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Random bug fixes.

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Want more likes on your instagram photos? instaliked is the tool for you! Like other photos and to gain points and earn your spot on the like wall.

How It Works:

1. Like other peoples pictures to gain points.

2. Use your points to post your photos to the like wall.

3. People will like your photo when its on the like wall! One step closer to the popular page :)

An instagram account is required to use this app.
Users can only submit their own photos to the like wall.
Users with private Instagram accounts will not be able to post images.

Customer Reviews

  • Worked great at first, not anymore

    by yahtzee90586

    I used this app all the time and it worked amazing. It was really easy to use and I was in love with it. But recently, I haven't even been able to log in. It won't let me and I have tried absolutely everything to log in. Whenever I try to log in, it says '{"code": 400, "error_type": "OAuthException", "error_message": "Client Disabled"}'. I'm really disappointed now. Does anyone know why this happens and what else I can do to fix it? Some helps would be great.

  • okay

    by Pooring146

    It was working absoutly great... Untill it just stopped working

  • Great app but....

    by Skull girllllllll 14

    Now when I login it says error and dosnt let me get any likes or like any pictures at all I tried to uninstall the app but it sill says the same thing Please fix this

  • good

    by Anez Bez

    this app does exactly as you expect it to! no ads, no scams, no lies, no hacks. ive been using this for 2 months and its great. but now, it wasnt loading, so i logged out. when i tried to log back in, it said client disabled, code 400. im really annoyed because not only did i pay for it, but this happens ALL THE TIME. i suggest trying it, but DONT expect it to work forever.

  • Fix.

    by Bob from SOUTH CAROLINA

    Worked great & now it doesn't work. I tried restarting it & logging out but it won't work. Please fix.

  • App not working

    by Skye053106

    I had this app installed and it worked great. All of a sudden yesterday it stop loading. I tried to reinstall but now it's not working at all.

  • Help!!

    by R&B_Kat

    Error message trying to login! PLEASE HELP! Love this app!

  • ????

    by BonillaPelaez

    Why isn't instaliked working? It just shows as disable. Please fix

  • Great app! But...

    by Qu33nForADay

    I used to absolutely love this app! But now I can't use it

  • Great app.

    by Jesenia C.

    I love this app it gets you a lot of likes & it's easy and simple to use. But lately i don't know what's wrong with it. One day It was loading endlessly so i deleted it and downloaded it again & now i can't log in. Every time i tap "Log In to Instagram" it would just have an error message. I really like this app but please fix this bug

  • Something's wrong

    by Ultimat3Gam3r97

    I love this app, but the other day it stopped working and every time I try to log in it says "code; 400 error type" i dont know what's wrong or if anyone is experiencing this problem, but it'd be great if it would be fixed soon!

  • Good App

    by Brianthatfunnynigga

    Good app the only problem is that it hasn't been working for me it' says in account is disabled when clearly is not.

  • Love it, but help!!!

    by Aaaaaqqqqqhhhhh

    This app is amazing. I love it. It does exactly what it's supposed to and it has succeeded on getting my instagram pictures hundreds of likes. However, recently my phone was reset and I tried to get this app again but when I try to log in, it says client disabled. If anyone knows how to fix this, please help.

  • Used to love it but..

    by Juliaa13

    It stopped working and now I can't sign back in..

  • Error message?

    by ~PuffyPanda~

    This is a great app and I enjoy it very much. But everytime I log in now, I keep getting an error message saying something like cilent disabled or something like that. Please fix.

  • Amazing :)

    by Bigbearsinger

    This app is amazing i used it for so long i love it but yesterday something happened it won't let me sign in every time i sign in it says error authorizing please fixxxxxxxx ❤️❤️

  • Great App BUT….

    by Jmedz214

    It stopped working! i logged out and tried to sign back in and got an error! i un-installed then reset my phone and re-installed but still get {“code”: 400, “error_type”: “QAuthException”, “error_message” : “Client Disabled’}

  • What happened?

    by Ajdornspand

    This app was working great yesterday, but then suddenly it wouldn't let me log in... PLEASE FIX

  • Not working!

    by Tahira Mehmood

    2/13/14 WHY IS IT NOT WORKING?! It's a perfect app but it's not letting me log in, why?!!!!


    by bieber29173

    This app is amazing, it's great. But recently it's been saying that the client is disabled and it won't let me log in. The app will open and let me type my password and user name but once I click log on, it turns to a blank white page that has little writing at the top saying that the client is disabled. I paid for this app a while ago. Please fix this problem ASAP!

  • Too many bugs

    by Rivera3191

    Amazing app when i got it last but is now dead & filled with error messages. I'm assuming instagram caught on...

  • It's not working

    by Moodle9201

    It's not letting me use it anymore

  • Infinite loading

    by JtheCrook

    Doesn't load anything.

  • Uhm

    by Browneyedgurlllll

    It used to work perfectly for me. Now when I go to sign in, it comes up with some weird code and doesn't take me to the app to get likes and all that. So, is it just me?

  • Stopped working

    by vastman44

    It's probably Instagram's fault, but now when I open the app it delivers this message: {"code": 400, "error_type": "OAuthException", "error_message": "Client Disabled"}

  • Doesn't work that good

    by Arlene Santos

    This app worked fine in the beginning for a little bit but sometimes you don't always get points when you like stuff. Now app keeps crashing even through I've deleted and re downloaded it a number of times.

  • It just says loading

    by Richarddta1

    I deleted and reinstall and its a screen that pops up saying client disabled or something code 400 error type

  • Usually good

    by PlantsVS.Zombies-Luver

    this app usually works but it says I'm disabled??

  • "code": 400, "error_type": "OAuthException", "error_message": "Client Disabled"}

    by Please Fix Direct Commenting

    "code": 400, "error_type": "OAuthException", "error_message": "Client Disabled"} It's extremely unprofessional on how this app has failed. Your product is good but your maintenance of the app is atrocious. Us fans are awaiting some sort of update so that we can use this app. Please fix immediately.

  • worked. but now its not worth it

    by kirstennnxxx

    it worked great for me but now it wont load and when i try to log in it says "client disabled"

  • Cant log in

    by Miniplanet7

    When i login it has an error please fix or i wanna refund.

  • Doesn't work anymore

    by Good when it worked

    Just keeps trying to load and never works now

  • by Chananadianne

    I bought this app and it stopped working out of nowhere. I log out and log back in and all it says error 400; this client is disabled. Well I paid for this app and I have no idea why I'm disabled.

  • Fix it

    by hurricanegirl33

    Yeah so I paid for this app and out of nowhere it crashed and won't give me my likes. fix it!


    by Noozzyybaby

    Everytime I try and log in it says something about "Client being disabled". The app doesn't work anymore.

  • Error

    by Applefreakoxx

    The app is giving me an error before it was workin fine! What is wrong? It doesnt let me sign in and says error error since 2 days!!! I have paid for this?

  • FIX IT


    When I try logging in it keeps on saying that Client Disabled. Fix it please !

  • Good app gone bad

    by Jay101v

    This app was great. Then started having problems with it. It kept blocking me, then got disabled from the app. Thanks

  • Awesome

    by 23826

    Pretty good app at first, but recently I have been unable to log into my account using the app. I have tried deleting then reinstalling the app, restarting my phone, but it still gives me an error message after I put in my account info. please help fix this issue, although I only paid a small amount of money for this app, it's the principle that counts. why pay for an app that only works so long then suddenly crashes. please help.

  • App now Unusable

    by Jakeh82

    *Update* I'm once again having the issue if it not working and giving me a white screen with some random text when I try to log in. Very annoying, fix this.

  • Bullcrap

    by A51AN N1NJA J3W

    Says there is an error when i log in!!!

  • Problems

    by Kimraquel

    Unfortunately it's not letting me log on to my Instagram it says client disabled please help ...

  • Sad

    by Claudinedd

    It's a great app but the app won't even open anymore and it says "client disable" :(

  • Fix it

    by Shrimpy_12

    It's now loading, and it's really annoying me right now. Over all it's a good app, it's just that it's not loading the like page or get likes page

  • Loved this app until

    by omfglexie

    I LOVED THIS APP! Then one day I went on it & it wouldn't load so I deleted & reinstalled the app & when I tried to log in it told me "client disabled" what did I do?! I paid for this app! Let me back on this is stupid. Horrible app.

  • Please fix

    by yvonnelala13

    I'm getting a message every time I re download it It always say error Please fix it thank you

  • Sign in error

    by Davidchka9

    It won't let me sign in!!

  • Don't waste your 99 cents

    by Haileyy17

    I paid for the app and downloaded it but every time I try and sign it it tells me I'm forbidden. I've tried closing and reopening the app and restarting my phone, nothing works. Don't waste your money on this scam.

  • by Estreladomar95

    I paid for this app, it shouldnt block me thats unfair ... Thats money i used for them to not let Me use it.

  • error 400 fix it please love it

    by martin chazaro

    it usially works great but i tried to log back in and it says error 400 client disabled and i paid dor this so it better work now{"code": 400, "error_type": "OAuthException", "error_message": "Client Disabled"}

  • The app is having problems

    by Lizyanet

    When i open the app is telling error 400 error type client disabled What can I do to get my likes???????

  • Broken app???

    by Uncommon-composer

    This is by far one of the greatest additions to Instagram… When it's working. It's been working fine up until today February 11. Whenever I try to login to says "client disabled". I will change my review once the app gets fixed.

  • Great app

    by Cakes_56

    Love this app! Easy to use!

  • It's okay

    by Secret service lol jk

    It's good but it keeps saying I'm disabled...? What?

  • Please respond ASAP .

    by Mi'bria

    It was workin at first but now they wont let me use it any more . Idk what happened ..

  • Um why?

    by Savanah santos

    Its says i was disabled from the app... Like really?

  • Mad right now please fix asap

    by Jazminebye

    it's not letting me log in, it keeps saying there's an error of code 400?? ugh please fix this.

  • was good..

    by Son lol chill

    Worked great for a while, but it kept asking me to authenticate my IG , and after so many times of that.. It wouldn't let me use app at all.. Stuck at error 400: 0authexception page now.. Please fix this.

  • Horrible

    by Joseevander69

    Keeps telling me errors. Cannot log in. Help

  • Won't let me logged in

    by STIV 38

    Client disabled... Making this app completely useless...

  • Works

    by 8Tayler8

    Works but my pages won't load at all like no pictures show up?! ITS SAYING IM DISABLED ?!?

  • Error is happening to app

    by PRISM2013

    I love this app but the app isn't working at the moment what's going on ?!!

  • Help me please

    by Emannnn_

    So I've had this for a few months now and it was just perfect all around .

  • Awesome!!

    by Xeubtv

    This is an amazing app but sometimes it doesn't work. It is totally worth 0.99€ but it was so good it should be $3.00!!!!!

  • Sometimes works

    by angelsairwaves2

    This app keeps crashing and not refreshing. Getting a 400 error saying client disabled. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

  • Nice App but crashed

    by Pure poizen 1101

    I just downloaded the app today and barely used it for 30 mins and it crashed with an error code "400" and indicating "client disabled" can u fix this please.

  • Client Disabled ?

    by deezy211

    Please fix !

  • Not working

    by Minasssmina17

    Keeps telling me " client disabled" what to do???

  • Help

    by Cheer99007

    When it wasn't working I deleted it and got it back but then when I logged in it said error): what do I do? Help me!

  • It wont let me login

    by MRawMaterial

    Says that client disabled

  • Wasted Money


    I bought this got 99 cents, the app doesn't even work. Won't allow me to log in. Don't waste your money on this

  • Hi

    by Jamie Zoll


  • I love it but

    by Allison Rhoads

    it just stopped working for me ):

  • not working

    by Nadiaa.amine6636

    it isnt working. no photos are coming up to like and i cant even put mine on the wall

  • Stopped Working?

    by Ryan Freeman

    I ussually love this app, but today it said there was an error, that it was disabled and that I couldn't access the app. I hope you can fix this problem.

  • In loveeee

    by Youwannabeontop899

    I love this app!!! I get so many likes. It's totally worth the dollar!

  • Great App

    by xZilerate

    Cycles right and does as it says. Props to the developers.

  • Amazing

    by Miamelii

    Best app ever

  • Best app ever! No joke!

    by Aranyoli

    This is the only working app out there which is definitely the best and worth downloading! Try it out an you will see

  • Great

    by whitney jozwiak

    It works!

  • Bestcoolapp

    by Chrishdz100

    Nice just very nice

  • Love it.

    by xxmadisenxx284

    This app is great! Worth the little money it costs.


    by SubmitReviw

    This app is great and totally worth the money

  • Good app!

    by Mathildex


    by Chonie boi

    Only one that works

  • You

    by Cammy_poo


  • by norihiko Morikawa

  • Great app

    by Natalie brooke bieber :)

    Love it

  • Great App Great Results!

    by Laur8585

    This app works great! It's the best Instgram related app I have ever used. Finally, an app that's straight forward and you can get likes fast!

  • Perfect

    by Cruz1266

    This app is perfection!! Works 100% and is an easy way to get likes!


    by Reviewer 2764

    It's awesome

  • Obsessed

    by Lomay93rmft

    Such an awesome app! Don't hesitate to download!

  • cool

    by @connermccall

    good app

  • Worth it!

    by Tennis_ace

    Really fantastic app! Lots of likes really quickly and easily! Favourite one so far! :) @claireroland


    by Jazezheng

    I NEVER rate apps. But this app got me TONS of likes. Follow me: _jason_zhengg

  • Good I guess

    by Emmyyoooooooooooooh


  • YAY!

    by Kimmy4694

    Finally found an app that would work right for Instagram! Gets you alot of likes and followers! Get it now!

  • Very cool

    by Jerasadar

    Does just what it say

  • Love this app!

    by Holly Wood

    Just having a hard time getting it to recognize my profile is set to public. User error I'm sure. If you can't get it to work at first, go through the settings and it tells you step by step to do it correctly.

  • Omgggg

    by Kenziezieglerlover

    This makes my acc look decent one of my pics went from 22 likes to 60 likes in 20 minutes! Follow me @twinniespage❤️

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