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AT&T Check-In is a free app that lets you check in to your current location on a map and text it to anyone in your contacts. The text message will contain your location, shown on a map, along with your choice of a preset message. Easily select from popular messages such as “Just checking in,” “Pick me up,” “Call me back,” “Running late” and more.

Great for families on the go! Install on your kid’s iPhone too, so they can easily let you know where they are. With AT&T Check-In, your entire family is just a few taps away from knowing each other’s location.

*Availability, timeliness or accuracy of location is not guaranteed. Coverage not available in all areas. The collection, use, and disclosure of any personal information through this application is governed by AT&T's Privacy Policy found at: View the AT&T Check-In FAQs here: View the AT&T Check-In End User License Agreement here:

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • Incredible

    by Rifoisabeast

    I felt really bad that everyone said it sucked so here's a five star review for the people of AT&T. Enjoy!

  • Check in

    by Chefkarver

    To track other phones, you need to download family map. This app is just for your children to check in to tell you where they are. The Att family map locates your children! Very accurate, I might add!

  • Read the Description!

    by MC Mateo

    Certain reviewers are complaining that this app doesn't allow them to find other people. Why they're complaining is hard to understand, since that's not what this app does. It lets other people know where _you_ are, even if they have no tracking software installed. It sends them your GPS coordinates in an easily-usable form. It would be better if you could export to e-mail or social media, but it's a solid idea. Really, folks. RTFM.

  • Good App for its intent.

    by Kjh502

    I was led to this app by way of AT&T FamilyMap. This app does not track another phone. It easily identifies your own location so another person can locate you by a text you send. This would come in handy in a strange city when you are lost. I wish I'd had this several years ago when I was lost in Beijing.

  • :-) great app

    by Safiya91

    I think it's great in case your car messes up and you need to show someone ur exact location and I did that and they found me on the freeway

  • Lol

    by lainey.1996

    From a teenager's point of view: so glad this stupid tracking app doesn't work

  • Doesn't work

    by LilBigAl

    Not a good app and not worth the money. It works about 10% of the time and even then the location is off between 65 to 120 yards.

  • Doesn't work

    by Frustrated beyond belief

    It worked the first time I tried it but hasn't worked since. I keep getting messages that my phone must be turned off. Can't find a way to re-register or log out and back in to try again. Come on guys let's get this working. I'm paying for this service each month and not getting anything in return.

  • Caprice258

    by $$$ and cents

    Was better before, now u have to register everytime. Makes no sense. Plz fix so that wont be needed. :(

  • Check-in

    by A very unimpressed customer

    I am with the rest of these reviews, this app is not whats claimed

  • Pitiful!

    by 1toppro

    Please bring back the app. The new web based version is AWFUL!

  • This app is Crap!!

    by Sdddrty

    I've been with AT&T for a VERY long time, family map worked fine until this app came about! I had no problem locating my kids ( which are teenage boys ) and It was a big relief to be able to know their whereabouts, Not only do I have to keep registering for the app, I have to keep reinstalling it! This is enough to drive a person insane!!! SO SAD. FIX THIS PLEASE!!!!!'

  • Drains battery

    by RunninRebecca

    As others have said it drains your battery because the location service stays on. I am not sure why you need this with iPhone 5. I liked the original family map app. The app isn't terrible. It's nice to be able to send your location to someone but it's not worth the drained battery which you'd need in an emergency.

  • I hate hate hate it.

    by Imcool.xoxo.

    This app is really dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • Family Map

    by Won't take a nick name

    What happened ?? I'm canceling --this is not what I signed up for. Want my money back

  • as part of family map using iPhone5

    by Esta sí?

    This feature/app as part of family map using iPhone5 needs a lot of work

  • Absolutely drains your battery

    by Chawee242

    This is only used for emergencies, so why does the location service always have to be on, draining my battery and wasting my data? In my sleep my phone lost a quarter of its charge and I had a dead battery within a few hours of normal use, which never happens.

  • Porque

    by Shoelaceless

    Not cool

  • by Crystal Love

    I need to locate my son not myself


    by Mapesa

    AT&T had to be so stupid!!! Why the heck would you replace a good app with a app that totally defeats the family map service!!!im cancelling my family map since it no longer works on my iPhone!!!!

  • Wilfredo

    by wilfredo gonzalez

    Not god

  • AT&T Family Map app would be..

    by nycgieblers

    much more helpful!!!

  • I can't believe you would even consider this

    by Worst change ever

    Please tell me what your intent is with this app. Did you really think that this would take the place of family map? I know right where I am, I don't need to go online to find myself. I bought this so that I could keep up with my children for their safety. You will lose a lot of customers with this change I can promise you that!!

  • crap ap!

    by frtsdr17

    waste of time

  • Ummm....really??

    by Sessa20sd

    I need to be able to track ANOTHER person!!!

  • Moronic!

    by TJ the Grouch

    It must have taken a real genius to design this app. If I want to know where I am, I look down at my toes or around me. I needed this to find SOMEBODY ELSE! Maybe AT&T should have included a mirror, in case self-identification became a must.

  • Family map was good.

    by jetanner70

    Why did att take away family map. This was great for keeping tabs on my kids. This app is horrible.. Bring back family maps

  • World's. stupidest app

    by Kajchristensen

    This app only allows me to track my phone on my phone. I don't want to track me. If I need that I should be in a mental institution. I need to track my teenage son with a different phone number on my phone. Duh. There is no way to do this!!!!'

  • What is up?

    by Sasafrench

    What is up with this app? I thought it was suppose to let people locate others not just send people texts where u are that's lame. What happened to the actual AT&T Family Map? That was actually useful...bring it back!

  • I hate this app

    by Madison Marie Rorex


  • AT&T FamilyMap

    by HyunLamond

    I can't locate my teen. Who made this stupid app?

  • Why am I paying $10

    by Sitting bull123325

    I' am paying for a service I can't even use you call and tell us we need to get the new app well where is it I think you just want to get the money without providing a service

  • Horrible

    by dixiedew

    It wants to leave location services on every minute of every day. Surprise! That's not possible. The battery is dead within 3 hours. This needs to be changed back.

  • Ridiculous!!!!

    by MarielleGK

    It doesn't locate anyone!!! It's a glorified text messenging system that shows the recipient where THEY are! Useless for tracking children or finding list phones. USELESS!

  • Who calls this an App

    by MachoMohan

    This is not even anything related to familymap and it is lame. Minus 5 stars really

  • Who did AT&T hire to do this app, a sea cucumber?

    by COLOMama2

    0 stars if I could!! Awful!!! What is the point of this app?? To locate myself?? I pay for the service to locate my kids whereabouts & with this supposed new and improved app, I cannot find my kids!!! AT&T, could you try to get SOMETHING right? You are losing us as customers!!

  • Terrible

    by Sad-1

    Absolutely not good! Installed app today with representative on the line and wrote review right away.

  • Horrible!!!

    by AngelAngelAngel

    This does not work at all! I have not been able to use Family map since installing this. I hope AT & T fixes this soon!!!

  • Dad

    by Dad dooo

    Bring back the old Family Map app. It worked fine. Best then to cancel

  • Worst app ever!

    by Mjmcdond

    Please bring back the old family map! I don't want to cancel, but this is not worth paying 2 cents for . I plan to cancel if its not fixed soon . Rating is really 0 stars!

  • What a waste

    by Tebzamon

    Why on earth did they replace family Maps? Right now I'm trying to locate my son and I can't , I'm so canceling the subscription ,I'm so mad right now .I RATE IT 0

  • Awful :(

    by Depgirl247

    FamilyMap used to work great, prior to this new addition of "check-in". I even located my son's phone on a set of football fields after being lost for 2 days. Now, this app is inaccurate and doesn't send any scheduled notifications. Very big DISAPPOINTMENT !!!

  • What is really behind this app

    by Missing the ability

    I have used the Familymaps since its conception, I know all the in & outs. This "companion" app is NOT WORKING with Familymaps. Unfortunately I am spending a monthly fee on Familymaps for nothing in return. Everyone needs to demand their $ back for the month so AT&T will get the message. I think this companion check in is more about permissions and legal issues for AT&T not the customer. Again this app is worthless for any help with family map. Always comes down to $ and that is what AT&T is taking from us that keep thinking they r going to fix or give us the same abilities as before. DON'T WASTE YOUR $ or TIME !!


    by 1368

    There's no map besides showing where you yourself are... I know where I am! I am right here! I have 2 other members in MyFamilyMap and I can't see them? What a waste. Pretty sure you can Cancel familymap within 30 days w/out charges.

  • Dumb !!!!

    by Mrs d g

    What's the point if you need to locate ur child !!!! This in NO way replaces the Family Map app... And I can access my family map via the PC or iPad... This is crazy....

  • Horrible app

    by Momtoeanda

    Bring back the original...this does no good to locate anyone...sorry I wasted the time downloading it

  • Very BIG disappointment!! Don't do it!!

    by Frog5491

    If this is a possible "replacement" from the former AT&T FamilyMap I seriously would CANCEL this service. This new app is terrible. I see it as listed as a "companion" to the original app however you can't even find the original GOOD one listed anymore in the apple App Store. Someone miss the mark on this app. Don't waste your $ if this is the new app and improved service??? AT&T PLEASE FIX THIS APP OR RETURN OUR OLD ONE!! ;)

  • AT&T Family Map Improvements

    by robinruiz

    I am dissatisfied with AT&T claim this app will fix or solve all the issues since the I -4 phone. My gosh - cant they figure the code out? I use to go straight to app - Click -click - click or tap tap tap in and locating 1 Or all 5 other family members- this use to give me peace - now - an AT&T member had me totally delete that app from my phone and go through my web browser. This means typing in - AT&T family map in google, resizing screen then password , then resizing screen, each time - now you offer this stupid map which isn't a family map- it's a check in- crazy crazy crazy

  • Terrible service

    by Niegel01

    Unfortunately I am stuck with the agreement. Map doesn't help to locate my son's phone. When you call for help you have to stay on line for ever. Finally when you get some one, they are giving another number to call. Technical person doesn't have a clue about how family map works. Why do I have to locate my phone through my phone. Doesn't make any sense.

  • App is terrible

    by pappy70

    Downloaded this app and the location arrow stays on all the time and is a terrible battery drain. I can still locate with family map- will stay with that until they fix this app

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