, profiles who aren't active, or those with no photo. I am not happy at all with this site or it's services.

  • Not enough user options

    by chrissymc74

    I hate that they don't let you search your own matches. And they say to try people outside of your area, you never know.., well yes I do! If you really want a lasting relationship someone will have to move! Let's get real eharmony ! I do prefer a man taller than me, looks do matter, location does matter,a few questions can tell if we will be a match , they could have lied! And I get matches way too old! And most no pics! Seriously can I come to work for you guys?... I'll get it all right! I would not recommend this site to anyone.

  • Can't even start

    by meladdela

    Taken the test 4-5 times already and get as far as uploading pic. I then get a "we are undergoing maintenance" each and every time. It would be fine if I didn't have to restart the test each time! Frustrating.

  • Decent App

    by HappyOne37

    The app could be easier to maneuver. The checking of profiles should not be so complicated. The layout I like and enjoy.

  • Surprisingly satisfied

    by Willow Indy 10

    The app is better than the website in my opinion. Works great on iPhone 5

  • Rating

    by Hime422

    It's ok but needs work. It's slow and doesn't update well.

  • Roy

    by Sport reader

    App works well, is as convenient as website

  • Great ap

    by SwannDoc

    Helpful and quick. Updates faster than the site. Makes things easy. Wish you could rotate your phone to type emails, but other than that, it has been great.

  • Good app

    by Melissa Germano

    Never used the website. Messenger is not quite where it could be but overall gets the job done

  • Great app!

    by Brhize

    The interface is easy to use. I have it on my iPhone and iPad. The iPad version is easier to view profiles with, the iPhone version is easier to communicate with. Make sure to select 'very important' in your match settings if you are looking for specific age and location and such. I didn't at first and was not pleased with my results. Once I switched it over to very important, I have received great matches. Good Luck finding your future partner!!! This app helps... I hope. :)

  • Better

    by Friscom99

    This app is good but they still need to fix bugs: When someone answers my questions, before I can read them they force me to send them mine. The site let's you read it.

  • Terrible

    by Karin L. Dyer

    It is so difficult to navigate and not helpful. I do not like the app or eharmony. It is impossible to cancel once you've started. Very unsatisfied with their costumer service.

  • Eharmony

    by Clarko22

    Great app!! Thanks.

  • App is awesome matches need a little help

    by Bklyngrrl

    Love the app. Easy to use and really helps with icebreakers. But some of the matches are not me at all....

  • So slow

    by KL1313

    While the app isn't terrible when it's so ridiculously slow, it's basically useless. It's the only app I have that takes forever to load. If I try and click on a match or a photo...we'll forget it, you're looking at upwards of a minute for anything to open.

  • This app is a joke

    by TallTexMan

    This app is a joke and not user friendly at all. I am pleased with the matches but this mobile app is the worst I have ever used.

  • Ehh

    by Anon5579

    The app is fine, easy, efficient enough. The site itself though and what they're offering, not great. I get sent matches all the time that are not even close to what I like! Come on now. Kind of pricey for crappy results

  • Good app, if it wouldn't crash

    by asghjkl1234567

    It is a good concept, but until it will work for more than a few minutes without crashing, it is pretty much useless. Even basic functions just don't work.

  • "Distance" of your relationship

    by Darvishijj

    If you are looking for a long distance relationship, this is the one. I specifically didn't want a long distance relationship and they matched me with everyone that was more than an hour or two away.

  • Success

    by Gamer881021

    I am dating my guy who I met on Eharmony so that part is good. I was frustrated at times with the service. Overall, though, it's been worth it!

  • Eh

    by Cuvier2011

    Awesome app

  • Easy to use.. Better than website.

    by Whitto5678

    This app has gotten better with the updates. You can now change your settings (search preferences) on the app without going to the website. Some reviewer said you can't delete match activity of a match you have no interest in.. You can, just left swipe. Or you can 'hide' them (swipe left on matches page) and their activity will never show up in the first place. Easy to use! I prefer it to the website. Now.. Eharmony just needs to improve it's supply of men!

  • Good App, Online is still better

    by lilbear09

    It's a good app for a quick version of the site, but if you really want to use all the tools available you need to go online. But this is a great way to see basic matches and go through the process

  • Best of a..

    by CGRahm

    Best of a bad situation. The dating game at my age is not really that fun, but eharmony makes the best if it

  • Best of a..

    by CGRahm

    Best of a bad situation. The dating game at my age is not really that fun, but eharmony makes the best if it

  • Eharmony takes time to fill out but worth it

    by Harley9mm

    There are many calculations made through many questions asked. Which is is say great. I would like though persons visits to the sight viewable when in search so to know if they even are an active member

  • Awesome!

    by KLindy07

    So easy to navigate, use and understand!

  • The app is ok

    by Lulu smurf

    but their theory is a lie. They are not trying to help others find true love, are looking to make a profit off of single people who really are searching for a relationship.

  • Not what I expected

    by Truangel13

    Not enough options to filter

  • Really people?

    by Cheeziefalcon

    Have some common sense, 90% of the matches are in different states. What's up with that?

  • So good so far

    by Loveable72

    So far this app is working out well. Something I would change though is seeing the response without going to the persons profile.

  • Waste of money

    by Dezahead

    Worst dating site there is.

  • What a waste!!!

    by Hilarya93

    This is a horrible site to use! They give you very few matches (unless you're willing to meet someone that lives 3 hours away!!), and if they do find you a match, they aren't within the requested age ranges or other match requests. The amount of money you pay for what you get is ridiculous!

  • Terrible matches

    by Meowmeow3

    I have not had a single interesting match. Everyone seems super nice but do not meet my specifications at all. Huge waste of money.

  • App leaves you wanting

    by Nuerph

    Too many glitches, too many inconsistencies. Pictures do not fully load Profiles take considerable time to load, especially when linked to wifi, minutes. Refresh rate is horrible. Customer support is lacking. These are just a few.

  • A Poor Excuse for an App

    by Nafziger

    The positive reviews for this app are fake. Read them. This app is riddled with bugs and is not user friendly. Is it too much to ask to allow for robust typing, and robust refreshes of profiles? Sometimes when typing the cursor disappears. The app hangs when being restarted. He contractor eharmony has hired is incompetent.

  • Not impressed

    by N D Pendent

    I'll pass...

  • Good app

    by Ganonthecanon

    Works as advertised. Easy to use and great interface. Only issue I've ever had is occasional log in issues but a quick shutdown and restart of the app works.

  • Buggy app, and still single

    by Patsfan121994

    App designed by a high schooler for his code class' midterm project. The mail section is full of bugs and you need to exit app to refresh. Also, matches are less than satisfactory. Or maybe I'm just ugly

  • eH Formula is Flawed

    by FormulaFlawed69

    Not a good site. My "matches" were not even close to what I'm looking for. Cost is too high. Process is exhausting. Information is not accurate...often says no kids when the person has kids...sort of an important pice of information. I would not recommend this site!

  • Keep it up.

    by Violin guy246

    Great app except for all the bugs. I hope that fix those soon.


    by nom nom nom

    After 20 mins of setting up your profile they drown you in upgrade questions. 29.99 a month... Oh and if you don't upgrade... You can't see there pictures. Not 1 picture. SOOOO many other dating sites. This one just wants your money.

  • Total thiefs! Rip off!!

    by sarah wieczorek

    Total rip off. Pay a ton of money for matches without pics or serious profiles. If you turn off auto-renewal beware.. They'll still manage to steal your money. Still trying to dispute charges through my bank!! Try another service fo sho!!

  • Efficient

    by Addison Bryan

    I think this app makes everything easy and at my fingertips

  • The worst

    by Angry user 10

    Spent a year on this sight. It never improved. They actually started recycling old matches. The matches were never great or all that attractive to me. I'm not convinced by any stretch of the imagination. I'm not a superficial person, but I'd like to be attracted to matches.

  • Rating the app not the eharmony price!

    by MuffyMix

    Yes, of course this online dating service is expensive, but we are here to rate the app, not the price!!! This app is efficient and easy to use. Yes it leaves out a but that the website offers, like the ability to see matches age without clicking on the match. I have had no loading problems or any other such technical difficulties. As for eharmony itself...maybe not worth the price. I have found a couple gems but no diamond yet!!! There goes my paycheck and now I'm stuck eating msg noodles alone!

  • Ugh

    by jasmemphis

    Don't bother unless you are 25-30 years old - and watch out for scammers. And old guys. Save your money and join the Y.

  • Eharmony is a joke

    by Harley9mm

    Nothing like I would have hoped for. First off I try in life. Why would I have my picture sent to persons that would consume me with there gravitational pull. The abundance of exercises I enjoy on a basis I wrote into profile should tell I do not want to date hippos. Second there app exemplifies how useless there site is.

  • Just horrible

    by Plokijuhyh1268

    Never ever renew this site. Waste of money. Has a unique feature that people erase you instantly by doing nothing.

  • Scam! Just want you to subscribe!

    by BunnieSears

    Worthless.. The "matches" are no where near right, send back & forth questions, no real communication unless you subscribe & it costs way too much without knowing if it works. IMHO

  • Smooth and functional. Very nice.

    by Striker D

    Last version was clunky. This version is very useable.

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