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Seller: Dating DNA, Inc.

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• Added full support for iOS 7.

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FREE DATING SERVICE FOR CHRISTIANS HAS ARRIVED ON THE iPHONE! With NO ON-GOING FEES OR SUBSCRIPTIONS, Christian Dating helps you meet other Christians for friendship, dating or marriage.

Christian Dating is part of the FREE Dating DNA dating network service. When you're ready for a full-featured Christian dating application that goes way beyond silly pokes, winks and "Yur cute!" then you're ready for Christian Dating and Dating DNA's in-depth compatibility matching. If you're just looking for a quick fix, we're not for you.

NOTE: This app and our website are 100% "G" rated (chat rooms, photos, etc.), but we give it a 17+ rating in the app store since you must be 18 years or older to join the dating network.

• CHRISTIAN SPECIAL INTEREST BADGE allows you to interact with the entire Dating DNA network or only other Christians.
• REAL CHRISTIAN PEOPLE WITH REAL PHOTOS - Community Monitoring quickly removes fakes and frauds.
• IN-DEPTH COMPATIBILITY MATCHING (in-depth questionnaire goes way beyond silly winks and pokes).
• COMPATIBILITY THRESHOLD and DEAL BREAKERS allows only those who meet YOUR standards to view your profile.
• DEVICE-BASED GEO LOCATION verifies the city & country others message from, keeping out the fakes.
• PUSH NOTIFICATIONS for new Friends and messages.
• AT-A-GLANCE COMPATIBILITY SCORE lets you know in an instant how compatible you are with other users with a single-decimal Compatibility Score ranging from 1.0 to 10.0.
• MATCH RADAR - GPS enabled for finding nearby Matches when mobile.
• USE WORLDWIDE - Locate Matches within a fraction of a mile/km right next door or across the globe.
• HISTORICAL MESSAGE LOGS keeps all your email conversations together.
• ALSO USE FROM PC OR MAC at website.
• Integration with Social Networks like Facebook and MySpace.
• FREE WORLD-CLASS SUPPORT via email 24/7.

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Run by volunteers who just want to see "dating done right," the Dating DNA service is 100% free of cost. The only thing Dating DNA offers that costs anything is this $.99 app and the optional Plus edition of the iPhone app for $4.99. NO MONTHLY FEES!

EMAIL US with any problems, comments or suggestions at Your input is greatly appreciated! We respond to EVERY email we receive.

Customer Reviews

  • Love this app

    by Lanaymurray

    Very nice

  • Nice

    by Scout1111

    Wow, love this dating app! Great job developer

  • Very well done.

    by CwO113

    the user interface and way this app is designed to work is SO much easier and better than the other dating apps I've used. Oh, and it has thousands of beautiful Christian girls in my are

  • Get it

    by Lake Powell babe

    If you're Christian and want to date, you'll love this app.

  • Use it every day

    by airpost22

    Fun to browse and message compatible users. Well laid out and designed!!!

  • Nice!!

    by john11222

    Great system for meeting someone compatible!

  • Brilliant approach to dating

    by IndieMan100

    best Christian dating app out there and I've tried them all. what i like about this one is the rating system that allows me to remain anonymous until my matching score with others reach a certain threshold number and then they can see my complete profile and I can see theirs. Smart approach!!!

  • Very well done.

    by Fetch Gordon

    If you're searching for fellow Christians, this is the ideal app

  • 5 stars!

    by Fosho20062004

    Great App!

  • love the free service.

    by Jaceto

    by far the best dating app out there! oh, and the free monthly service makes it a no-brainer to continue to use

  • I like it so far

    by TT2974

  • Impressed

    by Trizzen Stealthkin

    Great place to meet Christians. Whether it's to find your soulmate or to find new friends, this site is where all Christian singles need to be!

  • Easy and Fun

    by Sdelacerda0110

    Love the rating and all of the questions!

  • GoodDate

    by Sonofguns

    Great app! Needs a few more feats than would be perfect for phone!!!!

  • Well done

    by motoman112

    Only a buck and then service is free. Met some nice people 

  • Love that it's free

    by Evel the devil

    So far so good

  • Great dating app

    by Chris Mel

    I really like this app it's a great way to meet new people am possibly your soul mate.

  • Love it

    by Lauren Manansala

    People are very nice

  • Mr

    by Fred_maish

    Cool App

  • I like it

    by Supergenial23


  • I want my money back

    by A creepy guy...

    The closest female is 106 miles away from me, this app is worthless. No idea why anyone would pay for this.

  • Not a Christian site

    by bh9870

    Beware this is not a Christian dating service !

  • Banned account

    by BeardedGuy

    I created a profile months ago and have had positive interactions with numerous other users. I flew to another country recently for work and suddenly my account is banned for fraudulently claiming to be from a different location. I'm not sure how this can be justified in our modern age of travel and access to technology. I've used my iPhone while traveling some of the most remote countries in the world. The requirements for maintaining a profile are too stringent. I won't be taking the time to create another profile if there's the risk of having it deleted if I travel again.

  • What kind of Christian dating is this ?


    I get this app and stroll into the chat room and I see people talking about sex and nothing Christian related, I am going to contact apple about this. The person running this app should be ashamed for calling this a Christian daring app, this is just trash !

  • Discriminating against Christians on prop eight discussion

    by ArmorofGod6

    Hey I was hated for replying to someone about same sex marriage on this site then cussed out by other members who happen to be for same sex on DNA site which is affiliated with Christian dating site. Also reported for bad grammar and mocked and told I was ugly by other members making racist comments towards me and my belief. I want my money back as well or put my account up please and don't just off me because other members reporting me also cussed me out in chat room.

  • Not Christian at all

    by Dnis1234

    This app was so stupid! Not Christian at all.... Allows anyone and I mean anyone to be accepted and the matches are based in what???? Not impressed and a waste of money and time.

  • Not christian at all unstrustworhty

    by Vero8215

    Christian dating??!!! When signing up they asked my gender options were: straight male, gay male, lesbian, straight female. I want my money back!!

  • Worked well for me

    by Meganeesium

    I am currently dating a great guy I met from the site. They do a very good job of keeping the less desirable elements away from the community. Recommend!!!

  • Scam!

    by Yourfanclub

    I paid and downloaded the app Christian dating. Turns out its really DNA dating that you're getting. I actually already tried that app and had deleted it because it has a poor selection of people, most of the people aren't active on that site and they are not in the same state as you. Buyer beware. Not worth the money

  • Awful

    by Kiniwest

    This is a terrible app! Waste of time and money. Not a Christian dating app. Don't be fooled people.

  • Just ok

    by Nosipho

    I kept getting "matches" that had traits on my "deal breaker" list.

  • Hypocrites

    by Aaronwilliam24

    I will be honest, I am a Christian. I'm reading the reviews all you other believers are leaving and I'm ashamed. We are told to love thy neighbor and love thy enemies, and I'm pretty sure I wouldnt call any homosexual an enemy. There are people in this world with different beliefs, and it's not for us to judge!! When the woman who was committing adultery on her husband was dragged out in front of Jesus and was given the sentence to be stoned to death, what did Jesus do? He knelt down in the sand and wrote out, "he who is without sin may be the first to cast the stone." People in this world may have different beliefs than we do, but what gives us the right to judge? All Christians claim to be godly people, yet you all go around, protesting and claiming that homosexuals, atheists, Buddhists, and people of other beliefs are going to hell and they are nothing but sinners? So are we all!!! "for ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." It's disgusting to see the way Christians behave these days. Yes, I am a strong Christian. I have been raised to believe God is the only way. Yes I have been raised to believe homosexuality is not right, but people are people, and everyone is raised on their own belief like I was, and I accept that. No, I did not vote in favor of gay marriage, but I'm not going to bash on it. If and when it passes, good for them! I'm truly happy that they can freely live the life they want, just like God gave me the freedom to. I'm not perfect, and I never have been. But I'm smart enough to realize that nobody is. We all say only God will judge us at the pearly gates, yet we all stomp around judging everyone and claim we will be immediately accepted. Take a look at yourself before you go marching around claiming homosexuality, pre-marital sex, and everything else is sin, and everyone who commits it is going to hell. I'm 20, male, and I know I'm not perfect. I mess up every day. To me, it's sad the crap Christians receive. If the rest of the christian religion was smart, they would realize its not because of God we are persecuted, but because of how we treat others.

  • Gay/Lesbian?!?!

    by R.Hill88

    The fact that this dating app allows you to represent yourself as anything but straight makes it oxymoronic! All are welcome into the kingdom of God but the sin must be repented of and laid at the cross, you can't call yourself a Christian dating service and allow homosexual interaction, it's contradictory to the teachings of the Christian faith. I deleted this app as soon as I saw that.

  • Bad

    by Frogkiki

    I really want my .99 cents plus tax back!! This IS NOT a Christian dating site!!

  • STOP!!! SCAM!!!

    by Guitarman 426

    Read the other reviews below! This is actually another company called DNA match (or something like that) and is not an actual Christian dating app.

  • Not so good

    by K9rulove

    This is a good app if more people were to be on it. There are not a lot of people on it and it's not worth the $0.99

  • STUPID!!!!

    by Apple Bee

    DO NOT WASTE your money!!!! This is a stupid app!!!!

  • A

    by Aleezara

    I think it's great. Nice that they offer the chance to get to know someone without charging an arm n a leg..

  • Confused

    by Couey

    It's a Christian sight but they give you and option to be bi or gay I find that strange isn't that against the religious beliefs??

  • Doesn't work. At all.

    by Oak27

    I can't even register. I fill out everything, with working email, didn't miss anything and at the end it says "registration failed". Uninstall I suppose.

  • BEWARE!!!!!!! Stop. Scam!!!

    by Luigiguatemalan

    This site is a scam. Not a christian Site at all. This Is the same "dating DNA Site" But with a diferente name. This company has other three different dating apps with different names. . SO I ended up paying three times .99cents. Might as well get it for free it's called dating DNA. So beware of "Christian date and fb dating are the same app with different names So u don't pay double

  • Fake reviews

    by KevinR820

    These reviews are obviously fake. Person writing them was too stupid to even change his writing style. Nice honesty factor in regards to a Christian app. Typical.

  • Not so Christian

    by freshpow

    I'm starting to wonder if the reviews are set up! This is nowhere near a Christian dating app. Not even close! They use the abbreviation, "DNA" matching to boast like you're getting true matches. Not really. How about the importance of my matches being near where I live? I'm not going to Seattle for a date when I live in Houston. Your app should pick up on that. Others do! Now to the part that troubles me the most. It's a universal dating app...stay with me here...that just pulls all the matches from their network that have submitted they are Christians and mixes them in with non-Christians. There's nothing wrong with choosing not to be a Christian...but that's not who I'm looking for! And the matches that are Christian aren't specifically looking for other Christians. This app is terribly misleading. I know it's free...but save yourself the time and look elsewhere.

  • Not Christian

    by Valerieamm

    This app is no good for actual Christians

  • Terrible

    by Andy Kissel

    Glitchy and wouldn't let me upload pics from my iPhone after I spent an hour for the mandatory questionnaire.

  • Horrible

    by Yelitza Bella

    No real Christians here!

  • Problems

    by 1212meme

    This seems like a good app but mine froze up and now us only a blank white walk. How do I fix that??

  • Appalled this is not a Christian site

    by Acgal

    I went into a so called chat room and was verbally attacked by the"regulars" who than teamed up after lashing out at me and calling me names and hit me banned without even an investigation this so called Christian site banned me. By the way the leader of the attack was bisexual. Yeah she's a Christian. Don't waste your time with this site. I couldn't find any true people with a true heart for God! I can only pray you don't get attacked the way I was.

  • Biggest complaint...

    by Cee Jai

    While it is wonderful that this dating app is free (thank you, Dating DNA), I do not like the fact that though I joined the Christian Dating (by Dating DNA), yet my profile is shown to members who have joined other branches of the dating site and I am shown matches from other branches apart from Christian Dating. The reason why is because the majority of the guys who display the 'Christian' badge on their profile and claim to be Christians do NOT live their lives the way a faithful Christian who is truly serving God would. Most of them say they would prefer or be open to dating bi sexual or gay women. No true Christian would be okay with that since it is considered a sin to live a gay lifestyle. I would prefer to only be shown men who have specifically joined the Christian Dating site since there is a higher chance they are looking for the same things I am in a mate.

  • Define Christian

    by Bamoya

    Seriously... The options, adds, and etc do not line up with the word of God. Now way this is a Christian site. If u argue that I am wrong then find a scripture for everything that's on this site. If u think no thing can have a scripture backing it up, ur wrong. There is...

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