Color Text Messages + Scrolling Social Networking App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Seller: Dating DNA, Inc.

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★ ENHANCED! Full support for iOS 6.0.
★ ENHANCED! Now supports the new 4" display on the iPhone 5.
★ ENHANCED! The Recents tab is now "bottomless."  In other words, you can scroll down endlessly on the page without ever having to tap a Load More Images button, it will just do it automatically.  
★ ENHANCED! App now uses the latest Tumblr APIs, letting you specify posting settings (Private, Tags, etc.) when posting to Tumblr.
★ ENHANCED! You can now save animated images to your photo library and NOT lose the animation! The Photo app will NOT show the images as animated, but they are, and can be inserted into emails, text messages, other apps, etc. from your photo library and they will still be animated (either using copy and paste or inserting directly into another app that supports pulling images from your photo library).
★ ENHANCED! Landscape mode is now supported when importing images into a Favorites folder when on an iPad.

- CHANGED: The Favorites tab has been renamed to My Library and the Recent tab has been moved to the last tab.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the Keyboard wouldn't come up in searches, entering text for Facebook, etc.
- Gift App button has been added to the Home page.
- The app now has better warning messages if the user hasn't granted the app permission to save to, or import from, their photo library.  

Customer Ratings

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14 Ratings
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36 Ratings
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NEW Scrolling Text Edition! No more boring text messages! Spice them up with color, images, and NOW SCROLLING TEXT!

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Sih100

    This app is so cool a works great

  • And it gets better and better and ..........

    by StarWalker II

    A must have !

  • Fun

    by Mynoot

    Worth it. Fun to use!

  • Wow.

    by CwO113

    Love making colored bubbles and this app allows me to put a scrolling message in them.


    by K.L.M.H.

    Easy to use I really like this app

  • Haha

    by Lake Powell babe

    I love coloring the bubbles in my text messages and sending it to friends. They can't figure out how I'm doing this

  • Very slick!

    by IndieMan100

    It really does blow your friends away when you use the iPhone bubble background and scroll a message in it. lol!

  • Fun app! ❤

    by john11222

    Crazy fun app. Lots to do.

  • Like it lots.

    by airpost22

    Works well. Watch video tutorial for fastest way to learn it. Easy!!

  • Crazy fun!

    by meetme10

    Love it a lot. 

  • Two thumbs up.

    by Fetch Gordon

    This is by far the best colored bubble txt msg app I've seen. And these guys have found a way to also add scrolling. Great job developers

  • Cool app

    by CHO200

    This is going to be my favorite app. It is so fun

  • Worth the money.

    by Scout1111

    I've used other colored message apps but this is the first I've seen that allows you to scroll messages within the txt bubble

  • Baffling my friend's

    by Jaceto

    My friend's can't figure out how I'm scrolling messages in my text message bubbles. Cracks me up

  • Fabulous Effects Texting App

    by KellyENVP

    Love it!!! So cool how it scrolls while in message bubble - I send a lot of reminders out and this gets their attention!!!

  • Crazy fun!

    by motoman112

    Love it a lot. .

  • New high

    by Barneydino

    Who needs drugs with this app. It's so fun and cool to all my friends. Ppl without iPhones are jealous of all the fun apps I can use in texting them. Especially this one.

  • Great Idea!

    by jazzdj77

    A ingenious idea for posting text on FB.

  • Fun and Easy

    by Meganeesium

    I was a little confused at first, but then I watched the short Tutorial video and then it was a snap. Love it!

  • Five stars

    by Teejjay1

    What a wonderful application? The best of the best for now!

  • Waste of money!

    by iNasir

    This app is so bad that I had to write this review. It's very slow, difficult to use.

  • Color text msg + scrolling app

    by ChellaBellah

    LOVE it!!! Soooo much better than the 7 other color txt apps I downloaded. SUGGESTIONs: Keep adding more animated & unanimated backgrounds so it doesn't get stale Make it easier to adjust font sizes Make the msg bubble bigger & easier for recipients to read. Keep up the great work!!!!

  • Ahhhhh!

    by Kolodziejski


  • Love it!

    by ScoobyDoobee

    Great job with this app!

  • Scrolling text

    by Wildcatnurse


  • Sweet app!

    by ZPhoenixZ

    I love this thing. Keep 'em coming boys.

  • Bad

    by Sanislo

    Do not get crashes all the time. Have the highest speed Internet and current iPad software.

  • Ok

    by IrishD7

    I'm starting to get the hang of it but it is a little frustrating...........

  • Best app ever

    by Dragonvale Dude

    This app is the best app ever I love it. Don't get the other texting app that is 1 dollar this app is the best!!!!!!!!!:D :))))))))))))))))))))))))):):):)

  • A must have app

    by Jacque_0830

    This app is the.

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