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Instantly break any silence and spark an interesting conversation! Hundreds of thought-provoking questions to help dating partners explore themselves and their relationship. Use on dates over dinner, at the park, in the car...wherever. Fun and enlightening!

Whether you are on your first date or have been in a relationship for years, the Dating Ice Breakers app gives you the permission to explore yourself and your partner in new and exciting ways. When each of you answer and discuss the thought-provoking questions contained in this app, you will learn more about each other than ever before. Discover each other's thoughts on values, goals, habits, sex, ideals, likes, dislikes, money...things normally too personal to ask about on a date, yet important to discuss.

Use this app as a simple, fun tool to stimulate conversation, or use it to challenge yourself and partner about attitudes and beliefs.

The success of dating and any long-term relationship between two individuals, is based on an adequate mix of compatibility and variation in several areas. The seven areas used in this app are some of the most important:

1. Physical Attraction
2. Personality Traits
3. Interests, Hobbies & Backgrounds
4. Values & Goals
5. Views on Relationships & Dating
6. Views about Intimacy
7. Chemistry

This app consists of dozens of thought-provoking questions in each of the seven areas listed above. The questions serve as a way to get two people to exchange their beliefs, views and thoughts in these areas.

You can either use the questions in a particular category you wish to explore, or go to the "Mixture of ALL CATEGORIES" section to get random questions from all the categories.

Regardless of how you choose the questions, take turns reading a question and then answering it, then have your dating partner answer the question as well. Be sure BOTH of you answer each question, and then let the conversation flow where it may. Don't be surprised if you end up spending an hour on just one question, as it's common for a question to spring board you into other topics for discussion. Once you feel you've exhausted an area, move on to a new question. (Simply swipe your finger forwards or backwards to move between questions.)

Remember, this is not a quiz or test! It is simply a "tool" to help two people communicate--so be open with your answers, relax, have fun, and most importantly, try to be completely honest.

Skip Feature - If there are certain questions that you never want to see asked, you can tap on the Skip check box to toggle that question on or off. If you are looking at questions via one of the seven categories, you will see any skipped questions "grayed out" as you slide between questions. This allows you to turn back on any question you wish to no longer skip. However, when you are in the Mixture of ALL CATEGORIES section, the skipped questions will not appear at all. So, before a date, you may want to go through all the questions in each category, mark to skip any you would prefer not to have come up, then on your date, simply use the Mixture of ALL CATEGORIES section to go through random questions.

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Customer Reviews

  • Cool.

    by CwO113

    Nice app to play on dates.

  • Yes

    by Lake Powell babe

    Very cool app to create an icebreaker on a date

  • Ideal on first dates

    by john11222

    Great way to get to know someone you're dating. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Perfect!

    by airpost22

    Use this all the time on dates. Avoids any "uncomfortable silence"

  • Keeps convo flowing 

    by meetme10

    I find I usually only have to use a few of these questions and the conversation really starts to flow. Works magic on a date! 

  • must have app for dates

    by IndieMan100

    most valuable dating app in the store. can't live without it!!!!

  • luv these dating questions.

    by Fetch Gordon

    fun, fun, fun! luv all these questions.

  • Great for dating

    by Scout1111

    Fun to play on early dates to get to know each other.

  • Nice dating game.

    by CHO200

    Cool questions to get to know someone on a date.

  • fun game to play with your date

    by Jaceto

    very fun questions to ask on dates. it creates some interesting discussions.

  • Keeps convo flowing .

    by motoman112

    I find I usually only have to use a few of these questions and the conversation really starts to flow. Works magic on a date! 

  • fun dating game

    by Meganeesium

    great game. highly recommended. Love the update!

  • Great app

    by mz0286

    This app has some excellent content. It might benefit from bookmarks or a favorites section. Other than that it's a must have

  • Hot intimacy questions!

    by Zanone Man

    it was so fun going over the intimacy questions with my girl friend. It was HOT!

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