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Read what our users are saying about Freedom SMS:

"I tried other SMS apps but none of them worked. This one is the only that let's me text my friends without paying a dime. Best app for iTouch users"

"I have bought every SMS app and this is the only one that has worked I recomened this app and only this app to every one with an ipod touch or iPhone this is the best app ever"

I love this app. It's the most coolest thing ever. I love you too."


Major features:

- Uses the iPhone and iPod Touch's email notification to let you know when someone has replied. If you have push email enabled, the notifications are instantaneous, just like regular SMS. Other applications require you to manually check for replies constantly throughout the day, defeating the purpose of using SMS at all.

- Supports portrait or landscape orientations.

- Can automatically locate the carrier for your contacts' mobile numbers.

- Uses your existing email accounts, so there's no extra account to manage and password to memorize.

- Send to as many people as you want. Some other applications will cause your account to be flagged as a SPAMMER if you send to as few as 5 people.

- Integrated with your iPhone and iPod Touch's contacts database, so all your contacts are in one place.


Free yourself from the restrictions of traditional SMS messaging. Freedom SMS will use your existing Mail configuration to send SMS messages to anyone in your contacts list. Did you already run through your allotment of SMS messages this month? Or perhaps you have an iPod Touch and want to have the ability to SMS your friends? Then Freedom SMS is the perfect application for you!

Freedom SMS works in both landscape or portrait mode to suit whichever typing style you prefer. Simply rotate it into your preferred orientation. The application will adjust automatically!

Simply choose the contact and type in your message. Freedom SMS will try to find the carrier for your contact's mobile number by connecting to our web service. This web service will be continually updated with the latest carrier data. Messages will be sent to that carrier's email gateway using your iPhone or iPod Touch's email settings. You don't need to know the recipient's carrier or need to set up your email settings especially for this app! And because it uses email, you won't be charged any SMS fees!

Replies will be sent to your email account so you can continue the conversation. This also means that the iPhone or iPod Touch will notify you of replies using the email notification icon. If you have push email enabled, then you will be notified of replies instantly! Some other SMS applications require that you manually check for new messages over and over again, which defeats the purpose of using SMS at all.

The following carrier SMS gateways are supported and more will be added soon:

- Alltel
- AT&T Wireless
- Boost Mobile
- Nextel
- Sprint
- T-Mobile
- Verizon Wireless
- Virgin Mobile
- Metro PCS
- US Cellular
- Cricket Communications
- Cellular South
- Centennial Wireless

* Freedom SMS will identify the original carrier that issued the mobile number. If that number has since been ported to another carrier, then this information may not be accurate. In this case, you can manually select the carrier to use instead.

* This application only supports mobile numbers in the United States.

* A data connection is required in order to lookup the carrier for a mobile number.

Customer Reviews

  • Sfsg

    by InvaderJr

    Sofarsogood.. First app that i buy and well, it great and it works perfect *****

  • Great for what it does

    by Sylvia R

    Just to clarify, this is not a true SMS messaging application--it does not send the messages itself, nor can it receive incoming messages. What it does do is take mobile phone numbers from your contact list, use its servers to figure out what carrier your contact uses, and format the to address on an email from your primary email account. The e-mail is then sent to your contact’s phone as an SMS message. However, this can actually be an advantage: since your messages do not need to go through their servers, you won't be affected by Freedom server outages, nor will your message be delayed by a message backup on their servers (toug it may be delayed by the carrier itself). While you can find all of this information online yourself, for me the convenience of having an app that does the lookup quickly and automatically is definitely worth the 99 cents.

  • I don't believe it.

    by Taurean M

    It may be email but it actually works.

  • Great

    by big wa

    It's great

  • Awsome

    by codycre92

    Great app no problems:)

  • Works great

    by Tommy gunn

    I like this app cuz I never have any problems with it... Especially since I don't have my cell phone to tex on any more

  • Super amzing app

    by Gdady

    This app reallly works not like the other apps that don't work I love it LOL

  • Great app

    by Shamshirha

    Some messages are not delivered correctly, but overall a great tool if u don't have text messaging. Also, it would be nice if I didn't have to go through two different screens to send

  • Tracfone

    by Frffel7

    Please add tracfone to the cwrriers

  • This app rox every app ive tried

    by Zlester

    Thos app is awesome though i wish itvsent pictures and stuff and got pics thatbwould be sooooo awesome!!!!!! Once i got this app i thought it wasnt gonna work but im glad it did jus rean wat these ppl have to say AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡!¡!!!¡

  • Awesome

    by Backitup6

    I'm a proud owner of this app I really like it because all my text get through fast and this auto detects the carrier and plus email is the most reliable SMS for iPod touch

  • Great app

    by Snowmoto99

    I love this app it is the best app I have bought it sends and receives text in seconds

  • Bug

    by Kryztyna325

    Was working great til it stopped receiving my reply texts!!!

  • Text

    by My name was taken

    This works great!! If people said this doesn't work, they are crazy! Get this.

  • App Review

    by omar_munoz123

    This app is Awesome!!!

  • love it

    by Alex?¿? Ftw???¿

    i love this app so much its definitely worth every cent even though i got it when it was a dollar :)

  • Love it

    by juzztin crow

    Nice for iPod 2nd gen

  • It really works!

    by Thehitmansx

    It really does work really well too sends messages quick


    by harrison918

    Really needs notifications

  • Useful in about 100 ways

    by Chris_McLean

    This app is awsome!! It let's me txt my buds from my iPod touch using my email just in case other apps I hve to txt and IM r crashing :)

  • Did not work

    by DustyJohnson

    Plain and simple, it didn’t work. A network error occurred every time.

  • ŠüÇkŠ

    by Dmanpinta

    Do not buy worst app ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Work on it!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

  • App does not work!!!

    by Mr. Chairman

    This app does not work. Waste of money and time, do not buy please.

  • Just email... Not good

    by STZ23

    Why is it so hard to build a decent SMS tool? This app just opens your email and sends email to the right SMS address. Weak, I can do that already thank you.

  • Don't Buy this

    by Filled Up

    Not worth the money. This application does not work

  • Freedom SMS

    by phillpp57

    Did not like it at all, glad it was only $1.99. would not link to my "Contacts" had to type in the name and number each time i used it.

  • great app

    by awesomekitty

    i love this app! i can't fet a cell phone so this is really good!

  • Bad

    by WWw dog

    I used to love this app...I txted nonstop. I am now finding that it lags like two hours to send a text and people don't recieve it for hours...

  • Sid

    by DCH1108


  • Good

    by Drr1217

    Needs notifications

  • Awesome

    by dmac61492

    Great app works the best, it uses your email which means you get notifications from the mail app!!! And it basiclly removes the hassel of finding out the email address of your friends mobile phone numbers. GREAT APP, but it could use a new icon.


    by None95

    all i can say is WOW!! best app ill ever buy! only things that could make it better is if you could recieve texts through the app itself instead of through mail, and if you could enter a cell # as well as use contacts. but seriously, WOW!

  • Works great

    by Lujan.eric


  • Good app

    by patticake1601

    Please enable texting to international cell phones, pleeeese. Few things....really annoying is having to add phone number to contacts before you can text. Also not a fan of receiving the reply in my email. And lastly, too many steps to send text....preview, message queued pop up... Needs a lot of improvement.

  • Should update app

    by Dead2rights1982

    You guys should update this app so I could input a number without having it in my contacts list. Other than that it's ok

  • disliked

    by Zengath

    it works well . but only for sending text messages, u cant recieve them back. i read the reviews and thinking it was some great app, i bought it and then i found out that u couldnt recieve back sms's so basically, i think it was a waste of money.

  • Perfect texting app for iTouch!

    by 5owls

    Love this app. More and more people are asking that I text them with important messages. I'm not a fan of texing on my regular phone, but with this app, I can us the full key board on my iTouch. Makes texting as convenient as emailing. I agree with the other reviewer that the Preview button sould be optional. Otherwise, it's perfect. Also, I like the feather icon - just my 2 cents.

  • Works like....

    by Ibedarn

    A charm!

  • Awsome

    by Boredpers0n

    Awesome App

  • Money saver

    by \m/ TALON \m/

    I don't even use my cell anymore because it was 40 cents per text and recive. Thanks apple!

  • T

    by Norris209

    Not as advertised

  • Great

    by ryyusicc

    This app works perfect I had to chose from two and this one is at the top of my list' be bout getting pics I only get from certain carriers but that's cool' other then that GREAT app updates should just make it better

  • They raised the price?

    by GOHASH

    This app is pretty awesome! I am just Surprised they raised the price! It used to be .99... Oh well! This is really good! I type so much faster through it! Landscape is awesome :) you should bye it

  • Great app!

    by cresc100

    Easy to use! Awesome to send text messages for FREE!

  • Description a bit misleading, but still works well

    by DannHag

    The description says messages are 'instantaneous' but really replies are only pushed every 30 minutes into your email inbox. You can change that to 15 in settings. Other than that discrepancy, this app works really well. It is easy to find your contacts and locate their carriers. Landscape mode is nice too. So overall, great deal for the price.

  • Pretty sweet app

    by DiceOfSeven

    Works really well, text your buddy and it will email you back their response and you can carry on convos like that. Even have a log of your text chat on your email then too for later referance. Only thing it needs is to support cricket wireless then it will be prefect in my area cause we have US cellular, AT&T and Cricket are all anyone ever uses. So please add cricket. haha Thanks great app worth the buck.

  • Hey

    by Bryce1920

    It Started working after the update

  • Works great!!

    by Cutegurl

    Me and my friends text all the time and we don't have 2 use any $$$$!!! Saves some cash!

  • 4 star

    by RJDP



    by jeprokz131

    I would have given it 5 stars if it can do international SMS. This prog. Does wath it claims. Message will arrive as SMS to the receiver and you will get a response to your email with email alert so no need to check constantly for a response from the other party. It's worth my $2.

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