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Do two lovers match? AstroLove shows your "alchemical chemistry" with the one you hope to be the one and only. Check out your astrological compatibility. Both your star signs will tell something about your chances and changes in your lives, as they are defining the basic elements of your personality and the forces working for or against you.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!

    by Tnm692

    I can not believe how accurate this was. Out of the whole reading there was I sentenced that was off a little but,holy cow. This is amazing to me how just by our signs you get all this info. 5 stars. I would recommend. Thanks for this great app.

  • Not Bad

    by Dubird8

    I like the scroller, makes it very easy to compare quickly. Seems accurate overall but a Male/Female aspect could improve the app without too much chaos. Colors and sign symbols are ok. A little cartoonish. It's closer to what I've been looking for a one stop synastry app but is still too simplified.

  • I kinda like it

    by Sgt. Rms

    It's fun...

  • by Jaelynn3

    100% accurate. #So true.

  • by Sad Katie...

    Love it

  • It's WORKING!!!!!!

    by reddog26

    Thank you SO MUCH for fixing the bug on my FAVORITE APP!!!! I've missed showing my family & friends the BEST compatibility device known to mankind!! LOL!! My app is working again, I just got off it & going back to it now... Yes I'm addicted!! 

  • Tops

    by M:M!

    Really good!!!

  • Good basic information.

    by jtboyd

    If you dont know anything about astrology, this is a pretty cool app. Fairly generic but it does at least give you the birthdates for all the signs so its a good reference. Oh yeah, and its free. Highly recommended.

  • Stuy

    by stuy24

    I find this thing extremly funny. When u see how many if your friends are bad for eachother

  • :D

    by I'm ashbo.

    I thought everything matched up pretty well, including my sign. Someone said they are too harsh on Virgo's but I don't really think so. Everyone has good and bad qualities. No one is perfect.

  • Awesome

    by Smakledorf

    This is so cool and it really works for me.

  • Enjoyable

    by Sweetlilariesgurl

    I thought it was good for a free app. I found it entertaining and interesting. I read alot of books on zodiac signs and astrology and found it be be true what this appicaltion says. So I would say it's fun and worth trying just to get a glimps of two signs.

  • Great

    by star877

    I found it great ! & entertaining

  • Scorpio hater

    by hong88

    This person must have gotten their heart broken or someone must have stole their lover that's a scorpio!! I haven't seen a single positive thing said... " people tend to think they are best in sex but that's so not true.." or "they are recognized as leaders but they're really not" lmao oh well

  • The app won't load!

    by ogwnin

    It knocks me off the app before it even starts and I've downloaded it three times already! Before I got the 3GS it worked just fine, now it doesn't!

  • Didn

    by mandystardust

    It was too simplistic. I like the other astrolove better.

  • Whatever...

    by Pisces proud

    The creator must have been badly burnt by a Pisces. Just saying...only negative and bias things to say about us fishies.

  • Negative

    by Phoenix_Phire

    This app is ok I guess, but it's pretty basic with nothing to really catch the eye. First complaint is the negative nature of all the matches...some have truth but others are just straight up negative. Secondly, the numbers that appear behind the match summary are confusing because they're completely unrelated to the quality of a match...both a "good" and "bad" match can show a 10. What's up with that? Could be improved.

  • How the app seems to work

    by Monkeybags

    The app seems to be made by whoever made this app's opinion on the zodiac signs and there relationships together, if u did research on the zodiac signs you should reseach specificly on relationships and not other characteristics. *Note to creator of this app* Research the zodiac relationships better (especially virgo) if u ever do come out with a update for this app.

  • Virgos!

    by wheeeeeeee :]

    Yeah, super negative about virgos, and it wasn't even true. Inaccurate with the matches as well.

  • Negative

    by A Virgo

    It was negative toward Virgos. It should give both good and bad qualities on each sign.

  • BAD

    by Esilva22

    Same as all other horoscopes when it comes down to the traits BUT matching dead WRONG im a capricorn and he is a libra we have been together 6 yrs since I was 16 and he was 17. I could not ask for a more loving and balanced relationship with all our differences make it just work perfect. ACTING THE SAME IS BORING!!!!!! Girl n fellas look to ur relationship not these BS readings.

  • useless.

    by Kika-chu

    It has the usual matchings and sign descriptions. Its the same generic crap you see on every astrology site. I tried it hoping it would go in depth or deviate from the same ole, but nooo! it's not worth paying for. Oh and it told me Cancer and Aquarius are not a good match. lies!! Me and my booski have an awesome relationship.

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