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Seller: Rich Pham

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Your portable meme maker is here!

You're going to love this!

Step 1: Hang out with some buddies!
Step 2: Take a photo!
Step 3: Customize your memes and phrase and place it over your photo!
Step 4: View the result!
Step 5: Epic Win!

-Add your own phrases as well for endless amounts of quality entertainment.
-Save your photos and share your good times with your friends online.
-Over hundreds of preset memes for you ready to use
-Turn your memes into rage comics (up to 4 Frames)!

Get it here and get it now!

Customer Reviews

  • Cool but

    by Never late!

    It crashes every time and I'm not kidding and it crashes every time I try to pick the fu

  • Make all the memes!

    by Zczcz

    Lots of fun and plenty of lols to be had with this app. Quickly and easily make memes on the fly with original pics or traditional memes.

  • Epic

    by Evilquadricorn

    Now I now how to make funny pics yay But the crashing needs to be fixed

  • So cool!

    by Hoyadestroyer

    I love this app! This is such a fun thing to do. A few of my friends and I use are trying to one up each other with it. Great job!

  • What a laugh!

    by Rainlady007

    This is a terrific app! I love how I can take seemingly innocent pictures of family and friends and then convert those into hilarous situations. I love the ability to share images as well. I can't wait to create a "troll" avatar for use on forums and such. This is really good fun and easy to use.

  • Awesome

    by mike_2215

    So many features and fun comics. Get your own troll memes.lots and lots of fun!!!

  • Works great

    by jackbp

    Very easy to use, works awesome and is so much fun. use or take pictures of your friends and apply the comics

  • too funny

    by dianetennis

    Once I started using this the guys on the hall had to get it too. Now all you see as you walk into the dorm is our creations on our dorms. epic

  • TRolll

    by tonygeor

    It is simple and way to much fun. Making troll pictures has never been easier. reddit here i come!

  • Awesome

    by savagemon

    My friend showed me this app and I'm soooo glad he did. We try to out do each other with our own troll meme's. so much fun!

  • Hilarious

    by footballrulz

    The best time you will have with a picture app. Putting troll faces on friends and families is such a huge laugh!

  • Hate it

    by Spike63748748182863839382

    How do I put a troll face on someone?!?! On preset memes, I press troll but it takes up the whole panel. FUUUUUUU

  • Do Not Buy This App!!!

    by J3RG3

    Horrible Rip-Off, every time I add a photo from my photo library and then try to preset a meme it takes up the whole panel and I can't shrink it or move it!!!

  • No good

    by Final Hero

    Keeps on crashing! Please fix!

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