3D Animations + Emoji for MMS Text Messaging with 500,000+ Animated Emoticons for iPhone and iPad Social Networking App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Dating DNA, Inc.

Misc. bug fixes.

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The ORIGINAL and STILL THE BEST! No app has more animations or features! Don't be fooled by wanna-be copy cats.

Customer Reviews

  • A must have

    by Rogue4u

    Love this app! A must have! Easy to use, never had any problems, always runs fast! People LOVE getting a cheery, animated clip in a text to brighten their day! Personalize by adding own text! You gotta try it!

  • Icon app!

    by RHQ1986

    The app is fine but like all other apps it tries to get money from you someway but u don't have to, I never have.And freezes up a few times other than that is really good. Just have patience.

  • Love it

    by Judster64

    This is a great app. I especially like the funny images. I send them to my kiddos just to say hi and keep in touch. They especially like the zany animal ones. Cats are a favorite. It's gotten easier and better with each upgrade. I recommend it highly.

  • Solid App

    by meetme10

    Best of this sort of app. 

  • Love it!

    by airpost22

    And all my friends do too when I send them cute animations!!!

  • Absolutely the best!

    by ScottKinsmeyer

    I've tried them all. This one is HANDS DOWN the best. Has everything and lots of great features, like adding my own text to ANY animation. A+

  • Super Sweet! ❤

    by john11222

    Great app at a great price!

  • Epic awesome!!!

    by IndieMan100

    I love this app. TONS of animations for every occasion. Great!!! As for the guy who asked about Plus, you get wallpapers, clip art, frames, skins, drawing, sounds, etc. check out the product page in the app store for CLIPish Pro Suite to see everything it will do after upgrading. I've upgraded and LOVE it!!!

  • Best animations app

    by CHO200

    Well done developers. Love the large library of animations.

  • Top app in its class

    by Scout1111

    Wow, love this app! No wonder why its always so high in the charts. Great job developers.

  • Exceptional

    by Fetch Gordon

    Hats off to the developers. Their matching system is amazing

  • Great! Once you master the process...

    by Shadowman48

    Great app on my iPhone but have not been able to get it on my Mac Pro or galaxy 4s. I have been looking for these emoticon animations for a long time. You can use the main library or if you need a cultural influence you can hit the web library! You can enlarge. At first it was a bit strange but all you have to do is click off your email, click on your emoticon icon, pick stick your intended emoticon, Click on copy-lower right-, go back to your email, tap your pulsing cursor, and walah in a short time the animated emoticon will appear! Like I say I wish that I could get it on my Mac Pro and Galaxy! As of now I have to send my mail to my iPhone and then edit in..... Hope this helps because once you master the process it will be worth the effort......

  • So cute!

    by tdubs2

    Love the app!

  • Fun impressive

    by MoniquekGingold

    Even my kids are impressed by my abilities with this app!!

  • Awesome game

    by MJB152

    Love to text with it

  • App

    by @88me

    Great app

  • Great

    by 4DTrini

  • Awesome App

    by Life is good today

    Love this fun app. Great animation and easy to use.

  • Animations

    by Cougar. Bass

    Great app. Worth getting. Really cool , lots of fun !!

  • Love it!

    by Ants mommom1

    Great app!

  • by Wolfsky

    This is not an in keyboard app so don't expect it to behave like one. Also, you have to download each item as you select it. Thusly, it is data use intensive. Look elsewhere. I wasted $$ here.

  • Awful!!!!!

    by 65dmr

    Purchased this ridiculous app accidentally!!!! Apple needs to send me a refund ASAP!!!! This app is totally useless!!!!

  • Spectacular

    by Crbrown1

    I love this app. It "blings" my texts and emails!


    by Dollydom

    This is my most favorite apps of ALL! So easy to use!!


    by Bubbie Judye

    I love this app. The best and most complimented one from friends. I recommend it always.

  • Just great

    by Msrrbalto

    The best!!

  • Carrillo m

    by Soriano900900543

    Love it great job

  • Best one out there!

    by 

    Greatest diversity of emoji and gif available. Great job developers!

  • Fun App to use

    by Lil Smaller


  • Fantastic

    by Yelindapem

    Wonderful app !!!

  • Amazing!!

    by Dublin_Tom

    At first i thought this app was a little hard to use but once i understood it it was just plain fun. My family loves sending these personalized things to one another.

  • My bad

    by Pixel 196,5

    I had left a low rating before because after years of using this, suddenly I was getting bunches of pictures on web searches which were stamped "for premium users only." It turns out that this is because a lot of the pictures this app finds now have those stamps already on them -- more websites are putting them behind paywalls. So it's not the developers' fault -- they haven't started to charge for pictures. So I'm sorry, app developers. This is an AWESOME app which I use almost daily for texting. I have a library of about 2000 emoticons for all occasions which I've saved over time as I find them and have put in folders to use for all occasions. Try doing that with another app! Highly recommend this one.

  • Give me a chuckle!

    by puttiowl

    This app makes me very happy happy! I love sending my message using their images. It makes emails and texts much more interesting.

  • Emojis

    by MOST 1

    Love it !! Thk you for creating the app!

  • Great job

    by Irish#7

    Love the app!

  • Great app...

    by Copper45

    Use it daily with my fiancé and she as well. More smiley animations please. Thx


    by kklove77

    Have a special message you want to send, to that special someone in your life? Well this app is just what you need! From saying I love you to saying congrats or just to say hi, this app is the best! Tons of pics and animations and the choices are endless! The developers have done great with this one.. So check it out, you will not be disappointed!!

  • One Million Animations.

    by CwO113

    Wow, this is the most amazing animations app. While others are boasting about having 1600 animations or don't even say how many they have (because its not many), this one really does have a million and you can search for any category. The other thing that it has that no other app does is you can add your own personal text to each animation then post them to FB, text messages, email or twitter. This app is AMAZING


    by Apporator

  • Great app

    by ruby2003

    Love it!

  • Texas girl

    by Cbap1559


  • The best of all!!

    by KungJungMuSul

    The 3D emojis are plentiful beautiful, funny, and available!! All the other apps require you to spend more money to use what they call their PRO 3-D Emoji's. I don't need to do that because this app provides everything that I need (and more). In my humble opinion this one is the best of all!!!

  • I love this App!

    by Dww618

    I can add that special touch for family and friends !

  • Fun App

    by Mamma Moo

    Use frequently. No problems.

  • Great Ap!

    by Salifur

    Love this Ap! Use it daily!! : )

  • Great app!!

    by Sagelily

    I've tried a lot of the animated emoticon apps and this is, hands down, the best. SO many to choose from and if u can't find exactly what u want, search their web library. Problem isn't finding what I need but rather deciding between the many choices! Love it!

  • Long-time user

    by Stephanie5170

    Great app! It really helps me send the personal touches my friends and families appreciate. They have a great selection and the customization is easy and makes personalization a breeze. Love it!

  • Virus App!!!

    by Labellaluna69

    I've had this App for a few years and never had a single problem. Now you've allegedly updated it and it's totally worthless! You claim to have added new images but they're just old ones you want to charge extra for. The images say actual size but when you send them they are a little teeny tiny size that you can barely see or read. Worst of all some of your images actually cause a virus like effect in the text/iMessage feature of the iPhone. I had to delete this App!!

  • Great App

    by Wearwolf

    GREAT APP! May be my favorite app. I use it every day.

  • Great app!

    by LeeAnn76

    This app does a lot for the price. Well worth the money. Tons of options, animated and not. They are customizable and you can make your own. Love it! So far I haven't found a downside.

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