3D Avatar Creator - Send Animated BuddyPoke Emoji and Pictures to friends Social Networking App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: BuddyPoke LLC

Fixed bugs: Fixed "Restore Purchases" for the in-app pack purchases. Fixed the avatar positioning for pictures and videos. Fixed the instrument appearance customization.

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Millions of users love BuddyPoke! "The BEST avatar app out there." "You can create all of your friends and even send an animated picture of the avatars via iMessage!!" "The characters are totally adorable and you can make virtually anyone!" "Love this app so much fun, creating mini version of my friends and family." "Get it! Best app EVER!!!!!!!!" "EPIC. I never knew there would be an app like this. I was like, WOW." "I can make me and my band!!! It's so cool! I highly recommend it!!! 5 starz all the way!!!" "To any adults out there with children, I recommend this app. They will have fun and also learn to create fun and creative photos." "I love this app. It is so much fun dressing up the characters and taking pictures and saving the avatar."

The best 3D avatar maker on iPhone and iPad! Create and save avatars of friends and family. Play dress up and make mini-me, or amazing chibi, goth, emo, vampire or superhero characters. Change hairstyle, eye shape, clothing, and lots more. Buy in-app expansion packs for coats, hats, caps and masks. Share and collect avatars using QR Codes.

Send mood emoticons and friendship animations of your avatars as animated gif emoji to friends using iMessage, email, Facebook, Weibo, WeChat, Instagram and Twitter.

Create amazing group photos and send pictures of your avatars to friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Contacts, and email.

New Talking Video feature! Record fun talking avatar videos to share with friends on YouTube and Facebook.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome animation!

    by Awesomecat46!

    This app is simply amazing! I wouldn't believe a person who rated this app one star. Yes, you have to make in-app purchases but, it is worth it. If you like any of the patterns, it's only $0.99. I love the little animation people in the final product. I would recommend this app to my friends.

  • by leoperd101

    GET THIS APP!!!!!

  • Perfect

    by Coolio1234567890Dude

    This app is awesome. Keep it up, guys!

  • Awesome

    by Meadowlark 000008888800005555

    Very cool

  • Awesome

    by Daniellekoala

    It's a great app it's real funny I make my friend HOLY GOD I JUST BARFED lol jk I didn't hehdnandjfksjqid hahaha anyways nice app

  • Really fun

    by Leanne 04

    I really like this app ! If your at a boring time in your life this app fun and easy.

  • Silly

    by A-LOW

    I LOVE IT❗❗❗❗❗the only thing is I don't know how to send an emoji

  • Cute

    by Bayou Bitch1

    Cute cute cute

  • I love this app.

    by PhantomMG

    Add more features. You can add new symbols and sweatshirts and stuff!

  • I dig it!

    by Souldeacon

    It's a pretty cool app.

  • Gothic greatness

    by Alicecooper

    All you do is make goth people and etc it's awesome !!!!¡¡¡¡

  • Cute app!

    by Mackdivaa

    I love the avatar it let me create.

  • Buddypoke videos

    by Ariel ✌

    This game is honestly amazing but. We should be able to keep our music on and record videos to share it is really crazy could you try to fix it.And also the scanning code is nit working thanks for reading this and try to fix these requests

  • Buddy poke

    by Yammimmi

    Best game ever

  • Miss the old version.

    by Viluv

    I'm disappointed that some items like eyepatches, certain eyes, etc. we're removed. There hasn't been an update in ages, either. Could you please add more items in a new update sometime soon? Thanks. If this happens I will give 5 stars. Also, maybe you could consider adding: Horns, Tails, better looking male hairstyles and more. C: Thank you.

  • So far so fun!

    by Me Meow

    Just started using the app and it's fun so far. Will revise rating in the future after playing some more with it.

  • Cool

    by Emmi017

    The app is my favorite app it's just so awesome although I think there should be more to do...

  • ...

    by Justin7448

    I this this game is perfect

  • So cute

    by Silvermist1616

    This app is so cute LOVE IT !!!!!

  • I love it........and then

    by QueenofGaming42326789

    I love this game! I can tell you didn't just spend 5 minutes creating it! I see the hard work....I really do. I have noticed that no one else in the reviews has had my problem,making me think something's wrong with my Ipad. The problem? Well,whenever I open the video maker ,it crashes! I am very disappointed because of this.Otherwise great! Fix my problem....a SOLID 5 STARS ;)

  • Cool

    by Whatwaba

    Dude this game is awesome I made all of ma friends

  • Awesome

    by Kkikes

    I really like this app. But it should have more options when making a video. Like more cute and romantic ones.

  • Awesome-ness

    by Hiilovebioks1234

    Great app!!!

  • Fun

    by Zakiya_all_dAy123


  • You're missing out

    by RiRi

    If you don't have Buddypoke, you don't deserve to have apps.

  • Love this app but...

    by Bellamarama

    Love this app I use it all the time but what would be great if the mood animation would show on fb and Instagram instead of only in messages....i give it five stars because is so darn cute but just that one suggestion would be great to see.

  • Awesome'

    by Rickyta Williams

    Very cool app.

  • Buddy poke is great

    by Lincolnkid

    I personally think it's great because you can make your friends and family ,and turn them into to cartoon animations and pictures.

  • Monique

    by Jesus Girl2

    I love this app. It's very easy and fun no matter your age. I even taught my fourth graders how to use it.

  • Avatar-iffic Fun

    by Pinki Tuscaderro

    This is the best avatar app I have come across and I am a software downloading and testing fan diehard. There are many options for customizations and I particularly like the video feature with endless possibilities for creative and social purposes: emoji fun for all.

  • Hi

    by Peoples I don't know.

    Cool, kinda of great. Me bored lol

  • B.A.M says 5 stars

    by Bamessner.

    Buddy poke is the best app ever except for the rise of the guardians app I mean how cute is Jack Frost. :)

  • Everyone goes crazy when I send!

    by PIN IT!!!!

    Fun!!!!!!! A bit annoying if you aren't tech-savy- have to copy/paste into new message- but I love it!

  • Amazing!!

    by Ash25547788332

    This app is amazing! I love it!!

  • It's cool and all but

    by Cee-Jaysoblessed

    I like it. It's kinda hard to find the "restore purchases" We need more accessories I'll give five stars when it's fixed. More body options too would be nice

  • Omg

    by Gwen Grimm

    This app is awesome. My friend had it a while ago and i couldnt get it on my kindle fire. I was so sad. Now i can get it on my iphone!!!! I was so happy when i found out!!! <3

  • AmAzEbAllS

    by DancerDude5012

    This app is amazing! You have so many different options and items! I love how you can name them and make videos. But, a cat tail could be useful for my cat EARS. Also, it's a little complicated. Please but in different mouth expressions!!!

  • Awesome

    by Yeadudelmp

    This is the most awesome and amazing game I've EVER played!!!! Luv it!

  • Great but could be better

    by MissMatch2340

    Awesome but the videos only allow two people. The pictures allow more

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

    by Kenzyluv

    This is a great app! Even though I won't upgrade it's the best I've seen -Kenzy

  • Try it!

    by Sooooooawesome:)

    This is fun. I like how you can create videos of your avatar with your voice. I made a singing one and it turned out really cool!

  • Reviews

    by Zynga24

    Hello buddy poke is a really good game. My music teacher has buddy poke he show everyone

  • Cool game

    by Didyouwhat

    It is fun to play

  • I love this app

    by Moxiecool123

    I'm on buddy poke every day and I love it!!! You need to get this app!!!!


    by Ashkigal

    I love this game! I have started making all of my friends and put them as there contact. SUPER FUN :3

  • Great app

    by daniela2281

    It's fun and creative also a great way to cheer u up btw hilarious!!

  • Review

    by Gootchmcpoop

    Add freckles or face features

  • Frankie


    This is so fun and it gives you something to post on instagram

  • Atavar

    by Dutchlizzy

    Absolutely fun, I like the choices of colors, facial expressions. No complaints for this fun app!

  • Buddypoke

    by FireTiger1442

    So awesome! I look epic!

  • Ok

    by Cheetah girl gone wild

    This app Is ok I'm still trying to figure out some things but it's ok.

  • Good

    by Cinvanlouise

    I like it

  • LOVE IT!!!

    by x:::L0rd:Marshal:GrAnItE:::x

    Duuuude!! I love everything about this app! Only thing it's missing is Kitty/fox/dog/(or other animal) tails! Eyepatches sound nice too. :D

  • Awesome

    by Brianne0203

    This game is so awesome and amazing but you should make better updates and with more emotions and photo poses

  • Life changing

    by Mackenzie keefer

    I love this app it's so easy to use I figured it out in "MINUTES" it's so fun

  • AMAZING!!!

    by Chandlersgirl22

    I'm addicted to it!! I love to make the cute little characters BUT...I think you would need to add more spaces to make more characters.

  • Awesome

    by Bar8ie 15

    Buddy poke is the best!

  • Awesome

    by OwenSkellington


  • Cute

    by Goldie blox

    I thought this game was so cute when I saw a me that I made this is awesome

  • It's soooo cute you have too get it

    by I love it it soooo cute

    You have to!!!!!

  • Lol

    by Shyshybaby123

    Love this game

  • So creative!

    by Lanie k.

    Nice. However, when you want to make a photo, it doesn't always do the action I want.

  • Great

    by ConstantGamer

    I have only had the app for 10 mins or so and I love playing with it to create funny photos. The only thing that wails make it better was to NOT have to buy some of the good content

  • Hilarious

    by YannieBelle

    I remember I had this a while ago and no one used it. Glad it's back!

  • Yeah and blah

    by snickersis#1

    Its fun but I have suggestions. First of all it has WAY too many locked things u have to buy, second I think there should be more I'm- happy- and- not- being-goofy poses,and last but not least, my white smurfette dress looks like its covered in dirt!!!!!!! Fix this stuff and I will give five stars. You have been shamed );

  • Very fun

    by Hotstryke

    This app is a lot of fun. Liked playing it with my kids and I like that you can save directly to your camera roll.

  • Awesome!!

    by Everyonecallsmegiggles

    I love this app. There is nothing you can't do on it. I have had a perfect experience with it so far. No glitches or crashes. I would recommend this app to anyone who enjoys laughing and having a good time. Personally so far this app has given me lots of laughs and lots of fun. Also it's perfectly safe for kids. Once again I state that this app is lots of fun and I have had no trouble with glitches or crashes!! Love it!!!!!

  • stupidmonkey:P

    by Stupidmonkey:P


  • Great

    by 8ritney702

    This app is amazing try it out it's supper cool and FUN!

  • Fun

    by Morowyn

    It is a great way to pass time. I can make buddies for myself and my friends and take pictures. The snapshot sometimes doesn't work and the app crashes.

  • How do you change it to a girl ?

    by macapp77

    when I started this app it was a boy I'm a girl I tried to get I changed but nothing happened it was weird so I think i will have to delete it i wish it will change i was really happy to try it but it was a boy I got sad I wish I can give it 5 stars but i will give 3 stars wish it can change really wish please fix that so I don't have to delete it fix please i won't a girl need to have one please fix as much as you can fix it i don't wont to delete it but i might have to I love but fix.

  • Love it!

    by Nice guys2100

    I love this app it's great!

  • Awesome

    by Liv rules

    This is a great game you can send people images of a animated version of you and them or a cute way of asking someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend

  • Great!

    by Speedy fast likes soccer

    I love it!

  • Waste of time

    by Joyful ness gurl

    Used to luv it until it starts to crash! It stinks

  • Buddy poke

    by Mu'shie


  • I luv this app soooo much, buuuuut..

    by hugtrees4me

    I have awesome ideas for bringing my avatars to life and make awesome videos but every time I finish and stop recording the app crashes and all of my video progress is lost D: please fix I love this app and I will give a million stars when this is fixed!!

  • So delightful!

    by call-me-maybe

    I was scrolling through the App Store on random searches and I came across this one, I thought well, it looks cool, and I finally got it. After trying it out I was delighted to see I could send animated characters to my friends and family. I've recommended it to all of my friends and they love it as well. This app is a cute and fun way to text your friends and family. Not to mention you get to customize what you send, which is very clever and a fun way to text.

  • Buddy poke

    by Christen Lynn Plotke

    I love I mean LOVE this game. My girl is wunderfull and loves to ROCK!

  • Best App Ever!!

    by Perfect❤

    Wow, I love this app, totally get it! You will not regret it! I love sending these little pictures and vids to my friends and family. Not only are they fun to make, they will keep you close with others. Thanks Buddy Poke!

  • LOVE IT LOL!!!

    by Zippy515

    I think buddy poke is sooooo fun it's absolutely hilarious

  • The best game! ;-)

    by Fffhhff

    I love it is the best game in the world!! :)

  • Buddy poke

    by Caitlin Deland

    I love it me and my friends love to take pics with each other

  • Buddy poke

    by 5924 east latimer place

    I like this app it's very fun

  • Awesome app

    by mteixeira25fan

    Its cool... get it!

  • Awesome

    by Renagade978

    Just awesome enough said!


    by Kimmycokkiezz

    I love it's fun and I can make my freinds and stuff ... LoL anywho love the app

  • Love it

    by Fernerela

    I love it but you now I deleted it well I for got why ? And I agree with ggxp because a lot of things were removed I miss the old won

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    by Ya_Ya_O.O

    My friends think I have a serious problem. Can't stop using this app. It's amazing!!!

  • Avatar-iffic Fun

    by Pinki Tuscaderro

    This is an avatar-iffic app. There are many options for customizations and I particularly like the video feature. Good emoji fun for all.

  • Awesomeness!!!!

    by Martinezfood

    Great awesome app!!!

  • Hair and interactions

    by Darby132

    I Love this app, but I have a few suggestions. You should add more hair styles, especially for guys. The curly hair should actually be curly. You should give girls a braid option. I saw on another review that their should be more interactions like a place for your buddies to hang out, rather than just a picture slot, I think that would be really cool! It would get more attention! I hope you will take my suggestions.

  • Love it!

    by iamQ220

    It's fun & the characters give me job!

  • Awesome

    by Ashyblunts

    Funny stuff

  • Awesome

    by Samwarre

    It is just so awesome

  • Awesome!!!

    by cleverkid11

    Only one glitch I had, and it was because one of my buddys multiplied until only I was left

  • :P

    by Not to be rude

    SO CUTE! You get to make cute characters witch you can seed to family or friends using email.Pictures and vidios can be sent also.This is fun but you can't play as characters you have made.Have fun playing around ! :P

  • Love The App

    by Ninugjgyffcgvhb

    I love this app! It's cool how you can make little avatars I bought this app 10 mins ago and I'm so happy I got it! And it will be fun if you can add more actions and rooms for each person and decorate that room! And it will be cool if you add tails to match people animal ears. This app is amazing! Good thing I have this app. I feel lucky :) 5 Star Rating

  • Buddypoke

    by Sandysherman

    It's the best app ever

  • Fun

    by Khiaw85

    I enjoy sharing with my family and friends great way to show my expressions through a animated character

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