Barcode KANOJO for iPhone Social Networking App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Chinese

Seller: CYBIRD Co., Ltd.

• Supports bar code of "BOOK"
It is now as can generate her from the bar code attached to the book.
It is a new genre of untouched.
Please scan more and more books your possession!

· Change the appearance of the wedding items
We have changed the process because it takes time to read.

• Supports iOS7
We have some changes to design to fit the latest device, iPhone5s and iPhone5c.

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The Barcode KANOJO brings you a new encounter with virtual girlfriends called 'KANOJO' on your iPhone.
To find her, you just need to scan the barcode attached to any kinds of goods using your iPhone.
Once you have your own KANOJO, you can take care of her to increase her love, find another KANOJO, or steal a new one from other users.

Supported devices: iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G
* This application is not compatible with iPhone 3G,iPhone3GS.

A long, long time ago, a Japanese monk was being praised for a wooden idol he had carved.
To this he replied:

“It is not I who has made this piece. I have but only uncovered that which was contained within it."

You could say this episode is an appropriate representation of the Japanese concept of kami.

Since ancient times, the Japanese have found spirituality and kami in all things.

For example, there are kami that inhabit pebbles, the darkness of night, or even drops of water with the world being formed by the mutual interaction of their wills.

These beings are known as "yaoyorozu no kami", or "eight million gods" which have continued to be a simple and familiar presence in the daily life of the Japanese people.

Unfortunately, the significance of these gods have been replaced gradually by various other things in modern Japan.

Nowadays, there seem to be very few people who can remember the presence of these gods.

We thought to rediscover the presence of these "yaoyorozu no kami" within the innumerable objects in our materialistic, modern age.

Just as spirits can inhabit stones by a roadside or a large tree in the forest, every manufactured product, and yes even the iPhone you hold in your hand right now are inhabited by kami.

Discover the spirituality in the things around you and try to sense its true form.
Maybe even fall in love with it.

While this barcode may be but a dry symbol, the entrance to another world leads behind it.


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