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It’s easier than ever to enjoy this groundbreaking monthly on your iPad. Just download the WIRED app for access to individual copies or to sign up for a subscription. If you’re already a print subscriber in the US or Canada, download the WIRED app to access the iPad edition for free.

If you experience problems or have any questions, please contact us at 1(800)-967-2082.

In the February issue of WIRED, enter the battle over the NSA’s surveillance program. Senior staff writer Steven Levy chronicles how Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other tech titans have had to fight for their lives against their own government. It’s a trip inside their year from hell, and an exploration of why the web will never be the same.

• How one man hacked OKCupid to find the girl of his dreams.
• Monsanto (yes, that Monsanto) shuns GMOs for nature’s path.
• Greetings from Zappotopia, Tony Hsieh’s new tech mecca in Las Vegas.
• Legendary music producer Rick Rubin talks Spotify, the Beasties, and Kanye.
• Meet the characters that helped Lego conquer the toy industry.

It’s the WIRED vision of how technology is shaping the future, and it features content not available in the print magazine.

Want more WIRED? Download back issues starting from June 2010.

There are two digital subscription options:
One-month subscription for $1.99, automatically renewed until canceled.
One-year subscription for $19.99, automatically renewed until canceled.

Payment for all purchases will be charged to your iTunes account at the confirmation of your purchase.

CURRENT APP USERS: Once you install the latest version of the WIRED app and accept an upgrade to iOS 5, the WIRED icon on your iPad will disappear— you’ll now find WIRED in your Newsstand folder. Tap the image of our cover to read the latest issue and access your library. If you choose not to do both of these actions, the WIRED icon will remain on your device and the app will remain accessible through it. In addition, to take advantage of having the latest issue automatically downloaded on to your device, go into your Settings on your iPad, select “Store” and turn on the automatic download switch for the WIRED app.

SUBSCRIBERS’ AUTOMATIC-RENEWAL FEATURE: Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period (another year for annual subscribers, another month for monthly subscribers) unless you change your subscription preferences in your account settings. You can manage your subscriptions through your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Please go to www.wired.com/go/appCDS for more information.

Customer Reviews

  • Works Great Even on a First-Gen iPad

    by Hjalmer

    I am pleased with the experience and all of the content.

  • Reduce ads weight

    by Eduardao007

    The App has a great design and the content is great as well. Sadly some issues come with lots of ads and that means spending lot of time and money downloading the new issues.

  • Downloading is a Frustrating Experience

    by CopperRaven

    I love the content of Wired Magazine, but this app is a pain. It won't automatically download monthly editions and even when you try to manually download them, the app must remain open the whole time. So if you have a auto lock turned on, you're gonna have a bad time. You just have to sit there and wait for 15 to 30 minutes, keeping the device awake and not using any other apps. What it should do is, if it's plugged in and charging, and connected to WiFi, automatically download the newest edition. Maybe this is a limitation set by Apple, but regardless, it creates a less than satisfactory experience. The end result is I never read the magazine because I don't want to wait for it to download. So my subscription ends up being a waste of money.

  • good and bad

    by jjeenn

    my first experience with the app was that it was amazing. The different layouts and navigation along with the interactive parts of articles were great. But reviews are right - downloads take a long time. There are definitely times were I cannot quite get it to do what I want. The last couple times I have taken the time to read the magazine I was underwhelmed by the articles and the layout in the app (seemed like all were really short and missing the big idea). Bottom line is I don't really have time to read the magazine and the content and design have become resistible and I hardly even think to read so I am canceling my subscription - if I can figure out how.

  • Tremendous App on iPad Air

    by Mark Manthey

    This is the way digital magazines were meant to be experienced. Top notch for me. Not sure where all of the negative reviews are coming from.

  • Files too big and no background downloading

    by Oriana27

    I love wired but downloading the digital issue takes forever unless you're on a super fast internet connection. You also can't have it download in the background while you run other apps. I can't even get it to download overnight - my ipad turns off after a few minutes of being left alone and since this wont background download that means unless you are in the app while downloading moving things around it will never get the full issue. Very frustrating.

  • Excellent magazine, but.....

    by Tomessiah

    Wired is by far my favorite magazine and I love reading it on my ipad now. That said, space on my ipad is limited and issues of wired take up a lot of space. While I very much appreciate the content and it's richness, I'm troubled by the amount of space occupied by the overwhelming number of gigabyte eating advertisements that accompany the download of each issue. In all fairness, I've been reading wired for a very long time now and will always remain a devoted reader. It's an excellent magazine!

  • Excellent magazine, but.....

    by Tomessiah

    Wired is by far my favorite magazine and I love reading it on my ipad now. That said, space on my ipad is limited and issues of wired take up a lot of space. While I very much appreciate the content and it's richness, I'm troubled by the amount of space occupied by the overwhelming number of gigabyte eating advertisements that accompany the download of each issue. In all fairness, I've been reading wired for a very long time now and will always remain a devoted reader. It's an excellent magazine!

  • Great interface

    by Slaybot

    I wish every other tablet magazine would adopt the interface of wired.

  • Somewhere in the middle

    by Ek4853

    Crashes every once in a while. Really nice when it is working.

  • Download magazines in iTunes?

    by Biffy215

    Why can't I download magazines in iTunes the way I can books. I hate leaving the Newsstand app open in order to download magazines directly on the iPad. I want ITunes to update all my Magazines at once. Why can we not do this?

  • The best

    by Run Bigdawg Run

    Wired is the standard my other subscriptions should try to attain. It is simply the best adaptation to the printed version. My only complaint is the over reliance on an internet connection. I use my iPad while flying and do not have an internet connection. I liked it much better when they simply included the videos with the magazine.

  • Good

    by buddhari1


  • Nice app

    by Katchins

    Works fine in iOS 7

  • Sign-in issues fixed!

    by dyelton

    Finally the sign-in issues seem to have been resolved. If you're an existing print subscriber and have already connected your account, click sign-in in the top-left corner when in Library and you should be able to download the most current issues.

  • Update crashed the app

    by zielinski

    Since the new update the app won't open anymore... I'm giving it 3 stars because its an amazing magazine app, but its not loading anymore... It just crashes after the Conde Nast intro screen... Fix please!

  • Iphone version please!

    by stanthejeep

    iPhone version, please!


    by Will_Hartzo

    This was a great digital magazine until the most recent update. Now it will not let me download magazines I have already purchased and even though I am paid up thru April 2014 it does not recognize me as a subscriber and will not allow me to download new issues. Complete waste of my subscription dollars.

  • Worst app

    by becauzah

    The magazine itself is fantastic, but the app is horrible. -no background download -no download queue -cannot save more than 4 issues It has been 3 years and the app is still one of the worst apps ever!!

  • Ad-ridden

    by NSApplicationMain

    Gets stuck on ads, not allowing you to turn the page, forces display of ad movies when trying to read.

  • Where's the app in newsstand

    by pman2012

    I downloaded the app but it won't appear in newsstand. What gives? I tried to download again and it gas the open tab instead of download. It won't open app either

  • Feels GOOD to unsubscribe!

    by Ryanxl

    Cannot recommend this app. I PAID to be interrupted by video ads? PAID to be interrupted by audio ads? Absolutely RUDE! Will never return.

  • Stuck on ads

    by Vince @ DTMMB Media

    Gets stuck when on an ad. Very convenient. Too bad, I like Wired - but I can get the same info online and not get "stuck".

  • Unable to download since iOS 7

    by amathews

    Some upgrading to iOS 7, I've received a "download error" for all Condé Nast products, including Wired. Very, very disappointing for loyal subscribers who have moved to online-only.

  • Horrible experience

    by Pb_ogeday14

    Don't get this app and pay any money... Definitely a frustrating experience. It does not download, it keeps crashing, it is beyond slow, it stops for no reason, it gives non sense error messages.... Their content provider does a better job than their marketing and IT people for sure... And, customer service is very rude and mean...

  • Dropped online subscription

    by Tired of trying to log in

    A magazine covering tech should do better. Excessively long downloads, enormous files, no background downloading, and now I'm stuck on a Toyota ad. Can't even turn a page. Maybe I'll go back to the print version, maybe not.

  • terrible -- Conde Nast, please fire someone

    by Adam Long

    Absolutely pathetic. After 20 minutes of trying to set this up I still can't get it to work. Had to change my password -- the website allows a 5 character password but the app requires 6 characters. So I went to the website to change the password, waited 5 minutes for their ridiculously slow server to record the change. Then went back to the ipad app, several times, to try to log in and it still won't let me log in. Also, the instructions on the website for ipad access are wrong and out of date. It says to press "all access" but there is no "all access" tab that I can find. Recommend that someone at Wired take a look at how the Economist does it -- very easy to set up. Next, recommend firing the team responsible for this idiocy. You are supposed to be the premier technology magazine and you can't figure out how to make an IPad app. Pathetic and embarrassing.

  • what the hey

    by eveything is taken

    push and restrict marketing is not acceptable.

  • Terrible navigation

    by Scnackie85

    Wish I didn't have to provide email address...already a print subscriber, now I'll get nothing but Conde Nast spam that will take 20 years to hide from. So much for living without wires. And can't get back to back issues easily. Worst app I've seen lately...they went cheap on development. Hated print for sometime now, too many ads.

  • annoying ads and crashing

    by omegahelix

    Enough said

  • Awful app

    by Mozartk

    Definitely not renewing

  • Worthless

    by JCourt730

    Won't let me sign in RIGHT AFTER I created an account with me subscription info. Literally the next step after choosing a password. Guess what, the app "can't authenticate" your new account info! This is a glitch that should have been caught day one! You can't tell me Conde Nast doesn't have server capacity to process new online account info right away. I guess I'll just let my paper subscriptions run out like I planned. Thought the digital option might be worth extending a year or so but if I can't even sign in to access it! What a piece of junk!

  • IOS 6 + only

    by Diskman1

    I own a 1st Gen iPad and can't use this app - I love the magazine, but can't use the digital version. This is the only magazine I get that didn't write an app for IOS 5.

  • Absolutely Appallingly Bad

    by PDiddersen

    I like magazines in the iPad format, and Wired is a good magazine. This app however is absolutely abysmal. Right now I'm in the middle of trying to restore my 7 issues after having wiped my iPad. I have fast internet and all magazines and app downloads from anyone other than this publisher (conde naste) download lightning fast. These ones are unbelievably slow to download and the issue is compounded by several things... - the app tells me either 'there is no internet connnection' all the time, or when you do connect to there servers it drops connections constantly (only happens in conde naste magazine applications... nowhere else on my ipad does this happen ever). it won't restore the connection on it's own so you just have to keep trying until it does. - the app keep forgetting which issues i have downloaded. Either that or it has a 5 issue limit or something. I can download an issue, finallly see it complete, read a portion, switch to another app and the next time i come back it can tell me i don't have that issue downloaded. What it decides I've downloaded appears to be completely artbitrary but it's super frustrating. - there is no background downloading. you have to sit there with this app open and watch the horrificly slow downloads. if you switch to another app, if you read another issue, if you allow the ipad to sit idle long enough to enter power save, the app stops downloading. you have no choice but to sit and babysit the download. These problems are universal too all conde naste magazine apps that I've tried. Wired is a good magazine but I'm thinking about giving up on my subscription because I no patience left for this app.

  • Automatic Downloads??

    by Bchawaii

    Come on, people! I want to read on the road and the issues are never there. The settings are correct so make it work!

  • App login screen not ready for prime time

    by itunes_nickname_1234567

    You would think that a magazine about technology would actually test it's technology. But this is not the case. The most glaring example is trying to log in as an existing customer. There is no way to log in. There are instructions in the FAQs but the links and fields described in the FAQs do not exist. It is a dead end. Try and use the Customer Care link and when you submit you "care" question you are thanked for your "feedback".

  • A magazine called "wired" should do a better job

    by chaya

    This app is awful. There is no login button, after awhile a login screen finally appeared out of nowhere, but because I was in landscape mode, I couldn't see what I was typing. Switching to portrait mode showed me the boxes, but the right side of the keyboard was cut off. Finally I got in and it would only let me download one issue. If a magazine called "entertainment weekly can have an app that works, Wired should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Ok, but slowwwww download

    by shooter50z

    I really enjoy the content, but downloading is horrendously slow even on a fast connection. Reading magazines is supposed to be enjoyable, but I'm always frustrated downloading this. December will be my last issue unless they fix the download problem. Not worth the aggravation .

  • UGH

    by Bobhblack123456

    Shame on you Wired! The company you hired is useless. Their staff is on the cutting edge of the 19th century. Go back to sleep.

  • Do you feel lucky?

    by MDMatlock

    If so, subscribe. Maybe it will work great, like 3 reviews say. More likely it will not work at all, or only intermittently. And good luck canceling your subscription. CN may recognize you as a subscriber, or may not. It is hard to cancel when they do not acknowledge you exist. But they still auto renew your subscription. Canceling your credit card may be the only out. Wired is just that - wired to fail. Gave one star because no negatives possible.

  • Terrible app for great mag

    by Cinewade

    Big fan of Wired, but this app is really buggy and poorly executed. It constantly forgets my login credentials or fails authentication, and even after resetting the password in-app, refuses to log in and recognize my subscription. Stick to paper until they get their act together.

  • Poor app

    by Alec Ananian

    Not only does the app contain bugs and incorrect subscriber status, but the Customer Support form doesn't even work, so I have no idea how to get help. A truly miserable app that's a stain on Wired's otherwise amazing reputation.

  • Can't even download in App Store

    by CreativeCor-Win

    No icon to download for months now and wired still is charging me for subscription!

  • WIRED app

    by Googleuser49

    $19.99 and 4 contacts with customer service later, still can't download a single issue. Like other magazines from brand Conde Nast, this one is in digital stone age - but particularly sad for a magazine calling itself WIRED.

  • Poor experience

    by BM5k

    Display glitches, laggy interface (especially on orientation changes), and insanely large issue file sizes make reading wired on your ipad an exercise in frustration. Additionally, my renewal wasn't recognized, and there are two separate external accounts that you must manage.

  • Nice magazine - cruddy app

    by oBon22

    Can't access account loading because iPad won't respond Reloaded, contacted customer care - no help. First and only mag app site I have ever had trouble with Update! It was working for a month now down again! Will be seeking refund on subscription

  • I got an app to see commercials?

    by Agtini09

    I downloaded this app so that I could read articles from a magazine while at work. I like wired magazine but come on this layout might as well be from yahoo! Moving advertisements while in the app. Really! This is so 2007. I expect more functionality from a leading technology publication not trashy ads (Mercedes Benz C class).

  • Keep saying: Cannot update library!

    by Freerow

    I can't wait for more time. It is totally useless. Actually I doubt it is just a faked app.

  • Crapware

    by Frustrated +

    This magazine that represents itself as cutting edge technology has the worse software for accessing a subscription of any app I have used so far. It fails to respond to the subscriber number and zip. I would give it a 0. This experience certainly erodes their credibility.

  • Cancelled my subscription

    by Cgun

    Customer support is so bad!!! I've been trying to work with them for the last three months to get this on my iPad. I finally cancelled my print subscription because they cannot resolve the issues with this app. I don't want a printed copy so there are no other options. Good luck to you if you decide to spend your $ with them.

  • Great when it works

    by Flyinjack

    The app keeps removing issues randomly every time the app is opened and then I must re-download the issue. Then as soon as that issue loads a different one removes. Very annoying.

  • This app is USELESS do not update

    by myicepod

    Normally I do not update any working apps because mored often then not they stop working after a update.. But I trusted the most up to date premiere tech magazine would never fall into that category, what a FOOL I was. The new app will not give me access because I was already signed into the old app and now it says on the new app that my account is already in use and locks me out.??? Do not update and do not give them anymore money for the promise of a digital experience. I prefer the good old fashioned Hard copy that is updated every month and does not let you down. Shame on wired. DELETED

  • Tells me I'm not subscribed ????

    by Doobop123

    I've been a subscriber for nine years. How long is it going to take you to fix this ??

  • Garbage App from a so called techie mag

    by Mike.Montfort

    How absurd that the app from the "premier" tech magazine utterly fails its print subscribers when attempting to reinstall and activate all access. The irony would be funny if it was not so frustrating. Canceling my print sub I think. Massive Fail.

  • Buggy app

    by Linus Pelt

    Since the 4.0.2 upgrade came out I've been unable to download any magazines, when I try to download a mag it loads for a few seconds and then automatically pauses, trying to download again repeats the pausing, at this rate downloading a mag will require trying to download about 5 billion times! Too bad, the 4.0 version never seemed to give me any trouble. Anyway, I am trying to get help from customer service, hopefully they might have some idea of what's going on. Update-I found out that the auto-delete function deletes all the mags at once, even tho I had 20Gbs of empty space, suggest you avoid using this setting if you don't want to delete all your mags at once.

  • Bad support... Real bad

    by JB of Reading

    I can't get help, answers, anything. The magazine might be better if you had support for it.

  • Horrible app

    by Jabadafa

    Constantly giving problems with downloads...authentication, etc. I have 2 iPads and both are connected to the same apple ID. Doesn't seem to be a way to get it on both, even though I get the print magazine.

  • No Customer Service

    by ColoradoGrif

    Since renewing my subscription, I can't access any issues in the app. I get an error that my account number is already in use. Three tries to customer support and not a peep.

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