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Languages: Dutch, English, French, Italian, Chinese

Seller: Cheerful, Inc.

- Bug fixes and stability

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Too much negativity on social networks? Join Cheers and get happy!

”The world's happiest iPhone app” — C|Net
”Addictive” — The Next Web
“A fun, happy, highly addictive place to spend time.” - AppSafari

Cheers is not just an app. It’s a community of optimistic, creative people sharing what makes them happy. What makes you happy? You can cheer anything: your spouse, your favorite restaurant, or a quiet moment in a busy day. By celebrating cheerful moments, you increase your own happiness and help spread cheer to others!

• Join a community of positive people.
• Start or join celebrations about topics you’re passionate about.
• Cheer to brighten up your day and the world around you!

Try it now and see how good it feels to cheer!

Customer Reviews

  • If you're truly a cheerful soul, you're going to LOVE Cheers!!

    by Coolgrama

    I've "traveled"the world, made wonderful friends and learn something new every time I open this app. There's so much to explore in every Celebration, I just wish I had more time to enjoy it! Cheers!

  • A kinder gentler social site

    by paulpmcmahon

    5 stars to me is a no brainer And it is fun a lot of fun. You can be a regular or just drop by.

  • Cheers to Cheers!

    by Patriott007

    Great app to show how grateful you are for everything around you! Love the Cheer friends too! Peace! Only wish I could adjust pictures to fit better. Cheers!

  • Great app!!

    by Keysa soze

    Very addicting. On it all of the time.

  • Cheerful!

    by AuroraAngel

    Always a great, happy community of people! Fun loving new friends. You get the warm fuzzy's when everyone "Cheers" you on.

  • Fun, but may be redundant

    by Αquatic

    Cheers is a fun little app based on a wonderful premise; celebration! However, it's perhaps redundant since the same can be done through many existing social apps. There isn't really any room in the app world for another mini social app. And I certainly don't want to manage yet another. That said, I'm still giving it a try. That's how I learned to love Path, an app that I still use.

  • Better than Instagram, fbook, etc

    by Songsoflove7

    Love this app! Especially the inspirational quotes between each 'cheer' I love that I can categorize my cheers and follow friends. Great vibes :)

  • Love this app

    by Hgfhgfch

    This is the funniest app ever! I am so addicted I look for things to cheers everywhere I go! Would give it 10 stars if possible ;)

  • Great Happy-Spreading App

    by bellizima

    Now a browser app as well! I wish it would not cut off my portrait photos. With the iPhone it is practically default to take a portrait photo, and the entire image is usually important and when cropped into a landscape or a square, the photo can become useless. If the image could be zoomed out enough that would work too.

  • A Veteran

    by PlayingMusic

    I have been using the app for over a year and think it's a wonderful. The app designers use the app themselves so they are in constant communication with the cheers community and believe in the product they made. If there is a glitch or a problem they fix it almost immediately or keep the community updated on when things will be fixed. This free app should have a price because of all the happiness it creates and the fun connections and friends you make while using the app. It's easy to use and if you can't figure it out there are hundreds of people on the app willing to explain things and welcome the new the members to the community.

  • Not posting to Facebook ;-(

    by Snaab

    Too many requests for review

  • This app is about showing your appreciation out loud!

    by Slasher!

    Cheers app puts me in a good mood and shares my good mood and experiences with friends around the world. Like something? Enjoy being in the company of someone? Had a great experience at some place? or just want to say a little more than a simple thank you for the existence of an idea? Then this is the application that you would want to use to appreciate those… and you will start to know your friends through what they like and what do they recommend… much more powerful than a Yelp comment or an opinion on the web. I have been using this app recently and found out about a movie that was recommend by a friend, a restaurant, an awesome product, and very simply how much I have in common with a friend who enjoyed the beautiful landscape of a sunset by the Pacific ocean… this is not about selling the ocean or the sunset… This app is about showing your appreciation out loud! Cheers to the DotSpots and Cheerful team!

  • Great

    by Bryuueeyi


  • Coachm

    by coachmarko

    Fun :)

  • Very good

    by vaughn mcmahon

    I liked it a lot and I have a lot of fun on this app

  • Great App

    by GordieF

    A lot of fun and extremely addictive app that focuses on all that is positive and fun. Great community of folks sharing photos and thoughts for the common good of all. It has been awhile since I have been active as it is still a bit confusing, but the folks are great and the development team dedicated to creating a great outlet for positive thoughts.

  • Amazing updated App - love it

    by Capiture Design

    Great App - the new update is so slick -these guys keep making this app better and better - must download and keep.

  • A great pick-me-up!!

    by anamberdawn

  • The most wonderful app in the world

    by sushibarn

    Cheers is one of the only apps on my home screen. It allows me to express my feelings and love toward the most amazing things, people and experiences I come across. It's a must have app.

  • Awesome

    by art921

    I am having so much fun on Cheers Much better than all similar apps I have made some great friends that I hope to get to know better Thanks team. Update 2/26/13 Still going great and keeps getting better!

  • Awful

    by 1234567890124566790

    It just stopped working!!! It just wont launch the app!! Ugh everything was fine and cool until this happened!!!

  • Horrible

    by spideratari

    This is a useless app that, once it gets your email address, will send you hundreds of emails and the system controls that should make it so you won't get those emails? Oh those don't work. How about trying to contact the customer service? Good luck Jack! No one will respond no matter how many times you write to them. Share your happiness and cheer on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Cheers to Cheers

    by Level3Media

    Great concept. Very well executed, and just a whole heck of a lot of fun.

  • Love it!

    by Alicynpackard

    So fun and inspiring. I enjoy using this app!

  • Great app!

    by solamore

    I really enjoy the app you guys have created. And with the new designs it looks even slicker! I gave you 4 stars though simply because it's still a legacy app on the iPhone 5.

  • Great App

    by Gabydilley

    Reminds me of all the positive things in my life! This is a lot of fun.

  • Better than a vasectomy

    by Ironlung76

    It was either this or throw rocks at a wall. I'm all out of rocks.

  • Cheers

    by Kadocus

    So dope!

  • Fun app

    by Harsh1383

    Like the idea of giving 1000's point for cheers

  • A must Have App

    by opfreak

    It's a great place to share things you love. It's almost an addOn to Twitter & Facebook, in fact you can choose each time you Cheer if you want it to be posted on FB & Twitter at the same time! I find myself checking Cheers more than Facebook & Twitter..... Give it a try

  • Great app

    by Izzi1717

    It really is a cheerful app to use

  • Love Cheers!

    by sharogil

    Good community, love this app (:

  • Buggy

    by pSeiks

    Can't get past login screen to access app.

  • Great social and photo sharing app

    by Vandy_42

    I very much enjoy using Cheers. It's a wonderful app to use to meet new people from all over the world as well as to share their lives through photos. I highly recommend using this great app!

  • Cheers...keeping the balance

    by Fellow Geocacher

    I've been with cheers for awhile and have seen the changes. From all the changes, upgrades and updates it has been a fantastic app all the way. This app really does feel like a community...a positive one. A very unique and creative idea that is really entertaining. Fine job...cheers crew

  • Cheers

    by Nina lovs rob

    Cheers to me loving cheers

  • New to it.

    by Duane M.

    I'm new to it as of 10/19/2012 and so far it's pretty cool, everyone seems nice too!!

  • Good but needs work

    by Nee19Nerz

    I like the app for what it stands for. Just a few troubles: a bit slow, a tad buggy, and possibly a daily post limit would be good lol. It's fun tho.

  • Fun app...

    by TheBlueNun

    Nice way to give kudos to something.

  • positive

    by Anti Voxer

    Its about time there was a positive social network

  • Great App!

    by Honey Lova

    Not only is this app fun I just love it! Thanks to my sissy for showing it to me!b<3

  • Shiny Happy People!

    by EmilyQuestions

    Share your favorite people, places and things with a purpose. Cheers is a happy app!

  • Great concept

    by banifa

    Although it is similar to many other apps that take a picture and with s comment share it with the world, this one seems to have a purpose.

  • Constant awesomeness with me all day!

    by Andrew Peluso

    I love this app! It allows me to share my appreciation for the little things in life ;)

  • Keeps it positive!

    by X90013


  • Won't Even Open

    by Mvn4ak

    Wish I could use this app--love the idea! But the app will not open, even after repeated uninstalls and reinstalls. Going to loom for an alternative app.

  • Disappointed:(

    by soccer764321903223

    I used to cheer all the time, but the app stopped working. I had to delete and redownload the app, but it still doesn't work. The last update must have kicked me out. People with older iPods still want to be able to use this app too!

  • Cheery Cheers!!!

    by 

    Really cheers up your day! Such an awesome community!

  • Forget the social graph or interest graph, this is the cheer graph!

    by Kabaim

    Bring a little cheer into your day with this app

  • is Inspiring

    by Coo32

    I have been fortunate to be one of the beta-testers for this app of rate past three months and it is a wonderful, inspiring and creative app. You can network with people from around the world, learn about new ideas, places and much more. This app is a combination of the best of social network and positive social change.

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