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Bug fixes related to registration and subscription.

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For 11 years, we’ve been helping customers go on better dates. Welcome to eHarmony! We’re the online dating site that has the best track record for putting singles, like you, in amazing relationships.

Our new eHarmony HD app has been designed and developed exclusively for the iPad. With eHarmony HD it’s easy to sign up, fun to view your matches, and simple to connect with people you like – all in an app that’s beautiful to view and delightful to use. We think you’re going to love it.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our customers have already said:

“This is the best way for me to browse my matches – it’s quick and fun.” – Christine
“I love the layout of the app, it’s very intuitive to use!” – Cianna
“The Facebook photo import feature was awesome, very easy to use!” – Lori
“I couldn’t believe that this was an app from eHarmony. It’s looks fantastic!” – Greg

We’d also love to hear your feedback on the app – email us at

By downloading the free iPad app, you can:
• Sign up for eHarmony for FREE
• Complete your Relationship Questionnaire for FREE
• Receive your detailed Book of You (the eHarmony Personality Profile) for FREE
• Receive your daily matches for FREE
• Send a Smile to your matches for FREE
• Communicate with your matches for FREE during our FREE communication events
• Upload photos from your iPad, from your Facebook account, or by using your iPad’s camera
By downloading the free mobile app, you can:
• Sign up for eHarmony for FREE
• Complete your Relationship Questionnaire for FREE
• Receive your detailed Personality Profile for FREE
• Upload photos from your phone or from Facebook
• Receive your daily matches for FREE
• Send Icebreakers to your matches for FREE
• Communicate with your matches for FREE during our FREE Communication events

Get the most out of your eHarmony experience by subscribing. As a subscriber, you can:
• Unlock full mobile access
• See matches' photos
• Send and receive Guided Communication
• Send and receive eHarmony Mail
• See who’s viewed your profile

You have three subscription plans to choose from: $19.99/month for 12 months, $29.99/month for 6 months, $39.99/month for 3 months. Please remember that when you subscribe:
• Your iTunes account will be charged at confirmation of your purchase and auto-renews for the same upgrade price at the end of each three/six/twelve-month period.
• Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase.
• Your iTunes account will be charged 24-hours prior to the end of your current subscription period.
• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Other things you need to know:
• eHarmony is safe and secure
• You can visit us online at
• You can view our Privacy Policy at
• You can view our Terms of Use at
• You must be at least 18 years old to download and use this app

Customer Reviews

  • Good But Crashes

    by ARSunshineRoss

    Frequently crashes. Unable to see all information. Managing photos is a nightmare. Unable to view questions. Please fix.

  • General

    by MJ2F

    I think is very usuful

  • Great Matchmaking -- Poor App

    by DelDiabl0

    I expected better performance. Does not load correctly. Interface has critical issues. Three stars for potential but as of now ??

  • Needs fixing

    by Palella

    Enjoy having the app on my iPad because it is very convenient to check my eHarmony updates. However, I want to review backwards on the conversations, questions and answers, etc. when communicating with my matches. I have not found a way to do this on the iPad. Is there something I am missing? ...if not, please fix this. Thank you! ~ Katherine

  • There needs to be a pic on profile

    by Yogie33

    I get too many matches that do not have a profile. I don' t mean to be vein but a picture is worth a thousand words. If a profiles does not include a picture then it should not be active. simple..

  • Fine for an app

    by iPad Trill

    not everything the website has, but it's what you need and you don't have to log in everytime, just launch the app

  • It's ok on the iPad

    by Yannie2525

    This app is fun on the go. For some reason cannot add pictures.

  • E harmony

    by Please backup

    I love the way you get the participants to know each other. I wish there was a way to back up to previously answered questions in case you forget what someone said.

  • eHarmony App

    by Transmogrification

    The app needs the possibility of uploading a short video to 3-dimensionalize the App. The app should also supply an emergency contact number to customer service at eHarmony. Something odd about an enterprise like eHarmony being in the people business and not providing a human voice to assist their member/clients. The app should allow modifications to the match settings i.e. distance/geography, age etc.

  • Program

    by Tatyler

    I get frustrated with this program it doesn't load properly sometimes and takes a while for it to come up

  • Good Start

    by SaltRocks1234

    First off, I quite like this app. (For one, it keeps me logged in. ^^,) There are a few bugs I'd really like to see fixed, such as the match area not being able to update itself when open, not being able to view previous questions and responses from matches, and not being able to caption photos. Otherwise, this is quite a handy little app.

  • Ok

    by VaRed99

    This app is Ok. It takes a little getting use to. It is way better that the phone version.

  • Looks great but needs work

    by Roseman at vroc

    I really enjoy the interface (look and feel) but needs some work on ease of use and improvement of functionality

  • Easy to use

    by FitBeach

    Quick and easy to use app for EHarmony on my iPad. If I need to make changes to my profile, I can do it on a pc.

  • Convenient, but...

    by Theresadances

    The EHarmony app is convenient and easy to use, but if you reply to a new match, the "new" comes off of all the other new matches. I use the app to communicate with eharmony email, but use the website to read new matches.

  • App not secure

    by 10schix

    I received two ongoing communications from accounts that had been compromised, that’s very unsettling. I am not impressed with eHarmony, very expensive and I would not recommend their services.

  • App seems lacking

    by JenFromKansas

    It's missing little bits- like when someone was last active & lags on the latest activity showing up. Overall I haven't been impressed with harmony or the app. I've been on for 6 months & only corresponded with a few people.

  • eHarmony

    by Miles2Go1st

    Not a friendly app, at all. It is unfortunate I still can't wait to get back to my PC because this app doesn't provide me enough features to satisfy my needs. If you get an instance message, Facebook alert, FaceTime request, or anything else while you are viewing answers to questions or must haves/can't stands you will not be able to see them again. You only option at that point is to send yours.... This app also will not show you if a match has closed you, it just hangs when you try and view their profile, that's my queue to get on the PC so I can remove them.... Not happy with this app... :-(

  • Eek

    by Mr. Dr. No

    It's really leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to apps. If you can't wait to get to your pc to take a look it does the trick.

  • Doesn't work

    by asghjkl1234567

    Half the things it is supposed to do don't work. Communication is terrible.

  • Poor

    by Sdesign622

    It's usable but glitchy. iPhone app has better features. I do like that I don't have to log in every time like on the website. Like others have said info is missing from matches profiles.

  • Much to be desired...

    by Gretathegreat64

    Compared to the iPhone app this one is seriously lacking. The phone app has more information, is easier to use, and can do more. It would be nice if they would replace the iPad app with one similar to the app for the phone. Update please?

  • iPAD app not desirable

    by Ange'l

    --- Version Info --- eHarmony: 1.1.2 iPad 1 (5.1.1) I'm getting very frustrated with the technical set up of each of your apps. My iPhone app does not include archive but blocking is suggested. But let me focus on your iPad app. What is the average age of your tech department because I do love your graphics but the core of the program is nothing to be desired. I feel it's geared towards visual effects. Why? So onto the core of the issues. If I need to close say, stage 2 because my work break is over, the iPad app goes straight to the next stage and the site does not allow me to go back and review the previous stage. It is not my job to point your inadequacies out. If your company can not do codes as such, and manage a flow to your program then how am I to trust your system to make a match? I can not even look at a reply I made to a question posted by one match to cut and paste to another match when asked the same question. Why would I answer differently? Why is there not a suggestion to answer the same question like I did the other 3 times when I write in my own reply when my stands and can't stands are allowed to be used again? This is a quality control issue and your company should not release an inferior program to a demographic that your president states on national television broadcast of the Rose parade as expansive....finding love for everyone including blacks, Asians, and older people. (really? Who is your marketing genius) Two strikes against being associated with the likings of eHarmony. Very embarrassing to say the least.

  • Worst Dating App

    by PattenG24

    This is the most unmanaged and incomplete app available on the App Store. Has not had an update since 1996. They should fire whomever they paid to write this app.

  • Horrible

    by Michelle Maddaluna

    I can't even get past the part that says to click on a chapter to begin my profile because it won't let me click anything!

  • EH app

    by Klintonb

    This app still needs some work to be great.

  • Not a fan

    by Trustme12345

    This app is delayed when going from screen to screen & sometimes closes without being prompted to. Also, I am unable to view the eharmony mail I've been sent while responding, which makes answering questions difficult.

  • Glitchy

    by drbobbiespike

    Locks up every time during the viewing of someone's must have/can't have. Doesn't let me go backwards in steps if it locks up and shuts down, so I miss information.

  • Needs a lot of work

    by Sweetlilsuzy

    For an app that is associated with a business that is run entirely on the internet, you would think it would have solved basic issues like load time. They created this new interface that flows from different parts of a desk but it takes too long to do so and just bogs the app down with unnecessary motion. When you archive a match instead of showing you the next match, it floats you back out to the top menu of visible matches. Then you have to click to go back into detail mode. It created too many steps for no apparent reason other than some Dev thought it would 'look cool' Functionality should be the primary focus here - not appearance.

  • A dreadful app

    by Dreadful!

    The eHarmony iPad app remains dreadful. Evidently eHarmony does not review its feedback though.

  • No harmony with this app!

    by Disappointed member 213999

    This is one of the worst apps out there! Usually have to reboot or logoff and then log back on for it to work? Then, it freezes up on profiles? It is very frustrating! Can't wait to not renew! The iPad let's you know that there is a message from a match and it seems like it takes a long time for the message to reach the App so you can read it???

  • Frustrating

    by Robert Buck

    This thing is quite difficult to use. It's buggy, misses information, and slow.

  • Glitchy, Piece of Crap

    by Ethan Schaeffer

    This app is broken. It's glitchy, and on several occasions it's crashed on me, and erased everything that I was filling out, which is really annoying!! The iPhone app is much more useful, but has its own flaws.

  • Tough to use, slow, cumbersome

    by Out all night!

    I hope you didn't pay a lot for the design and development of this app. I would have given 1/4 of a single star if it was an option.

  • Not very good

    by Rokam

    does not sync well with site profile (delayed receiving messages and smiles)

  • Meh

    by Filling in the blanks

    From a company with such a big name i expected more especially because im paying for it. Things on my profile go missing and lots of small errors. It gets frustrating to use.

  • Meh

    by Filling in the blanks

    From a company with such a big name i expected more especially because im paying for it. Things on my profile go missing and lots of small errors. It gets frustrating to use.

  • Terrible app

    by Hello5738

    Eharmony web site design and features are great, but the iPad app is atrocious. It basically does not have half of the web site features and makes doing certain tasks impossible. You can't even read the e-mails sent to you. It's really not even worth downloading - just plan on having to use your computer if you want to be on E-harmony.

  • EPIC FAIL!!!

    by KattsMeao

    Cannot access all the same info as on PC Web site. App frequently crashes. Hard to make changes to profile. Lots of attention to graphics but very little to user interface - very disappointing considering how expensive an eH membership is...

  • App will not respond at all!

    by MusicGrandmom

    I just downloaded the app because I was having trouble on the website. The customer service person said I had to be on the app in order to perform a certain task. So, I downloaded the app and included my credit card info which was mandatory in order to use the app. After all that work...Nothing! What a time consuming website in order to meet a person!

  • Terrible

    by Qqq44221

    It's slow, important features about a match are missing, you can't read all the text when they respond. Just an all around terrible app in every way. The actual website doesn't function much better on the iPad either. For what they charge, this should be a non-issue.

  • Functional, but not much more

    by CaseyRossB

    This is perhaps one of the most frustrating apps I have ever used. - The app does not consistently refresh on it's own, I often have to close out and reopen it. - It is virtually impossible to manage my profile pics with this app because simply tapping one just to select it makes it my profile pic. - It is impossible to properly crop profile pics. - It only offers a portion of the total content that is on a person's profile - I can't count the times I've had to go online just to see things that this app omitted. - It logs me out at seemingly random intervals.

  • Junk

    by Texasfoodiegirl

    Filter messes up, lots of errors on this app. Do some beta testing next time

  • Missing info from profiles

    by M.Crawley

    The app does not contain all of the info from a match's profile. The most important thing missing is the section on what a match is looking for. Everywhere else this is one of the key pieces of info they give you. While the apps design is original, the animations are clunky and slow to use after a while.

  • EH review

    by Maxwellje

    It's not a bad app, but it's not great either. The emailed notices don't match up with the options on the app sometimes. I have deleted a 'match' only to have them show back up and hour later.

  • Blocking is bad. Needs to be reversible!

    by 19181716151413121110

    I blocked a lovely woman in error and now I can't reach her because blocking is permanent. Also when I or others revise their profile, those who read the profile earlier should know about the revision. My first profile was a mess. The revision is now much more accurate.

  • Not great

    by Fun123123123123

    I wish I could read their email while replying, so I could be sure and answer their questions. Why can't you go back and re-read answers from guided communication?

  • Not great


    Wile I like how ehamony matches people, most of the questions are pretty useless. Or should I say the answers aren't great? For example the makes or breaks. They are all makes or breaks for most people. We should be able to at least choose more or ask more questions. I am amazed at the lack of responses. Maybe cause the people are not currently active. Wow! Not worth the money.

  • Crashes constantly

    by jessiesnxdr

    App crashes constantly on iPad, phone and safari. Not too happy since I only use apple

  • It's just ok

    by Dawtrs4

    Too many matches that are far away from me. Once you've completed a communication step you can't go back to see it again.

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