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Languages: English

Seller: David Hinson

-) Ability to page through posts

-) Ability to upload photos to FriendFeed

-) Ability to sort comments from earliest to latest and from latest to earliest (default)

-) Suppress Hidden posts from appearing.

-) Fix for where internal NSDateFormatter routine formerly used "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ" and worked under OS 2.x, but became more stringent under OS 3; replaced incoming dates with "Z" suffix to " +0000" (for GMT) which corrected the issue. This was exhibited as dates showing up "greater than a year ago."

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Amigo is a great FriendFeed application for the iPhone and iPod Touch!


- View Home, Public, Rooms, Lists, Subscriptions

- Search

- View comments and likes and the people attached to them

- View user profiles and their services

- Post messages and comments

- Like / Unlike messages

- Subscribe / Unsubscribe users


FriendFeed requires third party apps to use a user's nickname and remote key to access your account. You can see how to retrieve your nickname and remote key here:

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Customer Reviews

  • Does Its Job

    by kurtisnelson

    Implements all the major FriendFeed features and is very fast.


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