CLIPish Pro Suite - 3D Animations and Emoticons to Text Message and Share Social Networking App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Dating DNA, Inc.

- Getl CLIPish Pro 2 for all the latest updates.

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NOTE: This app has been replaced by CLIPish Pro 2. The all-new CLIPish Pro 2 is the next generation of the popular CLIPish Pro Suite app and is the most amazing CLIPish EVER! (Search App Store for CLIPish Pro 2.)

Please know that there will be no more support or updates to this CLIPish Pro Suite app. (For example, Facebook changed how apps talk to their service, which broke this app so sharing to Facebook no longer works. This app has not been updated for iOS 7, and so on. If you want all the latest updates, features, and to be sure everything is working, get CLIPish Pro 2, NOT this discounted app.)

You maybe be wondering, why if this app is no longer being supported don't we remove it from the app store? Two reasons: 1) We want those who own this app to still have access to it, should they need to install it on other devices, re-install it, or install it on a new device. 2) This older version of the app has been permanently discounted to $2.99.

For all the newest features, continued updates and support, please get the newer CLIPish Pro 2.

Customer Reviews

  • Ganjer

    by Fernando Hernandez


  • Great app!

    by sheltiemom

    Definitely worth getting this one!

  • Great app battery sucker

    by Albr7

    Great app. But Apple tech support found this app to be draining the battery on my phone. Please fix it

  • Great app!

    by E in NV

    I like being able to add something other than emoticons to my texts & emails. And especially since it's not restricted to just iPhone users is a plus!

  • Great

    by MeMe084

    Awsome app

  • My favorite emoji app!!!!

    by B.hineee

    I love this app, the animated emoji's stand above and beyond any other's I've ever seen. Love the choices and freedom to customize anything you want to be able to make it personalized. It's perfect to be able to search both the app and the www. No App comes close and this one would be hard to beat. You really only need one app if you have this one, endless possibilities!!!

  • Worked great!

    by DanielMc

    Great app. Love adding voice message to pictures!

  • Highly Recommended!

    by Lovevisual

    Love this app! I recommend this to all my friends. No more boring text or email!

  • Awesome!!!...

    by Qvole8

    Five stars!!!...Very Helpfully!!. I had fun every single Day

  • Brilliant!

    by GhostHostess

    I use this app almost daily & absolutely love it. Very well done!

  • Super

    by StarWalker II

    Best App. I've ever bought !!!

  • Pretty Good

    by bkm669

    Needs better instructions for Facebook Chat Messenger

  • I use it everyday!

    by Show Dogs Grooming

    I use this app a lot to update my business Facebook page and its easy, fast, and allows me to use the web to pull up anything I want. I use it everyday.


    by Wwww$

    Crazy stuff!

  • Good app

    by Bigfoot's revenge

    App is really easy to use and extremely customizable!! It how ever suffered a few lock up/crashes in my year or so of using it. App would be a 5 if it wasn't for this. But overall a good app

  • Mr

    by Punkaloaf

    Lots of fun

  • Awesome stuff!!!

    by Quewell

    U can decorate so beautiful!

  • Fun

    by Hot Rod #1

    Fun use it almost every day , most people will love it. 2nd. To none

  • Endless Supply of Graphics

    by IntoYarn

    I use this app often as I can always find the appropriate graphic to convey or emphasize a point I'm making in texts and emails. Highly recommend.

  • Great emoticons, animations & clip art!!!!

    by llmassey83

    Best app to find an emoticon/animation/clip art I've ever seen!!!!

  • Disgruntled user

    by PKdurham

    So what happens when apple updates it's iOS software and CLIPish Pro becomes unusable? I purchased this app with the thoughts that I would never have to pay for updates. How greedy of you.

  • Love it! Awesome app!

    by Betzaida2000

    If you love sending cliparts, this is the app for you!

  • FUN!!!

    by TrueImage1017

    Get it!!!

  • Awesome

    by Maria Alejandra Benavides B

    Wonderful app

  • Love the update!! Thanks!

    by IndieMan100

    These guys are always thinking of great ways to update this app. Now it has sound! THANK YOU!!!

  • Awesome app! 

    by john11222

    I love it! 

  • Super fun! The new sound option is sweet!

    by airpost22

    There is a LOT packed into one app. This is my favorite app and I use it ever day. The new sound customization option is the bomb!!!

  • Fabtastic!

    by meetme10

    Love this app. A lot of things to do with it. Get it! 

  • CLIPish is SO freakin

    by ScottKinsmeyer

    I LOVE this app!!! You can search for ANYthing- I mean ANYTHING- and now that you can add your own text, and sounds to pics and animations, there's a perfect personalized message for every occassion! I use CLIPish every day!!!

  • Amazing

    by CHO200

    Amazing app. Would have paid more

  • Top app in its class.

    by Scout1111

    Wow, love this app! No wonder why its always so high in the charts. Great job developers


    by Jaceto

    Worth every penny. Must have app.

  • Core app.

    by Fetch Gordon

    Must used app I have. Core app for me.

  • Maintenance on MOTHERS DAY!?!!

    by Gottagetupsoon

    Why would u do maintenance to the program on Mother's Day??? Other than today this app is a 5 star. But this was dumb

  • Core app.

    by Lake Powell babe

    Must used app I have. Core app for me.

  • Unacceptable

    by And more crashing

    I really liked this app til it started showing nudity! Can you do this?


    by SweetCHS

    Love this app!! If you learn everything it offers you can do so much with in this one app that would take at least 3-4 other App to complete the same functions. Great job.. Awesome app

  • girl lover #52

    by girl lover #55


  • Fun

    by Communicater


  • Amazing app

    by Camren Jeffery

    I've had this app for a year and it is still one of the best

  • Cool app

    by leannaBf

    I love this app!!!!

  • My fav!!

    by CJsMommy1

    The BEST animation app on the market!

  • Clipfun

    by Gbykitty

    For the most part, I love this app!! Just would like a bit more selection. Otherwise it's perfect. I use it all the time.

  • Lesa

    by 1CowboyLady

    GREAT app!..LOVE iT!!

  • Bill Brock

    by BillBrock45

    Five stars says it all ! The only app of this type you will ever need or want.

  • Clipish

    by Robo Pilot

    This app has it all! Creative, fun, unlimited possibilities. Best $2.99 if spent in along time.... Also makes a great gift.

  • Love It

    by Sweetcombustion

    Use it all the time. Have even gifted it .

  • AWSOME app !!!!

    by linsueb46

    The best app available!!

  • Outstanding!!!

    by Wilderness Lady

    I love this App. Has so many photos to choose from. Best thing is NO HIDDEN FEES! Seems most apps now a days say free or even when a set price, as soon as you use it You must buy other applications to get the most out of it! This has it all! Thank you! You cannot go wrong using this app!

  • Clipish Pro

    by Robert Madeson

    A lot of fun, great for sending short messages with graphics.

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