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Added option to turn on/off the themes.

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Looking for a way to access the full desktop version of Facebook homepage? You can do so with Desktop Browser for Facebook.

While the mobile Facebook app/homepage is good enough for most daily uses, there are times when you are often served better with the full desktop version.

• Desktop version has more features, especially the newly released ones.
• Desktop version shows you all important information on a single page, ones that require going over several different screens on mobile version.
• You might want to check how your own timeline page looks after the latest photo uploads, postings, and updates.
• Many detailed configuration options can only be accessed through the desktop version.

The app provides you a toggle button that let's you conveniently switch between the desktop and mobile version of the website.

In addition, it also allows you to customize how the colors of some features of the Facebook web page appears to you within the app. For example, you can change colors of the main banner bar, or font color for comments. (This modification only affects what you see within the app. It does not change how the webpage looks using different software.)

Download the Desktop Browser for Facebook for just $0.99, and enjoy having access to the full desktop version of Facebook at your finger tip, anywhere, anytime, just when you need it.

Universal app, works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
Fully supports 4-inch display of iPhone 5.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App!

    by Kidabr

    One sugestion, the icon is kind of ugly...

  • Hmmm...

    by Buccaneers76

    I'd give it 5 stars if I could post photos by not using a third party email.

  • Best all around Facebook app in the App Store right now!

    by Logicaluse

    I have spent the last 2 weeks trying virtually all of the fairly current Facebook apps in App Store for iPad. For whatever reason, the official Facebook app, and the websites, tend to stick and just pause, or always be in spinning download mode. I don't like that! After scouring through many others, trying them out, some I hadn't before, many I had in past. Too many either don't work right, are missing major functions, or haven't been updated to include lots of newer features. This app here is not perfect, but it is very close! I wanted to give it 5 stars, but the inability to download pics and option to open links in Safari was worth a star to me..... That said, this app does so much, and faster and no hang ups like the official app and pages online do! Amazing! And, it is only one of few that gets ALL notifications and shows them in timely manner. So many I tested did not......some never did, even after refreshing. I deleted 6 other favorite Fb apps after using this one. Oh, and this is based on an iPad 1, 5.1, wifi mode for all you technicals out there.

  • 4S iOS 6

    by LeeCEllis

    And it really works well as a true desktop version with the added mobile version button if you need it. Easy 5 stars from a social network guy

  • Fb desktop

    by miguelangelgutierrez

    Love it could use a bit of a update can't help but think that it might be a hacker app to steal ur login info

  • Perfect

    by HabermanM

    Works great. Some complaints I've read sound like they don't have the latest iOS 6 update. Still works without the update except the photo upload to group albums. Thanks for the fab app!

  • Nice!

    by BAPosey

    Finally!!!! I can do everything from the app version of is better than the FB app that I have! Works great!

  • Good app

    by Amy Alice

    No problems so far! Love desktop version you can't edit certain things on the mobile version

  • Long over due.

    by Chris Fosterling

    Love it! Finally don't have to fight back & forth with safari to do whatever it is I'd like to do. I can now choose with one click between desktop & mobile Facebook without it switching in safari or changing to the Facebook app(that slows down my phone)

  • Wow!

    by Soaked_in_Sound

    This is awesome! To have the choice of mobile or desktop Facebook is amazing!!! I can even share photos without getting the, "your browser doesn't support this...blah blah" message! Keep up the good work!


    by Telljr

    Do not waste your time or 99 cents on this thing. It will get on your nerves big time with continuous pop-ups telling you it won't work unless you have 6.0. I synced my iPad with my iMac, per their instructions, and it still didn't work without continuous pop-ups. I intend to write Apple and tell them of my problems and request they pull it from the app store.

  • Desktop Facebook

    by mjcoaker

    Do Not Waste Your Buck! You cannot upload photos or anything else with this app. and a box comes up in the middle of the screen after you purchase it and tells you that unless you have iS0 6 you cannot do anything but read. And the box just keeps coming up and you get rid to it and it just keeps coming back. Why can't I find a Facebook app. For iPad 1 that works??? I want my money back please. Waste of time n money?

  • Doesn't work

    by Tacori

    I can't post a status update or anything. I just get a popup with the number 16 on it. Waste of my money.

  • Needs another update

    by Ebonie McIlwain

    Again, needs another update.....

  • Wasted money

    by Iambtwoj

    App crashes and freezes more than it works. Support links to developer don't even work. The "Contact Us" link doesn't even work!

  • U can't send pics in mobile or desktop

    by Bigirch0272

    U can't send pics at all besides that it's on but not worth the dollar

  • A wast

    by AppJunky74

    Dose not work at all, hangs up, have to delete and download all over again to have it still do the same thing. Don't buy

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