Emoji Emoticons Art Social Networking App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Apalon Limited

- Enjoy the new cool interface – completely redesigned to make the app look even more stylish!
- Easy to follow tutorial to enable emoji keyboard
- New funky category icons added
- Brand-new app icon to better suit your home screen
- New hilarious Stickers: Unicorns, Yellows, Holidays
- Over 100 new Emoji Presets
- Faster content loading
- Performance and stability improvements

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166 Ratings
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Express your emotions with tons of exclusively designed emoticons and stickers. Send stylish messages with fancy fonts and spice things up with emoticons from the ultimate emoji library!

Create and send unforgettable messages with funny and cute Kitties, Doggies, Monsters, Hearts and many other unique emoticons created from scratch for you!

Select exquisite emoji presets out of more than 15 categories! Each preset is carefully crafted using dozens of emoji that perfectly match in colour and style!

Use cool and funny fantastic fonts anywhere on your device!

Turn any word you type into emoticons art with the Word Maker tool and emojify your texts!

Make use of the Ultimate Emoji Library to quickly decide on your emojis!

Submit your own emoji presets and let the app users see them!

Take the best of Regular Content Updates and let your messages be rocking cool! Why waste your time on dull messages? Express yourself and impress your friends with the classy Emoji tool!

Note: the app doesn't add any stickers or emoticons to your keyboard.

Customer Reviews

  • Love the choices

    by Pebs68

    Love being able to have more emoji choices and continued updates. Fun!!

  • by muamualeAtua

    Love it !

  • Awesome!

    by samisacoblack

    Just great!!!!

  • Emoji

    by shug1213

    Love it!

  • ???


    Does it have to have wi-fi to run or something? because it was working great yesterday and today I can't send anything! Fix please!!

  • Very easy

    by Evo Reaper

    It works just like sending a pic simple and easy I love that great job

  • Love them!

    by Hopeium

    I love this app the one I had was so hard to use and this one is so easy and a lot of options.

  • Amazing fantastic fun!!!!

    by wondrgirl07

    I love this app & highly recommend it to everyone!!! There's tons of content & they update frequently- what's not to love!? Many Thanks to the DEV for an awesome app!!!

  • Fun and easy to use

    by Tazberg

    Love being able to add fun stuff to texts. Keep new stuff coming

  • Emoji

    by momabond

    Wish all of these could be on keyboard one!

  • Fun way to express yourself!

    by cubana623

    Better than the plain old Emojis that come w/ my iPhone's keyboard!

  • Fun!

    by Ro-ze

    It's a lot if fun picking out and texting the emojis to my friends

  • Emoji art

    by donniz123

    It's cute, my friends love to receive messages with them in it!

  • I

    by ButterflyLashes

    I love using emojis in fun text to my friends. Now there's even more.

  • It's good

    by Da Pau

    I like it although some get sent as pics :( but all in all not bad.

  • Like it

    by sis_of_pride

    It's a cute little app my kids enjoy playing with

  • I love it

    by Rolando Choc

  • Awesome

    by Vanna0323

    Love it

  • Awesome

    by Dgf125

    This is awesome and fun!!

  • Super Fun App

    by Noimafrayedknot

    Cute and fun! Wish it worked as a keyboard function tho...

  • Fun

    by yvechele

    They just make me happy!!

  • Emoticons

    by Butterflies5

    Love using this app!!! People are always shocked when I send one. Love their reactions!

  • Emoticons

    by Butterflies5

    Love using this app!!! People are always shocked when I send one. Love their reactions!

  • Fun

    by Susan Ward

    I'm having fun using this app. Just wish it had keyboard in messaging

  • Awesome

    by Mzwitch

    I like it! It's cute

  • Nickynoo

    by Nickynoo22

    Love it!

  • Awesome

    by Darnoc1986

    This is so nice to send sweet things to your gf at the blink of an eye ..quick, simple, easy to use, fun

  • Love it!

    by nurseteeda

    Able to express feeling with out writing.

  • Awesome

    by dvandevooren

    This app allows you to express your feelings that interesting and fun way

  • Awesome!!

    by In <3 with the iPhone

    A way to say what you want to say when aren't able to say it in person. I love it!!

  • Awsome

    by babydoll0305

    It's a great way to express your feelings

  • .?

    by Cat granny

    Doesn't connect to keyboard...difficult to use, perhaps I need instructions

  • great!

    by pookie050

    a wonderful cheerful way to express all of your emotive moments!!

  • Awesome

    by Dj Drty


  • Best one yet.

    by Skiyanna

    Love it!!!

  • Emoticons

    by Chelle SoC

    Love them!!

  • Love it

    by A*rose4

    Loveeeee it

  • Force close

    by StrongEnough1

    I love the app although not able to open it keeps force closing when opening pls fix (iPhone 5)

  • Mumzie

    by MartyP50

    Cute Emoji's to send to fam and friends...

  • Love it

    by Lettiy

    Wish I could add the new stuff to the key board function but maybe soon

  • Love it

    by NellieJellieBelly

    Love it

  • Emoji emoticon

    by imommy2

    Cute, easy to use always love it!

  • "

    by Marcia159

    Excellent App!

  • Great app. but.......

    by spajnky

    The only reason I don't give this a 5 star is because I don't like having to copy and paste to use it. The icons are wonderful though.

  • SO FUN!

    by Shannon d lee

    Love all the new emojis!! Highly recommend it:)

  • Good app

    by Mammybee

    Good app so far

  • Fun but missing animated emojis

    by Cabsmome

    Fun but missing animated emojis

  • Its fine not

    by Panamaqueen

    Needs more/better characters

  • Emoji app

    by Badass fb

    Love this app, soooo much fun

  • Fun art

    by Amerika80

    Fun, cute and easy to use!

  • Love it

    by Jodi Johnson


  • Smiley

    by Tracy Mock

    Love the emojis!!!!!!

  • by like it

  • Emoji

    by nellesen

    Just awesome. Got my granddaughter using them as well.

  • Wishing for it to be on keyboard

    by pattieaustin

    Does not appear on keyboard. So disappointing.

  • Awesome app

    by Rucpsim

    I love this app.

  • Cool!

    by Peytsmom

    I've only had it for about 3 mins. But it seems like a cool app.

  • Love it

    by Grandma C.

    Love these emojis they are too cute!! The only thing that could make this better is to be able to access it from my keyboard instead of having to go to it separately

  • BlackMomma

    by Bajangurl

    Love it.

  • Fun

    by lilsweetpea99

  • An Awesome App.

    by ~Kai Yuki~

    Love it. It's cute.

  • Super fun

    by Shawtybellaitalia

    I love these wicked cute and creative

  • Pretty good app

    by Allthat&Sum

    I really like this app. I just wish you could request a word or phrase that's not on there. Other than that it's great.

  • Love it!

    by Pretty Fawn

    These little pictures make my boring comments so much more exciting!!!

  • Nice

    by Nina 111

    Instead of texting, I just use the emotions

  • Self

    by Teixie3

    Hard to use can't get it to work !

  • Fun and easy to use

    by Tazberg

    Love being able to add fun stuff to texts. Keep new stuff coming

  • Emoji

    by Shplaz

    I love emoji. It's fun and I use it all the time.

  • Should be in the keyboard

    by Carolyn STRECKER

    I wish I had read the reviews before buying. These should be on the keyboard not in an app. Wish I could get money back.

  • Unusable

    by Sleepy Grammy

    Doesn't integrate with emoji keyboard. None of the new emoticons are available.

  • Great App

    by Spikemom

    Easy to use and set up.

  • Love love love this app

    by Mkaykay133

    This app is so awesome and fun.And an easy way to send unique text messages

  • Ios7

    by Awesome ness cool awesome


  • It's cool I like it

    by Mariposa?63

    I like the app. It's nice that it has Hello Kitty.

  • Great App. Easy to use.

    by OliveriPhone

    Love the variety. Especially love the word art! Easy to use!

  • Don't Waste Your Money

    by SSP26

    Cute images but can't use through keyboard so what is the point. App says you can do it through settings but every time I do it, it reverts back to basic emojis that come with phone. A total waste of my money!!

  • Erm...

    by 0(^_^)0 POP

    I just got it and... I don't really get it that much yet... (/-:)

  • Fun app!

    by monkeydavis2004

    Huge selection. Very creative.

  • Awesome

    by Mayte Gonzalez

    I love it ❤️

  • Keyboard probs

    by Sannypooh

    I wanted it on my keyboard i don't like it.i want my money back boooooo

  • Symbols

    by Dionna86

    Excellent app. Fun ideas to use!!

  • Emoji at a touch❗️

    by Mamaburry

    I like them a lot I just wish you could hit a Key that would go to the new app when your sending a message❤️

  • Awesome

    by Fire boy

    I love it

  • I love them

    by Jadesey Jade

    I love makin stories with them lol cute things

  • Keyboard issued

    by Happy buyer from TN

    I LOVE these new additions. What is frustrating is that adding app to keyboard only gives me my old emoji. So I guess my iPhone will only allow one emoji app on the keyboard. Is there a way to place two emoji apps on the keyboard?

  • Can't use

    by Mommyofmcrkl

    Bought this app and I can't get them with the IO7 waist of money.

  • Disappointed

    by $?&@!

    Feeling ripped off...want my money back!! Isn't user friendly at all!!!!! Misleading - needs to be an upgrade so it appears on the keyboard. Too much trouble to use!

  • Great

    by Tony montsanch

    Muy interesante

  • Keyboard Please!

    by StraitLv86

    Love it! Wish u could use it on the keyboard though! Please make that ur next upgrade & it'll be perfect!

  • Fun

    by LovelyP

    It's a fun app, but the only problem I have is I am unable to click send when sending a text. I have to copy it and paste it and this is the paid version. So therefore I will give it

  • Confused

    by B16:784873

    I bought the app but I don't see the icon to use it?????

  • Don't waste your money!

    by Southernredhead1114

    I was under the impression that this was an upgrade with new icons! Terrible! I want my money back!

  • Eehh

    by Kenneth Polk

    Wish it was on the keyboard. It involves way to many steps to use these icons. I don't know to many people who have time to use it in app form. Not very impressed

  • Emoji

    by Lorena intriago

    Awfull app is not on the typing board

  • :) Super fun!

    by Catskilz

    Even though this is an app you can still send messages to your friends/contacts. It's very easy & fun to use!

  • Nice app

    by Dalicea97

    Nice app

  • Add to keyboard

    by Skinny Cuban2010

    Why isn't this included in the keyboard? Makes no sense to have all this cute stuff you can't really use

  • It's OK

    by Vaughngal

    Wish it was on the keyboard... Way too much extra stuff ... Cute tho

  • ❤️love

    by Lapaisita

    They are so cute and fun

  • Awesome!

    by Msanniecaruso

    I love this app and all of the emoji's.... My friends always love when I send them images created from them...great idea

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