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The AT&T Call International™ App allows you to make inexpensive international long distance calls from the U.S. with your iPhone®, using your existing wireless service. There’s no monthly recurring charge, prepaid balance or commitment term required.
AT&T’s Lowest International Calling Rates
•Enjoy our lowest international calling rates to more than 220 countries.¹
•Rates are just 2¢ per minute to Canada and as low as 4¢ per minute to wirelines in countries like China, France, Germany and the U.K.
•See all our great rates at

AT&T Call International App Features
•No monthly recurring charges, hidden call fees or packages of minutes to purchase.
•No special codes or PINs needed to place a call. Dial family and friends directly from your iPhone’s contact list.
•Convenient billing directly to your credit card.
•Online account management includes prior statements and near real-time call billing.
•When traveling internationally, calls can be placed over Wi-Fi in select countries.²

 Using the AT&T Call International App
•Download the app and follow the simple instructions to set up your AT&T Call International account.
•You’re now ready to start making calls! Simply open the app and dial the international number using the AT&T Call International dial pad. Press “Call”.
•Or, open the app and select “Contacts” to choose a number from your address book.
•The app will route your call over the wireless network to the AT&T Call International gateway, using a routing number that will appear on your screen. The gateway will complete the call to your dialed number.
•International long distance charges will be billed to the credit card associated with your AT&T Call International account.
•For additional information and details, including the AT&T Call International App End User License Agreement, visit

Download the AT&T Call International App now and start saving TODAY!

¹Regular airtime rates apply when calling from the U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I. A small amount of domestic data usage also applies when connecting a call. Calls to wireless numbers and numbers for special services such as Premium Rated Services may cost more than calls to wireline numbers. For a complete list of rates, view the Calling Rate Information under the “My Account” section of the App or visit
²If you are placing a call from abroad, you must be connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot in an available country. For a list of available countries, see

Customer Reviews

  • App stopped working

    by User1090

    Worked fine in June...stopped loading in Sept...was running iOS 5.01...upgraded to iOS fine now. Please upgrade system requirement info....update In the not connecting. Opens only

  • Works for me

    by Zxsomenumner

    Although UI is not good enough, but the service does work.

  • Works Great and Inexpensive

    by DiscoveredGifts_com

    Signed up online, downloaded app and made an effortless call to Canada at a fraction of normal AT&T rates (2 cents vs. 39 cents!).

  • worked for me, saved me a lot of money

    by lbotez

    I was away on a trip in Spain and a family emergency happened and I was on the phone a lot calling home. This saved me a fortune in long-distance calls. It's as good as the wifi you are dialing from, so keep that in mind. Will always give it a try first before paying for a call from Europe to the US. Calling from the US to the UK… works but the connection wasn't so good on the other end. You get what you pay for...

  • AT&T Call International

    by Rich4160

    This is a terrific app. Just made a call to France (6 minutes for 24 cents) and excellent voice quality.

  • Did the job

    by HigherPlaneSW

    Worked well for me - 5 or 10 minutes to set up and not difficult to use. Voice quality was not great, but manageable. Was worried after seeing some of the other reviews but needed to do a call to China so gave it a try, and it worked fine and was *much* cheaper than the regular rate.

  • Works well for me

    by smile_baby

    This does the job for occasional international calling without buying a monthly plan. I noticed it didn't "like" my original AT&T mobile account and I had to set up a new one for this app but once that was done, it worked as advertised.

  • Perfect

    by sandratalavera

    I absolutely love this app! Finally an app that actually works the way it says it does, and its free. I couldn't make international calls from my phone directly and with this app I was able to get through with this app. I love it

  • Works Perfectly

    by JBV629

    I was hesitant to download this app after reading all of the negative reviews, but it's free and I'd already gone through the hassle of signing up (by the way, why can't they just add the charges from this service to your AT&T bill instead of charging it to a credit card?) so I decided to give it a try. I'm staying in a hotel in Scotland and I called my sister on her land line in New York City. The quality of the call was exceptional -better than a normal cell call. We talked for a half hour without any drop outs, garbled sounds, or latency. The best part is the cost: $1.20 vs. the $45.00 it would cost me to roam on Orange's network as foreign tourist. Obviously the quality of the WiFi network and the ISP are key, but if you have a good high speed connection, this app should work fine.

  • Can do

    by Aileen yy

    Wanted to rank one star at first, but somehow got successfully connected to China. And the $0.04 rate is acceptable, so give three to encourage AT&T genius to try to work on this. However, I had to mention the voice quality is really really bad!!!! Google voice provides much better service while charges less than half of THIS.

  • Haven't gotten a bill yet but the rates seem fair

    by sio99

    Had to call the UK and began trying an app that used Google voice. That was a nightmare. First they make you put money into an account and then they had trouble with my card so after registering two different places I gave up on that. The UK rate to a landline was maybe four cents a minute. Nothing substantial so this worked out easy. I don't call international ever so for the once in five years time I needed this kind of service this works great. The only reason I didn't give it more stars was the connection was just okay. Not terrible but I did have to repeat myself a few times but since this works on Wi-Fi that might have more to do with my Internet connection then the app itself.

  • More expensive rates than Skype with no added benefits

    by alaskanjackal

    Rates are 2-5x what Skype, Google Voice and dedicated VoIP providers (Flowroute,, etc.) are charging. You’d think that since they own the wires, they could offer a competitive rate. It’s not even nicely integrated into your existing AT&T billing account, so I can’t think of a single reason to pay the premium to use this app when far better competitors exist. It’s going in my trash bin. Oh, and on top of that, I just downloaded it to check it out, and it says it’s blocked from where I am now (Israel). Skype, Google Voice, and my Bria app with several VoIP termination providers has been working perfectly well here. Buh-bye.

  • Don't bother

    by Joe International Traveler

    The previous version worked "ok". This one is disastrous. I'm in Europe and have spent more money calling AT&T support over issues ranging from freezing app, calls not going through, erratic functionality, you name it. It baffles me that the brains at this telecom giant would put this unacceptable product out. Guess they stopped caring.

  • Suddenly useless

    by Annoyed of NJ

    It stopped working completely, just closes after you open the app. What happened?

  • Couldn't make it work

    by X56fgdr90

    The activation SMS never came through after multiple attempts.

  • Completely broken

    by Bob446688

    Just installed the app, and it won't even start before crashing.

  • Won't complete registration

    by Dnheller

    Signed up and requested the text message to complete registration more than 5 times but it never arrives. Back to Skype.

  • Doesn't work- No Stars

    by jeepbikeski

    Downloaded this app to be able to talk to family and friends while on vacation to Mexico. Even though it lists the rates for Mexico, it isn't working. I received an error saying this app isn't available in my location. My Wifi and all the other apps are working as if I were sitting in my home. Thanks for the false advertising ATT.

  • Version 1.8 won't open

    by Charles888

    I was very happy with this app, finding that it worked very well from Europe and from the US. I tried to open it today, and saw a message that to continue using it I'd have to update to the new version. So I did. Now the app crashes and closes 3 seconds after the home screen appears. A great and useful app now won't work at all. I was using it on a 4S with iOS5.1.1.

  • Cannot work on 3Gs.

    by Gabuzi

    Completely this new version is a waste. I was making super calls on the old version.

  • Log-in process too unreliable

    by Dr. Slackbot

    I cannot recommend this app to anyone. Of the five times I've tried to make a phone call with the app, it only rang through to the callee three times. The other two times, the app got stuck in a cycle where it would repeatedly ask to send me a text to activate my account, but would not send the text. A phone app that only works 60% of the time isn't much use as a "phone".

  • Cannot get it to work

    by Skillman46

    Seems like a useful app but I can't even get the app to send me the text message with the activation code. Have tried 5x and have been waiting 5 hours for a txt - still nothing. Will go back to Skype.

  • Garbage

    by Bfhammer

    Sound quality is horrid. I think they run it through a Romanian VoIP or something. Calls do not go through. Billing overcharges you. Pure garbage just like AT&T customer service.


    by Bellapier74

    They are charging for calls that don't connect!!! No live customer service agents to assist you but they do create a trouble ticket when you complain even though it never gets resolved. They are trying to make money any way they can...AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

  • S


    Not satisfied. Poor quality..

  • Lame lame lame

    by chocolate_splive

    The credit card charging concept is good for me - sadly, that's the best thing abt this app other than its potential. The copyright on the site is 2011 - that's a clue that at&t is not interested in keeping up the site... The one call i made was horrible - sounded garbled and fuzzy. Could not understand the other party at all - but still got charged for it. However, when I made the call using my regular AT&T plan, the call was crappy too. Hmmmm....

  • Works on 3 rd try

    by Tostitos 212

    This app is a good concept however you have to dial the number 2 or 3 times before it connects and it charges you for the time whether it connects or not. Once it does connect it drops the call

  • Fail - can't get into the app

    by Dave Zeltser

    when i try to log in it claims i am supposed to receive a text message with authentication instructions. I never receive anything.

  • Scam, Worst Calling App EVER!!!!!

    by iphonecrazy

    DO NOT INSTALL!!! Poor voice quality when it ever connects. Jumps out of the app to full cost dialing when calls disconnect, about 80%-90% if the time. Hitting redial charges full cost unless you reopen the app again! Built to charge for every incomplete connection. AT&T is like a scam artist with this app.

  • Works about 10% of time

    by AmAthleticsUberFan

    Tried to use from the bahamas. It kept asking me to re-enter account information and would not recognize wi-fi connections unless you close the app and reopen it several times. Same was true with calls. Sometimes it took 5 or 6 attempts to get the call to connect. The bugs could be a tactic to get you to sign up for the more expensive international calling option using cell service instead of wi-fi.

  • att international app

    by mat roller

    i downloaded this app because i was going to go to costa rica for 2 wks. well alot of good it did for me. i tried calling from there to the USA several times and it would never connect to the right number. i would always get a random persons number or saying the number does not exist. Bottom line if you dont read my story read this...DO NOT GET THIS APP

  • Your account disabled

    by Lucesociator

    That's the message I get when I try to log in. No link to fix it. ????

  • It's disappointing that ATT is adv. this app

    by iPhonedgrtyg

    The quality of the call is low and it's difficult to reach a person this app needs a lot of improvements and better support. ATT first test the app ...

  • Mr

    by Artem Fedyaev

    Stay away from this app! I have used it for 6 months and am very disappointed! I have to dial the same number 5 times on average before it goes through. And you always get the message: "AT&T cannot complete your call as dialed, please try again!" - the best part of this story is that they charge for every attempt. So u pay them to hear the automated system blame u for not dialing the right number, even though u know its right, and them suddenly after 5 or 6 attempts it suddenly goes through! Can't believe that a corporation like that is doing such activities! F this corporate BS! Skype is not better!!! Look for something better and let me know guys!

  • Useless

    by JoeMike62

    Had trouble downloading then couldn't get past the registration process. Very frustrating.

  • Not worth it

    by Slinger 475

    Never worked. For nine days I never got this app to work. Rings and rings then cuts off. Thank goodness I had FaceTime. Don't waste your time with this.

  • Never worked! Not once!

    by World in my hands

    The app never fully downloaded after multiple tries stateside. Thus, no free wifi calls. Completely useless.

  • Disappointed

    by Jaxcats

    I am so glad I kept my current International plan in place. Every time I try to Use this app from overseas it cuts out on the call receiving end. Not worth the hassle of logging in etc.

  • Bad

    by jusunlee

    Comfi app rates are much better.

  • Very Bad


    The connection is bad. I have Skype Out and it's way better than this AT&T service! I can't recommend it! Get Skype instead!

  • bad quality and app

    by venomx0x

    bad service and expensive, extra charges, 100 times calling it works one time. and they charging me. i got $100 charge on my credit card yet but j think they will charge moreee.

  • I wish this worked!

    by jcr4317

    No customer support (AT&T said to call app, and there's no # on the app listing).

  • Don't download, waste money

    by Frankie leo

    Don't download, waste money. Spend time and money, finally find out doesn't work.

  • Just OK. . . Ish

    by Titanic4141912

    Call went through ok calling from the US, unfortunately, the quality was TERRIBLE. We could barely hear the person on the other end of the line. It got embarrassing after a while figuring out different ways to say "what on earth are you saying 'cuz I can't hear you?!" AT&T should totally revamp this app or just scrap it and start over. I'm using something else if I ever call overseas again. Good thing about it was the rate per minute. Paid $.04 a minute to South Korea. Pretty good rate.

  • This is a SCAM NOT WORTH IT!

    by GhAnDaLpH

    PROBLEMS AT LOG IN...Must be a Huge scam of some one out there.... Well they got me too! Now we are all stuck with this crappy App! Customer service is clue less. NEVER GOT TO USE IT! NOW THEY HAVE ALL MY INFO AND CREDIT CARD!!!

  • Hate this app!!!

    by StacyElizabeth

    Don't even want to give it a one star rating. Got my account all set up and now cannot connect via wifi to make phone calls. When I can connect, it is briefly and the sound is horrible and the call is dropped randomly. Yes I hate this app. Ending up using a friend's phone to call home.

  • by MeeshellBoo

    Horrible clueless customer service!! THE APP DOES NOT WORK! I've tried calls to 6 different countries and I know I am entering the country codes and numbers in correctly, the call doesn't connect. I'm billed for call that never connects. And don't even bother calling customer service they're idiots who don't know left from right. I was on hold for an hour while the idiot verified my phone number

  • I want my dollar back

    by Solebon Fan

    I was charged a dollar before I made the first call. In fact I never even attempted to make the call. I want my dollar credited back to my account.

  • Not worth your time- Terrible App!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by blue20

    Downloaded AT&T Call International app. Easy to install and setup your account but all the good ends there!!!! As other reviewers have mentioned you cannot get it to work. I have repeatedly tried to contact customer service using the provided telephone number and using their online form but get no response. AT&T customer support is non existent as always!!!! You'll have better luck with Skype or one of the other VOIP apps. Don't waste your time on this App.

  • Useless

    by Darren Nolt

    Does not work from Europe...piece of sh*t.

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