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Seller: Dating DNA, Inc.

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• Added full support for iOS 7.

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FREE online dating service for Facebook users.

One problem with free dating services, is because there is no cost to join the network, it's easy for fakes, frauds, scammers, and spammers to join and ruin the free dating service for everyone. Facebook Dating is part of the large and free Dating DNA dating network service, but allows Facebook users to verify that they have a valid Facebook account and lets other users see how many friends they have on Facebook. Because fakes and frauds won't usually go to the trouble to set up a Facebook account with lots of friends, just knowing that others in the network are also verified Facebook users, gives the users a lot more confidence that the other person is for real.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! THIS APP NEVER POSTS ANYTHING TO YOU OR YOUR FRIEND'S FACEBOOK PAGES...EVER. The app only uses Facebook Connect to verify your Facebook account, but never posts anything to your pages, so your privacy is always assured.


• REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL PHOTOS - Community Monitoring quickly tosses pervs, fakes and frauds.
• NO ADVERTISING in the app.
• QUICKLY IDENTIFY other verified Facebook users.
• Free, world-class support via email 24/7.
• In-depth Compatibility Matching (goes way beyond silly winks and pokes).
• "Compatibility Threshold" - Only those who meet your standards can view your profile or send you messages.
• Device-based Geo Location verifies the city & country others message from, keeping out the fakes.
• Push Notifications for new messages.
• At-a-Glance Compatibility Scoring.
• At-a-Glance Dating Potential Indicator.
• "Match Radar" - GPS enabled for finding nearby Matches when mobile.
• Chat rooms.
• Use Worldwide - Locate Matches within a fraction of a mile/km right next door or across the globe.
• Any sex - straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual.
• Extensive Friends List management.
• Email with historical Message Logs keeps all your conversations together.
• Multi-touch Photo Viewing.
• Optional Myers-Briggs personality profile included.
• Also use from your PC or Mac at www.datingdna.com website.
• Integration with Social Networks like Facebook and MySpace.

NOTE: You must be 18 years or older to join this dating network.

Video tour: http://www.datingdna.com/iphoneinfo

Run by volunteers who just want to see "dating done right," the Dating DNA website and service are 100% free of cost and contain no advertising. The only thing Dating DNA offers that costs anything is this $.99 app and the optional Plus edition of the iPhone app for $4.99.

EMAIL US with any problems, comments or suggestions at support@datingdna.com. Your input is greatly appreciated! We respond to EVERY email we receive.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice

    by Scout1111

    Wow, love this dating app! Great job developers

  • Two thumbs up

    by CHO200

    Luv this dating app

  • Cool

    by CwO113

    Luv it

  • Creative

    by Lake Powell babe

    What a creative way to interact with and date friends from Facebook. Great job developers.

  • highly recommend this FB dating app!

    by ScottKinsmeyer

    amazing dating app for FB users. highly recommend it. Actually got GOOD guys! ;) Fun and easy!!!!!

  • Nice app!!

    by airpost22

    Met lots of cool people with the app. Smiles all around!!!

  • Met my girlfriend here!

    by john11222

    Can't get much better than that! ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Very good!

    by IndieMan100

    this app is so cool because it evaluates people as thoroughly as eHarmony but shows everyone's score with you next to their pic. And you know they're real because it ties into their FB account. Hats off to whomever came up with this idea. Love it!!!

  • Best dating app by far

    by Fetch Gordon

    Wow, finally an dating system like Match only no monthly fee.

  • Hmmmmm

    by Milkdud1012

    Nice app, just lots of ugly people, sorry, just saying

  • Great matchmaking app!

    by Bigcrebs

    Very in-depth matchmaking that takes into account your personal deal breakers. Just needs more users. Join people!

  • Awesum!!!

    by Michelle53710

    Yes! I like it soooo far thanks so much!

  • good

    by GreatestKate

    Kinda confusing at first. But still good

  • Real FB people.

    by Jaceto

    I'm a big FB users so having an app that connects into it gives me comfort that I'm interacting with real people rather that spammers or scammers. I'm able to see how many FB friends they have and that tells me how serious they are. I highly recommend this app

  • Fantastic!

    by Amaziful11

    I have never joined something like this before but it has been a really good / comfortable experience. Not tawdry at all. All your preferences are taken into account so you are not going in " blind". You already know you have a lot in common. Have had messages from nice, decent men who aren't just out for X rated stuff. Highly recommend.

  • B

    by 19omar84

    I like it

  • Not bad

    by N3oKid

    Not bad overall. Just need to be compatible with retina display. Also need to have ability to copy texts in received and sent message logs.

  • Works

    by Savage Tlingit

    Does what it implies it does and fairly easy to use as well.

  • Nice

    by goddessnicole

    Cool so far seems like a free and easy way to connect with people

  • Nicely done

    by WandaBeep31

    Somewhat similar to eharmony just spiced up a bit. You should download the LuvRecord app as well. Perfect tool for online dating.

  • Horrible

    by staffRn530

    I don't know who wrote the other reviews but this is a horrible app not even worth the $.99 I paid for it. Don't waste your money.

  • Good idea BUT...

    by Jbing10

    Great idea for an app but... There's one other user within 50 miles of me and I live in the city... Disappointment

  • Bad

    by Newransky

    This app is so bad there isn't enough girls on hear in my area in fact i life in Michigan and there is no girls around me within 250 miles i live around Detroit

  • Yoo

    by Bradhshshhsgsh

    Love it :)

  • Great job

    by RuwanCK

    Great job

  • Good

    by Andrexiop

    Nice app

  • Thumbs up!

    by motoman112

    Great app and free to use. No on-going service charges. .

  • Total waste of money!

    by Brightside92

    It's just the DNA dating thing with a new title

  • Couldn't connect to FB

    by crazyphotoguy

    This app makes you believe it creates your profile from your Facebook profile, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It asks you to create a new profile with the Dating DNA service. Facebook integration is nowhere to be found. This is disingenuous advertising. Also, the interface of the app is buggy and sloppy. Some messages appear in landscape orientation, even though I'm holing the iPhone vertically. Fail!

  • Service goes down all the time

    by J Stan

    If the app or their website worked more than 50% of the time, it would be great. I can only sign in about 50% of the time and their website also has issues with 502 Bad Gateway error messages. Tried over 3G, wifi and my laptop. Please fix the problems.

  • Registration failed. I want my $ back!

    by Logicsx86

    Can't even use this app. Registration constantly says "registration failed". Worthless. Give me back my money.

  • Good

    by Fdaggs

    This app is very good

  • Nice

    by shafat007


  • Excellent

    by Flexin2011

    I'm enjoying the communication

  • Easy to use and helpful.

    by Kattladyg


  • Awesome app


    This is a great app I love it you can meet nice People and not be afraid of who you meet.

  • highly recommend this FB dating app!!

    by Meganeesium

    amazing dating app for FB users. highly recommend it. Actually got GOOD guys! ;) Fun and easy!

  • Waste of $0.99

    by Greg n ATL

    3 people in my area & no one I'd glance twice at on the street. Don't waste your pocket change on the app

  • Wow

    by Elkylos

    Brilliant app. Get it.

  • Good

    by ElRRRey

    Good it is

  • Pop up

    by Phino86

    I think this app needs one more pop up. It works well though.

  • Horrible

    by Bad dating service

    There are a lot scammers on this website. Very disappointed

  • Don't waste your money

    by Jeff Kinney

    Nothing but fat nasty people and they prostitute out on yahoo.....then they ban you if you say anything about it....worthless sight unless you are just desperate to see a small peek at some nasty women

  • Hell yeah

    by Romeo2013

    This app is awesome

  • Finally

    by Sheena Jones

    Finally! I was so sick of zooks.

  • False advertising

    by Stacy Reinhardt

    This app never asked me to add my Facebook info to use the app... So I'm not really sure how they claim frauds can't set one up. I deleted my account after about 3 minutes. Shortest amount of time I've ever opened then closed an account!

  • Worst App I Want A Refund

    by GEN214214312

    Was kicked out after 10mins for no reason

  • Excelente

    by Elconejoravit


  • Misleading, No Real FB Connection

    by BoMwarrior

    For the regular Dating DNA app, I give 5 stars... But this app is the same, and I saw no linking to Facebook, let alone connecting you to people there that are single (which I would find surprising if ANYONE figured out how to do that). Poor move Dating DNA.

  • Discriminatory!!!

    by Redolence

    It deleted my profile without any apparent reason! I am probably the most authentic person on there with all my most recent humble and reserved pictures, and it deleted my account based on falseness of info! I had paid for this app my last 99c in my account and it deleted my account! Why the discrimination? What did I do? Spend hours filling up my info and posting my pictures? Gosh! It's so annoying!!!!! Crappy app!

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