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Want to hide contacts or photos, store additional contact data or group or backup your contacts?

ContactsPro allows you to hide selected contacts and photos in an unlimited number of passcode protected areas, making them inaccessible to casual users. As well as common contact information (e.g. phone numbers) you can add a photo album and information on a woman's period to any contact.

The search function enables you to search for different information within all your contacts on your device. There is also a function to list all birthdays.

ContactsPro also allows you to securely store your credit card information and website login details. It includes completely customizable data fields for storing any information you require.

• Groups (create, modify and assign for address book contacts)
• Hide selected contacts in an unlimited number of passcode protected areas
• Add to any contact:
... photo album
... female period (including calendar view)
... credit card information
... website / email login details (plus additional custom fields)
... phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, birthdays and notes
• Import contacts from original address book
• Import / export photos between original photo album and ContactsPro
• Switch/move data from protected to unprotected area (and vice versa)
• Search for name, department, company, phone number, email address, postal addresses or notes within all contacts
• List birthdays of all contacts
• Calendar view for birthday
• Configurable birthday reminder
• Backup to FTP server or Mac (wireless/internet connection needed)
• Display profile photos in contact list (optional)
• Different screens on iPhone and iPad
• Several background patterns (iPad landscape mode)
• Help (see "More/Help" within the app)
• And more

Pay once - install on multiple devices associated with the iTunes account.

Grouping for some address books (e.g. Exchange) is not supported from iOS respectively from the concerning address book and therefore not possible. Our other app GroupsPro has it's own grouping functionality (with Business Package) for such address books.

Customer Reviews

  • Great ideal, but...

    by EPDL

    This is the very first program I've found that combines a photo with an exceptional contacts program. It syncs between your regular contacts while keeping certain contacts discreet. What is exceptional is the ability to keep contact data, and many notes you can custom label, together with hi def photos! You can now backup, so you never lose the info. The only bug that bugs me dips that it crashes from time to time, otherwise I would've given a 5 star. It's not often, but when I try to log in to my private files, sometimes the program closes. It's annoying. I recommend it highly for those who want a black book style with more than just a name and email. It's good enough for me, for my purposes. Also it's slow to load the private files, but adequate. I hope these annoying bugs get fixed, then I'll give it 5 stars!

  • Stop the crashing

    by No.more.bashing.believers

    I love this app for working with groups and scrolling through my contacts. I have about 1000 for my work. This app crashes and closes about 80% of the time I use it to update and edit contacts. If bugs are worked out you would have 5 stars.

  • The best contact app in the store

    by Needs new Pictures

    This is the best contact app available in the iTunes store. I had an issue with the previous update and the developer resolved it right away! You guys are great, keep up the progressive work :)

  • crashes

    by jdragon76

    The program was great when it worked. Now with the last two update there are issues with it opening the closing so you can't use it. Loved being able to use it for all my work numbers but now I can't get into is and have to go back to the overstuffed roledex that the company gave me. really disappointed about the app.

  • Does not run

    by Brad in SA

    Installed one. Never ran again. Crashes each time I try to use it.

  • Contacts

    by Urcrooks

    The program keeps closing itself not allowing to do anything with it!

  • Nope

    by WTSL

    I used CP for a while. It was not at all intuitive but I got it to work. I spent lots of time entering secured data. Then, an update. All data was gone. Vaporized. Non existent. Obviously I'm looking for a new option. You choose. Work hard to secure your data and then have it eliminated. Or, look at a different app.

  • Azelof

    by azelof

    I purchased this app in April, as an update, having the free copy as trial. As a result I lost all the data. Had to restore my iPad to factory original setting, to recover my data. I wasted almost two hours in this recovery. Now I have the same problem, with the new release (1.5), Last time I had several crashes, according to the developer, caused by the iOS. I think I do not need this app.

  • Crashes every time I try to save a contact

    by islandman9743

    It is a good idea but it crashes to much

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