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Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Avatar Reality, inc.

iOS7 support.

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*Create and customize your own stunning 3D avatar.
*Chat with other Blue Mars users, leave comments or vote to determine who's Top Rated
*Join chat rooms to chat with multiple users.
*Shop thousands of fashions, accessories and other items created by other users to outfit your avatar.

*Use the Augmented Reality (AR) feature to take photos and videos of your avatar in real world settings!
*Share with Facebook and Instagram
*Search for best selling items by price.

*Please Note* Avatar creation and use of all of Blue Mars Mobile's social features are available for free. However, most additional items for your avatar require you to purchase BLU through in-app purchase.

About Blue Mars:
Blue Mars is a 3D virtual world and social platform the gives developers free tools to create, share and explore visually stunning, interactive content. Explore, shop, connect and play games with a growing community of users from all over the world!

To become a developer or download the PC version, go to

Customer Reviews

  • I don't get it...

    by Lovelylilpotata

    How do I go to chatrooms?

  • Awesome

    by Swagmaster5555

    Cool app

  • Upgrade is great!!

    by RodeoDrive1116

    The high heeled shoes are looking sexy!!

  • G ch

    by Hxycycu


  • Ehhh


    When it says go to my account to upload profile pic and tap on email setup it is not there. Tell me how I'm Dah_Watcher.

  • Totally addicting

    by Office games lover

    I hop on BMM a few times every day. Most of the ppl there are very nice. FUN app. It's mainly a social, fashion app. :). It's fun to see what ppl come up with for their avatars

  • Alice.?

    by Kaito chan

    Why do we always have to meet Alice at first?

  • Stephany

    by shelby bill

    Fun fashion, makeup and chat app. Needs updates from time to correct lockup and bounce out problems. Still overall a wonderful app.

  • Make this idea and fix

    by A guy in need for help

    Good game but I always play it just seconds and then you put me out please fix this and make you can kiss in mouth male with female and female with male if you made this I shall rate 5 stars and I'm the first comment EDIT: thank you for reading

  • Okay.

    by keennz

    but why are my avatars entire body glitched? like shes not a solid figure. help?

  • Awesome!!!!!

    by beachgoddessqueen

    Definitely love this App 100%. Its my favorite app.

  • A little buggy but....

    by bull3twitch

    I've experienced quite a few quirks with this.. The UI is a nice, fairly straight forward minimalistic design but, since the install, I've experienced enough timeouts and dropped connections, it's really drawn a considerable amount of enjoyment that could be had with this.. The app itself allows you customize your avatar to your hearts content, from hair to even the color of nail polish.. With that said, the finer customizations are gonna cost you, and it will get expensive really fast.. Be careful..

  • Cool avatars

    by technicat

    It's really cool to see all the user-created avatars, their clothing and accessories. The tweet display is a nice touch.

  • How to use the game

    by Faster2533

    How does it work can anyone please explain

  • Great

    by _Miranda_

    Best one ever love this app I'm _Miranda_ look me up

  • Wow!

    by Nicomedy

    Really fun app! wat do ppl mean by its innappropriatei reccomend it 10202 starz

  • Aww

    by Lyssie124

    Aww I'm sad now.. It won't let me go into it anymore! Idk what to do...  That was the Best game I had on my iPod too 

  • U get the hang of it

    by Shawanda Pie

    After awhile u get the hang of it and its really fun :) i would get it if you have alot of free time,3d is hard to get on ipod but the quality could be better but its nice.

  • I loveD it :(

    by Gurl that hates rip offs

    I am 15. I am more mature than you think I loved this app but then I couldn't update it.

  • GREAT

    by Awesomeness

    I love this game I got rated #1 out of millions of people I'm #2 now going #1 I love it!!!!!!!

  • Pointless

    by Rwd1256

    Goes nowhere. Does nothing

  • When I read the reviews.

    by Irlahx

    When I read the reviews and it was free I just had to try it. Worth every penny I payed for it zero. One star for goodness. Some might say this app is so bad it's good. If you are into that kind of thing.

  • Wow

    by Torihorse

    This game is useless

  • Not worth your time..

    by Emilyyy86

    Like another review said... "It's like a doll you buy clothes for". That sums it up. Oh, and someone told me they loved me! 0.o

  • Idk?

    by Bbp821

    I don't get it.... Do you get to go out anywhere? If not update it?

  • Bad game

    by GaritoGuy

    It so bad because so one said I love u

  • This app is disappointing.

    by Tor9519

    I gave it one star, because I can't get any lower. This app is horrendous. It closes me out of it, it is so slow, and the graphics aren't exactly optimal. What I also found upsetting was that there was no clear guide on how to navigate the app. On top of that, they give you no BLU bucks in the beginning, so you have very little to work with. They don't even give you eyes. You have to pay for those. Honestly, you couldn't ever pay me enough to get this app. It is just terrible. I highly discourage anyone else from experiencing the horror that is this app.

  • Bad Don't Download This Crap !

    by Bri bri 10

    This Game Is Only Fun If Your Willing To Pay ! There's No Way You Can Earn Free Stuff (Like Money) And The Site Is A Glitchy Mess ! All You Can Do Is Dress Up And Then Chat To People . . . It's A Rip Off

  • POS

    by David Weaver

    Always crashing. I'll stick to Second Life on my PC

  • N jfkhgfiutvriutry

    by T's mom2

    When I got this game it wouldn't load but I haven't played this game.

  • Why

    by Bvdn

    There are a lot of crashes involving the people and the clothes


    by 

    I wish i could give it zero stars

  • LAME!

    by El biscuitino

    DO NOT GET FOR ARTISTIC PURPOSES!! It does not even give you the option to create more than one.

  • Awful

    by Piperatalanta

    It is a waste of time and totally dumb. Maybe prepubescent boys like this.

  • Disgusting

    by Bob Someone

    It was so inappropriate!!! Who would want to get something like that? 0 stars!!!!! Seriously, sickos!!!


    by 101Megan

    Wish I could give this 0 stars and it has no point I deleted it right after i got it

  • Creating an account

    by Scamp girl

    How do I create an account :(

  • Eh...

    by Maggiedav

    I'm new to this virtual world playing and I have no idea what I'm doing. Good thing this was free because I get kicked out every 5 minutes and have to log on again. I wouldn't pay for it.

  • Crashes

    by Lilflyer cheerleader

    Crashes whenever I open it!!!!! :(

  • Ok 2 issues


    No retina support, 2... Things need to be way cheaper 2 buy, I mean playstation home is way Better, but you can get more with just 99 cents.

  • Deleted

    by Music_makes_earth_spin

    Ew. Don't buy it!

  • No point.

    by beachcombergirl

    I honestly do not understand the point of this. I thought it might be kinda like Sims, but it is not. You make a person...and that's it as far as I can tell. I really do not understand. Deleted it.

  • Good so far

    by T_heart

    I downloaded this and prepared myself for the worst... But it really was cool! I know it's hard to put a 3d world app on an iTouch but it's pretty neat! There of course are some changes that could be made but I had no problem making an account and dressing my avatar. Good job!!

  • What's the point...

    by Baronial Ascendency

    What's the point of a virtual world if you can't see other people, explore places, or even move? This app is basically a 3D doll that you can buy clothes for.

  • Horrible don't waste ur time

    by Sophie05889

    It doesn't even download

  • Help Meeee!!

    by Banana8735

    How do I create an account? I click -create account- then I pick a username and password, then when I go to a different page, it says -login using either username or email- so I use my username but it says incorrect!! UGH

  • Great time waster

    by Thej95

    I already had this on my CPU but I'm glad it's on mobile. Also will you please consider making a Suzette app?

  • Help

    by BambamBD

    When I TRIED to download this app It told me to download it on the coputer so I TRIED and it did NOT work please help because this app looks fun ):

  • Umm....

    by WhoCaresAboutThisApp

    Why cnt yu move? #help

  • Looking good

    by Gl2nn

    Wow I was impressed when I saw Blue Mars running in 3D in my iPhone. For those who don't know what a challenge that is, well you just don't understand. Keep up the great work guys. Looking forward to seeing you all in the palm of my hand! -glenn

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