Emoticons℠ Social Networking App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Critical Hit Software

Added new feature: emoticon jigsaw puzzles!
Plus some bug fixes

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57 Ratings
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1239 Ratings
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Emoticons℠ has been:

#1 Category App in the US!
#1 Category App in the Canada!
#1 Category App in the Australia!
TOP 10 App in multiple countries!

You found it! The coolest emoticon app in the App store!

✔ Play emoticon puzzles
✔ Get Emoticon wallpapers
✔ Even have fun with an emoticon sound board

Customer Reviews

  • Love this app

    by Abbernaber

    I love this app but could you add a snowmobile and Four wheeler? I use this app all the time! I give it a

  • Easy!

    by Virgolfg

    Easy to install, easy instructions, easy to use. Loads of easy fun!

  • Loaded

    by J&K...

    ❤️ It

  • Reviewer

    by tectonics35

    I can't imagine sending text messages without these emoticons!

  • Emoticons Apps

    by Teri.J

    Fun app! Keeps you looking for hours!

  • Integrates beautifully!

    by Bama909

    Emoticons integrates beautifully on my iPhone or iPad. It has tons of images. I'm wishing there were some related to religion, (a cross, in particular) but maybe they will add it later in an update.

  • Great emoticons

    by Kayjak7

    I use them all the time.

  • Great App!

    by b_squrrd

    I only wish they would include a "fingers crossed" emoticon

  • Emoticon

    by Alyssa_44765

    I love it

  • Hehe

    by Emoticon queen!

    I love Emoticons!

  • Emoticons

    by maxquell

    Lots if fun and expresses emotions in subtle and refreshing way!

  • Love it! ❤

    by JDRandom

    Loving this app! Easy to use, lots of fun.


    by Gayle1955


  • Sweet!

    by DoodooBrown!!!!

    Easy to send in an email or text. Highly recommended

  • I LOVE IT!

    by OakRidthugs

    I like it but I want a emoji of handcuffs and bowl of salad lol and the COLOMBIAN flag please pretty please

  • Can't view on windows

    by Cantus1970

    Cute characters but since they're only visible on Apple products, it's kind of annoying because the other person just sees boxes on their screen.

  • Emotions

    by Kristensen41

    Great use them all the time

  • Fabi tatan

    by Fabitatan

    Not bat not work good en my iPhone 4 but very good pictures

  • Little Symbols

    by Crazeeeeeefunnnnnnn

    like using all the little icons.... they always add a little something to a text message....fun stuff


    by REJECT_ RED


  • I just paid for the same app I already own

    by Erin's Mom

    This is the Emoji app and I thought I was getting something more Americanized.

  • False

    by Darlene Shook

    I downloaded the Emotions app and thought I was paying for additional emotions but they are not added to the emotions I already have! What is the deal??? .99 for nothing!!!

  • This is a farce

    by Allison Gozzo

    You can go to general settings and add an emoti keyboard for free. This app wants you to believe this is what your paying for. Shame on them! I thought I was paying for some additional icons.

  • Free Emoji for 99 cents, yeah...Not!

    by StageFright78

    I was all excited to have all the cute little icons to send to my wife, until she starts sending the same ones back...I asked her if she bought Emoticons, nope, emoji...and it's free. Same set of icons, page after page. Two stars because there are a couple other things included... Shame on me for not looking around a bit more (glad my loss was only .99)...hopefully they will update with more emoticons that are unique...

  • Emoticons

    by mortizcpa

    They are not great as Smiley central emoticons I am so disappointed!!!

  • Love the Smilies!

    by Gentlysweet

    Good selection and easy to use right from the keyboard!

  • Excellent App

    by SpyAv8or

    Changes the mood on the SMS! Looks great.

  • Nice for expressing you thoughts w/ out so many words.

    by walt_n_dhe

    Perfect for texting quick in many situations.

  • A word on emoticons.

    by skeptic surprised

    WEEEEEEEEEEeeeeEEEEEEEE!!!! And also, pandas.

  • Love this app but...


    Love it. Use it all the time but please add a menorah. Thank you

  • Angry face

    by Toolula

    Really? Did I just pay to fun out how to turn on a free feature on my phone? Don't buy this app. Just go to your settings and turn on the right keyboard. Ask for help.


    by Jordan upscore

    I think this app is a cool app and you can do lots of faces which is really cool app

  • Cool app!

    by Bec65

    Needs a motorcycle emoticon to make it perfect. Fun to use!

  • Wow

    by Aud9

    Did you really just charge me 99 cents for free emoji?

  • Lots of fun

    by Devons Daddy 1

    Ideal upgrade to the text amongst friends

  • Emote Yes

    by GrannyB1P

    Love this thing! Works for me and I use it often!

  • Fun

    by MoeTig

    Love to use these with my messages & email

  • Love the wallpapers

    by Vijay Kambhampati

    Pretty Cool

  • Volleyball Emoji

    by Volleyballer55

    Can you please make a volleyball emoji????? There is an emoji for almost every sport but why not volleyball??? Please make one. Everyone I know wants a volleyball emoji!

  • Emoticons

    by Golfnut18

    We have a lot of fun using in our text messages. Need to add pool table, darts, more on golf! But it's good.

  • Update did nothing

    by Tracy Jackson

    Downloaded and installed the update. Nothing happened.

  • Good love it!

    by Anne former teacher

    I've had no problems - easy and fun!

  • Froze on me

    by P'oedguy

    Same issues as the rest. The app didnt work and froze

  • Works perfect

    by Dale's Girl

    Just installed the app and it works just fine. I've had this app on my phone for months and didn't realize how easy it was to use it. Duhhh!! Well, I really look forward to sending out those funny faces and so far every single text has sent out perfectly!

  • Last update didn't work

    by Elphaba2004

    Had to uninstall app and when I reinstalled it, nothing happens. Major bug. I've lived this app since I got it a year ago buy now I can't use it. Please fix this.

  • Disappointing.

    by Sailnick

    As with the two reviews below, purchased the app but it froze. Useless.

  • Fun and cool. Have given emoticons as gifts to many friends and family.

    by TahoeMist

    Fun and cool. Have given emoticons as gifts to many friends and family.

  • CRAP!!

    by Sagers2

    Waste of money. Screen locks up when asked to activate app. Tried three times with no luck. Save your money!!!!!

  • Great love Apple

    by Ward kids

    Always the best

  • The doesn't start up

    by oliverhanisch

    Several attempts including rebooting my phone would not make this app start up. Although I already paid for it, when pressing "enable" it would display a button "purchase to unlock" and clicking that would only cause the app freeze up. I was looking for customer support through the app to no avail. Someone said that by adding another keyboard the icons are accessible which is true. So I can use it now, but the app still won't open up. I thought is go with a paid version to avoid advertising. My vote, don't buy. No star!

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