FastFinga 3 Productivity App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Catalystwo Limited

• Fixes font colour bug

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FastFinga is a fantastic, fast and easy handwriting application for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

This #1 selling app has evolved since its creation and continues to get better with each update.

FastFinga 3 includes our other very popular Sketch Pad 3 app so you can now choose to create FastFinga documents or SketchPad documents.

■ SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS and IDEAS... FastFinga's amazing inking enables you to…
- Make fast hand-written notes
- Send personalized emails in YOUR handwriting
- Create hand-written Tweets
- Post hand-written notes direct to Evernote, Twitter and Dropbox

- Choose a pen size and color and write a word on the screen
- Use Cut and Paste to reorganize document.

- 3 pen size
- 4 pen color palette allowing unlimited customization.
- Easy eraser
- Undoable pen strokes
- Undoable editing
- Cut & paste
- Fast and simple inserting of photos
- Fast and fun inserting of emojis
- Customizable button locations
- Customizable background colors
- Customizable Fonts
- Choose left-to-right/right-to-left directions setting for each document depending on your language preference
- Organize by folders.

- Universal binary… works on both iPad and iPhone.
- Built-in emoji keyboard.
- Keyboard for inserting typed text.
- Quick number and special character popup keys above keyboard. You can quickly insert special characters.
- Special character popup keys is customizable.
- Customizable font… more than 40 font families, or install your favorite font via iTunes.
- Compatible with left-to-right and right-to-left writing direction.
- Insert handwritten note
- Handwriting pad contains palm-rest in iPad version which prevents unwanted smudging. … suitable for both left-handed and right-handed.
- Tap enter to insert handwritten word into document, or enable automatic inserting.
- Handwriting pad is customizable for your preferred writing size.
- Insert checkbox
- Insert "Quote" … you can quickly copy frequently used sentences such as email template.
- Insert alarm
- Insert voice note (mp3, both in a note and as a separate file)
- Insert time stamp … in customizable format
- Insert photo (both in a note and as a separate file)
- Insert Sketch Pad (both in a note and as a separate file)
- Landscape and portrait compatible both on iPad and iPhone version.
- Create standard note with styled text, plain-text, Sketch Pad, voice note, and photo.
- Export note to printer, other apps including "Photos" app, Evernote, Twitter, Google docs, Google Picasa web, Dropbox.
- Pre-set email recipients.
- Synchronization with Dropbox … sync in both directions.
- Import files from Dropbox.
- Voice recorder can record MP3.
- Built in photo browser for jpeg and png files.
- Built in movie browser for videos.
- Search by contents and filename.
- Selectable from thumbnail style browser and list style browser.
- Rocket start for note… customizable so the app creates new blank note when opened.

** Sketch Pad features **
- Unlimited canvas size
- Trackpad for easy scrolling
- Detach and position tool-bar where you want
- Customizable grid lines
- Customizable background color
- Smooth line with rounded ends
- Organizing document folders
- Export to Twitter, Evernote, Google docs, Picasa, Dropbox, printer, other apps, email, photo library and Mac.
- Flag a sketch or note
- Assign Alarm to a sketch or note
- Palm Rest (ideal for stylus users)... Fully adjustable for either right-handed or left-handed users (iPad only)
- Two finger scrolling in writing mode
- Zooming in/out by double tapping in browse mode
- Zooming by pinching gesture can also be selectable

iPad 3rd generation with Retina Display requires free upgrade to iOS 6 to use this app.

With Love by Tony on the Moon

Customer Reviews

  • Best way to keep a journal!

    by Observanti

    I love this application. I've always wanted to journal, but i never could stick with it, until now. With FastFinga3 I can jot a thought down, just seconds after it comes to mind. Impulse journaling! Writing with my finger not only is much faster than typing, scribbling in cursive actually uses a different part of the brain, so the words -- and emotions -- flow more creatively. Plus, with this app, I can switch ink colors, type if I want, or even draw pictures. I've passed four months of journaling every day, and now it's a habit, and I couldn't have done it without this app. Give it a try, I think it's worth every penny it costs.

  • Aplicación Universitaria

    by Ezekiell1988

    La mejor aplicación para no tener que llevar un cuaderno a la universidad, sencilla mente lo mejor que he visto y no he visto ninguna otra aplicación que haga lo que hace el fastfinga 3, mi reconocimiento como la mejor aplicación universitaria

  • oh yeah baby ! solid and works great !

    by stikman

    So many many things it does, for the iPhone. ...yeah pappi, (schill reviewer) 'notability' is prob real nice. BUT, it's only for iPad, enjoy !!

  • 5-Star App, Excellent!

    by musicluver79

    I love this app as it acts as a digital pen and paper that I use to write songs when I'm away from my notebooks at home. I love writing songs by hand and not typing as I feel my emotions more through writing. The writing is very smooth and the ink is extremely smooth and realistic as well and looks terrific even when it is shrunk down in size. The developers also have seemed to fix a bug that I reported to them that caused the app to almost always crash. So far the app has not crashed for me since I updated it! Thank you for fixing this bug b/c I love this app! =) Once again this app is amazing. Great job guys! =)

  • Does everything!

    by LSH61

    Sketch pad, note pad (hand written, type), tags, spelling with dictionary, photos, search, object drag and drop, and more. Uses iCloud, too. Best overall app, and works flawlessly. Thank you!

  • Just right

    by jcarter3

    Fantastic workflow, simple and responsive. Export tools are exact ally what I needed. Well worth the price.


    by paloha

    completely thrilled by this awesome app. FastFinga has done to the app world what Apple has done to the smartphone world. Way to go FastFinga! My BEST app EVER!!!

  • Great App! Have some suggestions.

    by Cessna90403

    I use the app a lot for taking notes and I love it. I have some suggestions. - Need conflict resolution for iCloud syncing. If I edit the same doc on 2 devices at the same time, the last device to save wins and wipes out the changes from the previous device. - It's essential to see a status of the iCloud sync. If the status said something like "iCloud sync is done" then I know I can safety edit the doc on my other devices. - The overall problem with using iCloud is lets say I'm editing a doc on the iPad. I close it, but for some reason it doesn't sync to iCloud. I then open the doc on my iPhone and make changes. I close it and it syncs. Once the iPad can sync again, it wipes out the changes I made on the iPhone. - It would be great to have some kind of reminder that I can attach to a document.

  • Good but glitchy

    by freesiabird

    This app has so much potential to be endlessly useful...but it just fails at the most important things! I wanted it so that I could hand-write notes and email them to myself and others. And while the writing aspect has worked flawlessly, the app has yet to let me send an email. In the preferences pane, it lets me add people to the "preset email" list, but it doesn't ever actually give me the option to email them. Plus, it says to separate multiple email addresses with a comma, but the pop-up keyboard doesn't have a comma anywhere on it--rather, it has a period TWICE. Overall, I'm pretty disappointed. I hope they fix these issues in an update soon...

  • Ok

    by Your pappi

    It's was ok. I like it at first then I found another app. It's called "notability " it works a lot better and it's only .99. Not worth getting this app.

  • Albomax

    by Albomax

    It is a very nice application ,but for some reasons crashes too often and doesn't seem to work well on landscape mode in iPad3.

  • No good....

    by Jibjab1972

    Does not work?

  • OCR Fail!

    by Whuzzup11

    Ok, maybe I had higher expectations than I should have had. I think my handwriting is actually fairly good, so major disappointment that when using OCR, I spend 1000 times longer fixing one sentence than if I would have if I just typed my note to begin with. Even writing super slowly and carefully to make sure letters are perfect, and it still can't recognize my words. Oh, and forget using any punctuation. App crashes half the time during OCR download an you have to try to guess how long it will take for Evernote to receive the OCR file before you MANUALLY pull it back in. Really?? Why doesn't it automatically show after OCR is done? Maybe there's an app out there somewhere that is good at OCR, but this is definitely not it.

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