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Seller: Boo Kim

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New iPhone Keyboard Innovation!
Breathe Life into your Keyboard - Animations on your Keyboard!

Are you tired of using the same ordinary iPhone Keyboard all the time?
How would you like to have the most beautiful Animations right on your iPhone Keyboard so your eyes are always entertained while writing down your notes?
Now, it's time for change. You can breathe life into your iPhone Keyboard. Instead of looking at the same old grey keyboard, download Animated Keyboard now and be entertained whenever you write something down!

Animated Keyboard features the funkiest keyboard with dozens of beautiful animations to choose form. With Animated Keyboard, you will never be bored writing down your notes!

Keyboard with 16 Animations to choose from
Support Twitter / Text Message / Email

Compatibility Note: Compatible with iPhone and iPad with iOS 5.0 or higher

Customer Reviews

  • Bad

    by nobody1484839929484

    This app is a waste of money my phone turns off evry time I try to write and u can't evin use ur own vidio I WANT MY MONEY BACK


    by (31281)

    Waist of money the app shots down every time you want to write, and is a app you can't put the key board in your massages I want my money back

  • Terrible

    by Mrs. Kitty Fabulosity

    How can I get my $$ back

  • Not worth it

    by Bkbori

    I want my $ back. It's a waste

  • Not good

    by Ivoryleague

    This is a waste of money. The moving pictures behind the keyboard are just distracting. I uninstalled it even though I paid for it. That is how bad it is.

  • Not Good

    by Stent7

    App shuts down!

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