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Over and Out CB is a fun and practical, retro throwback to the CB ‘glory-days’. The CB is revolutionized by combining the good ol’ CB culture with cutting edge technology enabling live voice chat with your Over and Out CB Friends.

Over and Out CB is a great way to chat live with your friends by sending voice notes and sound bytes faster than texting.


• Connect and one-touch record/send your own voice notes to other Over and Out CB Users

• Preview and Send fun Pre-Recorded CB Sound Clips

• The Over and Out CB Locator - see other Over and Out CB users pinpointed on the map within your area. You can zoom in to view their license photo and initiate a chat with them to expand your network of Over and Out CB ‘good buddies’

• Over and Out CB Public Channels - Over and Out CB users can use their channel dial within the app to choose a public channel and participate in the conversation or just listen in to hear what’s going on in the Over and Out CB world…from anywhere in the world (the first six people to join in a channel can participate in the conversation and others can listen in)

• Over and Out CB Private Group Chat – Gather up a team of up to six Over and Out CBers and chat together in our fun Over and Out CB environment in a private group

• Themed Over and Out CB Skin Designs and Sound Clips

• Record/Send voice notes to non-users (delivered via e-mail)

• CB Lingo Dictionary gives you and introduction to the CB language

• Customize your Official Over and Out CB License with your info and picture

• Alphabetized Contact Lists – Now, your Over and Out CB contact list is displayed in an alphabetized format for your convenience

• 'Tell a Friend' feature enables you to invite your friends to join the Over and Out CB community and chat with you

* Over and Out CB will only recognize other Over and Out users if they are added to the contacts app on your device

* Visit OverAndOutCB.com for more info and to suggest new themes and audio clips for future versions.

*Please note that Over and Out CB is intended as a fun and entertaining tribute to the glory days of the CB radio and has been developed to mimic the CB experience through the use of current technologies but does not utilize actual CB frequencies.

Customer Reviews

  • Disappointment

    by Jparisi121982

    Very disappointed I thought I would get radio cb for boat. Just a waste of money

  • Doesn't work.

    by Dapla999

    This would be a really cool app if it worked but all it ever does is display "Contacting Server" when you try to connect. I want my $$$ back... SAVE YOUR MONEY.

  • 10-4

    by Gpslug

    does not work...attempted to use while on highway....never could get app to function

  • Waste of money

    by junogirl

    No one has it. It's no fun. Wish I didn't even have to give it one star. Waste of money!!!

  • Cb

    by Naseem79

    Waste of money

  • Cb Radio

    by Big Diesel11

    It seemed cool at first but there's no 1 to talk 2 on it... Waste of $$$$

  • Rip off

    by Matt6801

    This seems interesting till you find out it has nothing to do with cb frequencies. 

  • I thought it was a c b raidio Whare I can talk to ppl on cb raidio

    by Wow nice game

    Ugh I want my cash back now I'm por I hope you see this

  • Didn't work on ios4

    by Cyrusthevirus81

    I can't even review it cause after setting up a handle it randomly crashes after 5-30 sec. What a waste of $3.

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