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Seller: Beejive, Inc.

- New user interface updated for iOS7

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** UPDATED for iOS7 **

Selected as one of the best apps in iTunes Rewind, see what reviewers are saying about BeejiveIM.

"With support for just about every major IM protocol we ever find ourselves using alongside things like voice/image transfers, Beejive was already our IM client of choice... Background notifications really just sealed the deal, and anything else they’ve added was just frosting on the already delicious cake."
-- TechCrunch

"Overall, after testing various IM apps, Beejive is by far my favorite. The interface is slick and beautiful."
-- Wired

"BeejiveIM is an incredibly full-featured IM client, boasting capabilities that almost put it on par with desktop IM clients."
-- Macworld

"Beejive IM is one of those mobile multi-network chat clients that's a joy to use--it's fast, graphically rich, and just works."

"BeejiveIM is a feature rich, multiprotocol instant messaging client that blows the pants off any other chat program offered in the App Store."

BeejiveIM. Instant messaging anywhere. Now with Push!

Stay connected to all your instant messaging buddies anywhere you go! BeejiveIM (pronounced \bē-hīv\ IM) keeps you in touch with your friends on AIM®/MobileMe®, MSN®/Windows Live®, Yahoo!®, GoogleTalk®, Facebook, MySpace and Jabber... all at the same time, all on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Beejive's reliable and efficient networking has been tested and proven on multiple platforms. Now it is available for the iPhone. Move from 3G, Edge, and wifi connections seamlessly. Stay connected after you close the application and be notified when you get a new message through push notifications. After being out of coverage BeejiveIM automatically reconnects and picks up where you left off.

BeejiveIM uses your phone's existing data plan or wifi connection, so you can save money by reducing your text messages.

Check out how BeejiveIM works before you buy! View our instructional videos:

BeejiveIM Key Features:
- BeejiveIM uses your existing data plan: no per-message charges.
- Reliable and efficient networking: be connected 24/7, and it's gentle on your battery.
- Be connected even after you close the application. Get notified instantly when you get a new message with Push Notifications.
- Works with multiple IM networks, multiple accounts per network: AIM®/iChat, MSN®, Yahoo!®, GoogleTalk®, Facebook IM, Jabber, and MySpace IM.
- Send and receive files, including pictures and voice notes. View and forward received documents.
- Share links, including send location support.
- Desktop-like instant messaging with all of your IM buddies from a single intuitive user interface.

Chatting Features:
- Real-time chats: quick switch between multiple simultaneous chats.
- Group chats: chat with multiple buddies on AIM, Yahoo, GTalk, or MSN.
- Full Unicode support, chat in any language supported by your iPhone.
- Landscape option, type with a larger keyboard.
- Chat history: Email chat logs to save chat history.
- Hyperlink support, automatically parses links for web pages, YouTube videos, email addresses, and phone numbers.
- Emoticons support.
- SMS out, chat with your SMS buddies through AIM or Yahoo SMS out. SMS out is fully integrated with your iPhone/iPod Touch address book.

Account & Buddy Features:
- Manage your buddy-list, including add/remove, nicknames, groups, block, approve/deny requests.
- Merge multiple IM buddies for the same contact under a single buddy list entry with meta contacts.
- Sort/group/search your buddy list.
- Control your own availability, set auto-away and custom status messages, be invisible, change privacy controls.
- Configurable alerts, customizable sound, vibrate settings.
- Buddy icon support, view your friends' icons, set your own.

Customer Reviews

  • Freezes at notification

    by pandapaulie

    Good app, but problematic in execution. Notifications cause app to freeze (completely unresponsive). App must be killed and restarted. Submitted bug ticket, app still hasn't been updated. By the looks of it, others are having this problem as well. Developers are dragging their feet. Not sure how much longer I can evangelize this app if the problems go unfixed.

  • After upgrade app doesn't work

    by Bfg2014

    Keyboard disappears and app freezes all the time

  • Buggy, but still my app of choice for gchat

    by strphanie.d

    I use Beejive solely for Google/gchat and have been for a few years. I especially appreciate the ability to upload photos, which you can't easily do through the Gmail chat interface. I've often wished that it was more elegant and reliable (I don't always get push notifications in a timely fashion, and there have always been occasional crashes mid-chat... both really annoying) but it still works better than any other apps that I've tried, and I like being able to customize colors and background image. The new icon and IOS 7 look is snazzy too. However, after the update I've noticed the problem that others have mentioned—if you click on a new message from your notification screen and go to the app, you just get a black screen and you must swipe to close the app and restart in order to read the message and reply. (I was hoping that the new Google Hangouts app might be a winner so I can quit Beejive, but nope, they don't even have a chat list to see who is online. Whaaa?)

  • Love the new look BUT it's locking up

    by mikelyles

    I really like the new look. Matches the new ios7 looks. However if you have a chat going on an you leave it in the background and get a message then the screen will not allow you to type. You can click on the field to enter text but it just sits there. Only way to fix it is to kill the app and restart. Frustrating. Please fix

  • Love the new look

    by Freelancechick

    But it freezes up a lot. Can you please fix?

  • This version is fantastic!

    by MovieNightsNY

    The new version is fantastic, extremely stable, cleaned up UI! Great job! The App freezes sometimes when you’re in a conversation window. The only way to fix it it is to fully exist the app by double pressing the home button.

  • Crashy McCrasherson

    by LekkeM

    Practically all the crash logs on my device are from Beejive. Good interface but the crashes are plain silly.

  • Crashy McCrasherson

    by LekkeM

    Practically all the crash logs on my device are from Beejive. Good interface but the crashes are plain silly.

  • Used to be good

    by will6424

    The previous versions were actually awesome, but since the last two updates, garbage. Just garbage. The last version froze if you went back to the home screen and immediately went back into the app, and the current version just freezes constantly and doesn't seem to receive any google talk message.

  • Crash closed IMS

    by xdrdragonx

    Try to closed the IMS but it keep crash beejive

  • Doesn't work currently

    by Elan X

    Freezes when activating from a notification Repeatedly gives me an error and logs me out of one of my accounts Unusable version

  • Works but...

    by methou

    At least please as VoIP

  • Used to be great

    by trancid

    This used to be a solid app. Recent updates have made it unusable. Constantly freezes when trying to delete chats, typing a response, and other instances too. I'm searching for a replacement.

  • This app went from top shelf to trash

    by rzola82

    I've been using this app since the iPhone 3. I had originally given it a 5-star review. But this app has become HORRIBLY UNSTABLE in its most recent versions. Freezing constantly, black screens, constantly having to restart the app. How did such a great app turn into a pile of crap? Please fix this!!

  • Do not buy this.

    by Bruce Bull

    They updated the look of it, updated accounts, etc, etc. The app does not work. It freezes constantly. It crashes constantly. Overall it is an absolute waste of an app. I have had the app since it was first introduced for the iPhone (had it on my Blackberry forever) and yet they cannot get it right. Listen to the others, do not waste your money.

  • Crashes all the time

    by MnJokah

    They tried to get fancy with io7 and used way too many features. Now the app crashes all the time and is completely unusable!!! #broken

  • Frequent crashes and freezing

    by Msmmmmm

    Freq crashes and freezing

  • Crashing upon notification

    by Y2Kevbug11

    If you navigate to the app from a push notification, it will crash. Not a strong showing from this very long awaited update.

  • iOS 7 update broke notifications

    by tinguy101

    The iOS 7 update introduced a bug that should've been a show-stopper and rolled back immediately. I can't believe that the bug has not been fixed yet. Whenever a notification comes in and I tap on it, the app opens and just freezes. I saw other users also have the same issue so it is not just my device.

  • Gtalk constantly freezing

    by MStyleFTW

    Nice visual style on this update. However Gtalk often freezes requiring a restart. Not acceptable. UPDATE: *Still* freezing after latest update. Unusable. Went from 5 to 1 stars. Please fix!

  • Unstable/freezes

    by Anonymous113623

    Constantly freezes upon retrieval of a push notification. App has to be killed and restarted. Absolutely unusable for this reason. Developers, I will update my review once you FIX THIS!!!

  • $15 app with no updates

    by Jonmerc3

    Constantly logs me out of aim and gchat. Constant crashes where it doesn't open and push notifications don't even work. At least it worked ok on ios6. Im+ is the way to go until this gets updated. I've been using beejive since the blackberry thought it was worth the overpriced $15. Wished my $15 went to pay for better developers

  • Save your time & move along!

    by Customer00001

    Thanks for nothing! I have to hard reset this app everyday since the update. Can't click links, the whole app freezes, the keyboard will disappear and not be usable.

  • Last update ruined it

    by J872728

    Crashes after every other message since last update for iOS 7. It has become unusable and I will use another app until the bugs are fixed.

  • Looks great, doesn't work anymore

    by Lia Economos

    Constantly freezes when I'm chatting in gchat, I have to restart the app like 10 times in a conversation. This used to be my favorite app, get your stuff together beejive!!

  • What a mess

    by iPhonist88

    Great the app is updated for iOS 7, but wait it is unstable and crashes! And freezes!

  • Unstable

    by taley

    I like the new look, but the app is very unstable with frequent freezing that only a force quit can resolve or many times the app will outright crash on its own.

  • Freezes all the time

    by SlappyPappy

    This used to be my favorite IM app, but with iOS 7 beejive doesn't function at all. It's constantly freezing when I'm trying to use it.

  • Crashes now

    by sjam613

    When it works it works well. Unfortunately since the last update it freezes a lot and I have to restart the app when I am trying to reply to someone.

  • update killed it

    by D Mann

    first update in like 16 months and it is terribly unstable. switched to im+ because this is unusable.

  • Frequent freezes make the app completely unusable...

    by Dari

    I've been using your products since JiveTalk on the original iPhone. I bought BeeJive right away when a native app was released for the App Store and was able to use it until a year ago, when you issued an iPhone 5 update and then stopped for an entire year with a highly unstable app on the store. This version is no different. Are you guys even trying anymore? Do you even test your own software before deploying new updates? Surely you'd have noticed that it freezes every single time it launches from a notification, if you did. Or that compiling chat history for e-mail mostly STILL doesn't work. You guys used to be my favorite iOS app... that hasn't been the case for a long time, since the update cycle went from weeks to years. I really want to return to this app since it still does a lot of things better than any other. Start caring again and fix it!

  • No more dev support?

    by Tzuten

    I've used this app for years. Used to be my go to app for all messaging. There have been minimal updates from the developers over the past 2 years. The latest update introduced a huge bug that almost everyone is impacted by. When going to the app via a push notification all input is frozen forcing you to restart the app. It's been reported several times with no fix.

  • Broken

    by Trilock

    Keeps locking up. Really frustrating experience. They updated for iOS 7 only, and added other bugs, improved/fixed nothing (I can notice). Hopefully more updates will come, but they have been so rare I doubt it. Having said that, I can't find a decent replacement either, so I really hope I can change this bad review soon.

  • Freezes all the time

    by AronT

    Every time I get a notification and open the app it freezes. I have to forcefully kill the app and then re-launch it in order to see or respond to an IM. It's a bad sign that this app hasn't been updated in nearly a month and there are this many poor reviews. They should really get their act together and fix some of these problems.

  • App freezes after update

    by entice_me

    App keeps freezing after update. I am not able to type a reply without it freezing. Plz fix it!!!

  • No new features, and less functional

    by generaldlc

    The app freezes every time it's opened from the multitasking window or notification center and has to be completely closed out and restarted.

  • Bugggy bug bug

    by chronomega

    Crashes, chat screen often inaccessible when trying to bring up the keyboard, push seems to be having issues now :/

  • Used to be good..

    by Shinkouchou

    This app WAS amazing when I bought it, but the last aesthetic update broke it. It freezes when you open from a notification, but I've stopped getting push notifications all together now, so it's almost useless. It's also been quite a while since the update that broke things and they still have yet to be addressed. If these issues are addressed then it would be great, but right now I'm angry I wasted money on it.

  • notifications not working!!!

    by ErickssonX95

    I can't receive notification. Only when am on the app. Fix it please.. I really like this app... Better than all of the others...!!

  • Needs Update

    by bellaphilly09

    This app is unreliable. It is constantly crashing. It just started to stop working with push notifications. I've tripled checked all my settings. I've deleted and reloaded the app. I've restarted my phone and absolutely nothing is working to notify me of a new message!

  • Awful

    by ruptured

    My push notifications have not worked AT ALL for about a day now. I could live with the other bugs, the chat windows freezing, the fact that the option to email my chat logs is now broken but your app is pretty much useless at this point if I can't even tell when I'm getting new messages. I prefer this app to any others that I've used so it's really unfortunate that you don't seem to listen to your user's complaints and I'm probably going to finally give in and find another app to use.

  • Almost useless

    by Christina Cappa

    Recently beejive has started freezing every time I leave the app. If I lock my phone or go into another app, when I re-enter beejive it will be frozen and I have to close/restart if I want to use it. Pretty frustrating stuff.

  • Broken with new update.

    by 1Sweet66

    Since the new update, BeeJive will launch but you can't click on anything, you can't type, you can't rec. messages, you can't do anything. Very disappointing. If they fix it, I will change my rating... Hope they fix it soon, so I don't have to go with another provider.

  • Horrible update

    by iamfs

    Not what you would expect from an update. Since I bought this app 3 years ago and it has been going worse with each update. This latest one only updated the look and feel but left the issues intact. The app still crashes randomly, sends notifications late and even the change in look is very lazy as lots of the elements are still the same. Not recommended...

  • not so great

    by Discover Me

    there are constant issues be it crashing or otherwise. only thing you know you are getting for sure, are problems

  • Very buggy, constantly drops connections

    by WinterCeili

    The new iOS 7 version is slow, and hangs and crashes constantly. It's much worse than previous versions.

  • Worthless after iOS 7 Update!

    by myles7701

    I've been a user of this app for years and up until now have absolutely loved it. Since the update for iOS 7, the screen goes black, the app crashes, and I have had NO LUCK contacting supper about it. I spent a good chunk of money on this when it first came out, but I've had to switch clients after the update. PLEASE FIX IT!!!

  • DO NOT UPGRADE to this version!

    by fastasleep

    …until they fix myriad problems that came with this refreshed UI. The black screen issue is still not fixed, however now it’s not the most annoying thing. Chats just completely freeze. Deleting conversations or changing preferences more often cause the app to quit than anything. Basically, it’s broken.

  • old version was much better.

    by Anderrrsonn

    the new version has so many issues. I was still getting notifications when I was logged out. it also keeps freezing.

  • Crashes

    by mouliu

    The app keeps crashing or freezing. Please fix.

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