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Seller: Dating DNA, Inc.

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- Fixed a bug where sometimes the app would crash when starting.

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Dating DNA is the #1 dating app in the iTunes store with 100% FREE service. This “Plus” edition is the premium version of the #1 app, but with even more exciting features!

Why is Dating DNA the #1 Dating App for the iPhone?

• 100% FREE SERVICE. NO Monthly Fees. NO In-App Purchases.
• REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL PHOTOS - Community Monitoring quickly tosses pervs, fakes and frauds.
• Free, world-class email support 24/7.
• In-depth Compatibility Matching.
• "Compatibility Threshold" - You will only appear in Matches of those who meet YOUR standards.
• At-a-Glance Compatibility Scoring & Dating Potential Indicator.
• "Match Radar" - GPS enabled for finding nearby Matches.
• Device-based Geo Location verifies the city & country others message from, keeping out the fakes.
• Use Worldwide - Locate Matches next door or across the globe.
• Any sex - straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual.
• Historical Message Logs keep all your conversations with each user in one place.
• Multi-touch Photo Viewing.
• One universal app, optimized for both iPhone AND iPad.
• Access also from PC or Mac at website.
• Integration with Social Networks like Facebook and Google+.


• No ads.
• Add up to 20 new friends each day vs regular 5 per-day limit.
• Ability to "swipe" through your Matches & Friends.
• Special "Plus" badge and priority treatment in Match results.
• Coverflow-type photo view for Matches & Friends. (Turn on feature via Settings and then rotate device to landscape when at Matches or Friends listing).
• How We Match summary table.
• Review other users's questionnaire answers (via How We Match table).
• Attach photos to emails to share photos privately with others.
• "Quick Text" feature lets you insert pre-stored messages in emails with one tap.
• Attach Notes, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. to profiles, turning your Friends List into your "little black book."
• Dating Ice Breakers app included ($.99 value) A great way to break the ice on first dates.

As always, the Dating DNA service is 100% free. Thank you for supporting the free Dating DNA service by buying this optional app. DON'T BE FOOLED by so-called "free" dating apps that give away their app but then charge you a monthly fee for their service (or sell points to send emails, etc.). The ONLY thing we sell is our OPTIONAL PLUS Edition of the app for a one-time price of $4.99.

When you're ready for a full-featured dating application that goes way beyond silly pokes, winks and "Yur hot!" then you're ready for Dating DNA's in-depth compatibility matching. If you're REAL, and you want to meet REAL people, then Dating DNA is for you.

"People are raving about this App and for good reason. It mixes the Free mindset with the features of eHarmony. Of all the iPhone dating apps, this one is being embraced by its users most. The Plus Edition is $5, but that is all you'll ever spend. If you're put off by the price tag, try the free version!" ~ AppAdvice, June 13.

"Interestingly, after trying all the dating apps for the iPhone, the one we liked best was the only free one. All the others use in-app purchases to have access to their monthly services." ~ AppReview, July 25

This app requires a Dating DNA account, which you can create from within the app. Accounts are FREE, as is the service, but you must be 18. Buying this app does not guarantee your membership in the Dating DNA Community. Those who violate the community standards will be removed, rending this app useless. Visit for more info.

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Customer Reviews


    by RJ-2468

    They have really paid attention to detail and no monthly fee like some match makers.

  • Nice

    by NiceSixs

    Thanks for the help. It works.

  • Great App

    by randtee

    So so good!!! Not all on site are not looking for god active LDS Members but quite a few are.

  • DNA on Target

    by Mutant-Dog

    I've used other dating sites but even famous ones like eHarmony don't match couples as I am finding after less than a week on this app. Excellent!!!

  • Amazing so in depth

    by jb5595

    Great for dating

  • Nice

    by Scout1111

    Wow, love this dating app! Great job developers.

  • Killer

    by CHO200

    This is a killer dating app. Highly recommended.

  • Top dating.

    by Fetch Gordon

    Best dating app I've ever tried. Worth the money because they don't try to later charge you a monthly fee like the other dating apps do

  • Real people

    by CwO113

    All real people unlike many fakes on other app.

  • Best dating app for iphone!!

    by IndieMan100

    No fakes. Real people. Very nice!!!

  • Cool stuff

    by Atomic Biotic

    Fun app

  • Solid app.

    by meetme10

    Love it. Fun! 

  • very nice dating app

    by ScottKinsmeyer

    So worth it! Really nice attractive fun people to date!!!

  • Thanks for keeping the fakes away!

    by airpost22

    This is the first dating app I've found for my iPhone that seems to actually have real people. Very happy with the people I've met with this app!!!

  • Great!

    by john11222

    Best dating app!

  • Dating

    by Moparman350

    Not bad for a one time $5 fee

  • Best App for IPhone or IPad !

    by StarWalker II

    -No monthly subscription costs ! -All paid for with the App purchase ! -More sofisticated than all other more expensive dating sites ! -Simple !

  • The best dating app so far

    by WillieOcean

    Second to none, The best so far!.... The best dating app on iPhone

  • Good

    by Meqwqfggj

    Just a lil diff change see what's out there

  • Kae

    by Asadaporn


  • Utter Rip-off

    by DrlngD

    Tried to sign up for this app and after taking the time to complete the questionnaire, I did as instructed and logged back in only to find that they deleted my account because apparently it was deemed fraudulent! I can't believe I let this app rob me out of $5. I want my money BACK.

  • Terrible

    by Thazz33

    All fuglies, no solid match within 100 miles.

  • Worst dating site ever!!!

    by RyanDallaas

    There are no members on this site, i broadened my search to over 1000 miles and only got 11 matches, stupid site and a waste of money DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!

  • Don't be fooled by this app

    by Qgrzyb

    I currently got myself out of this application. My reason for this is that this app is full of childish adults who make datingdna their whole lives when it is just an app. People in this app doesn't care about hospitality. All they want to do is just fight, disrespect others, judge others, talk about sex, and don't have any remorse at all. I have all the proof and one person in DNA that tells me everything that goes on DNA when I got out. There are fights in that application everyday. In addition, the administrator doesn't care about reinforcing the rules of courtesy. Overall, if you want to fool around and cuss a lot; then this is the app for you. Otherwise, there are others better than this app. Remember, I have all the proof and stuff from chatroom in that app to backup my case too. Be aware of this app guys.


    by Lesbianlover907

    I want a refund i upgraded this app so i could make my profile and this isnt worth it seriously waste of time

  • Pretty cool

    by Eli613

    Hesitant but cooool

  • Improved Version

    by LanaOV

    This version is a vast improvement from a few years ago. I came back to a faster, user-friendly, app I just started using on my iPad. Some glitches not worth mentioning at this time and aesthetics improvements I'll submit at a later date.

  • ....

    by Shieldsdustin

    Great idea, looked awesome, was building my profile, got banned before I even finished it completely, complete waste of my freaking money

  • So much potential

    by Webjock2k7

    Very nice features and reasonably priced with the one-time $5 fee for premium access. Just needs a more active community--participation and responsiveness of users is low. Have had much more luck with plenty of fish, even though matching isn't as precise. Nonetheless this is a great app if they could drive more users to join and encourage better participation.

  • Best app Ever

    by Yuppers19

    This app has helped me so much can't wait to get a bf!!!!!!

  • like it

    by Julvaughan

    It only lacks ablility of providing people in my area - everyone matching is 1000 plus miles away even people in other countries come up when I set preferences to within fifty miles

  • Nice!!

    by Devin McMahan

    Great app!

  • A joke(bad one)

    by TaTsy777

    The app was really good.. Until a member named Quentin or "Q" decided he was the DNA police and takes it upon himself to ban everyone.. The support always sides with him so if he doesn't like u, you are banned without question.. The support is also rude and doesn't care for just or policy as far as who gets terminated.. It's gotten so bad that there is talk to eliminate the chat rooms all together.. This would make it just the same as any other lame and non effective dating site... If Quentin would just be banned on site the peace would be restored.. Oh well ... That would be too smart and simple.. Better to just allow it and blame everyone but one immature member :). I gave it one star cause I couldn't take away any:/

  • Awesome

    by Firecracker LJJ


  • I don't care

    by Ghh9864257

    I don't understand y I'm being harassed to rate I'm only writing this so it'll stop popping up on my screen every 5 minutes

  • App is a BLAST!

    by PanciQ

    Lobby is lots of fun! Made awesome friends ! App is great...

  • It's ok

    by Elle Lei

    I haven't had much success finding someone that is even along my lines of wanting.

  • Great app!

    by Spikeb4time

    Needs more people though

  • Great app

    by Scubasteve2011

    Very awesome! Try it now!!!!!!!!

  • Need closure notification!

    by Brjw10

    This app would be better if two things were changed. Number one- if you have a person on your friend list for about a month and seemingly, in almost mid conversation, he disappears! Wouldn't it be great if the app would tell you if A) the person "unfriended" you B) the person deleted his profile or C) the "community" kicked him out or D) network error lost him for you!!!!! It would provide closure for someone!!! Otherwise it is cold, heartless and heavy handed. The other thing is that there are WAY TOO MANY SCAMMERS ON THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great!

    by Amaziful11

    Very comfortable feeling when using it. Good idea to get the Plus app. I found it gave a really good overview of the person so you know if your core traits/values are the same. Only good things to say about it.

  • Nice

    by Megan 1177

    Love the g-rated mentality. Was on POF for a while and those guys are really bottom feeders

  • Organized

    by Bluetick Hound Man

    Seems to be ok. We will see

  • One among the best Social Network App

    by Jose271

    I am pleased with it and got everything as described. And would strongly Recommend to Friends

  • Great App

    by Elev8ted09

    Spectacular. Top 10 Dating App of 2013!

  • Great App

    by Gaelicdiva

    Love it so far!

  • This is a Scam

    by Eftolly

    I paid for the app and after completing their unduly long questionnaire I am barred from using the service. I wish I had stuck to the free app. This is a scam as far as I am concerned. PLEASE DO NOT PAY FOR THE PREMIUM APP.

  • It's okay

    by Asunlessxsea

    It's not the worst app I've tried. The screening process is great. Just seems kind of glitchy at times. Sentences get overlapped on descriptions. Otherwise, very simple and easy to operate.

  • The App Itself Is OK But....

    by Red_Hot_Fan_Grl

    The app itself is OK, but the only issues so far are the men on here. Many don't reply back, those who do like chatting, but don't want to actually meet. The few who do meet usually will post photos of themselves from like 10 years ago, can be really perverted, or extremely socially awkward beings.

  • Great

    by نانسي

    No feek user Greeeeeeat app

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