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Languages: English, French, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: AOL Inc.

- Stability and performance enhancements

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AIM is the best way to keep in touch with people and groups, no matter where they are. Chat with friends on AIM, Facebook and Google Talk. Start or join a group chat, share images, voice messages and your location, and continue conversations with your desktop and web clients seamlessly.


• Get updates from Facebook, Instagram and AIM in one easy to navigate window
• Comment and like Facebook and AIM posts right from the app
• Use AIM to post your status to Facebook or compose your Tweet
• Say goodbye to paying for SMS. Use AIM to send and receive messages. Just type in your friend’s mobile number and start chatting*
• Chat with a friend or group of friends with the new “Start a Chat” button
• Customize your groups with features like add/kick members, edit group icon and mute
• Favorite your friends and group chats for instant access
• Share photos, voice messages and your location without leaving the conversation
• Copy and paste messages
• Tap on location previews in your conversation to get directions
• Tap on icons to quickly view user details or group chat settings
• See your social notifications for activity on your AIM, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts
• Turn on “Do Not Disturb” to turn off sounds and push notifications
• Set quiet hours to mute sounds and push notifications for when you don’t want to be disturbed
• Change your incoming message sound in sound settings
• Connect to Facebook Chat and Google Talk in your chat networks settings

*Msg and Data Rates may apply to recipient.

Customer Reviews

  • AIM is AWESOME! Just needs Twitter support and video chat

    by Paula5454

    This is a must-have app! Great user interface, full of features, and easy to use. Only lacking the ability to sync with Twitter which is weird because it syncs with every other media. Also needs video chat.

  • It's ok

    by Catcat550

    I love it but I wish you could use it without wifi

  • AIM is AWESOME! Just needs Twitter support.

    by Paula5454

    This is a must-have app! Great user interface, full of features, and easy to use. Only lacking the ability to sync with Twitter which is weird because it syncs with every other media.

  • Good

    by Gmail review.

    This is an excellent app work very good

  • NOT a communication resource

    by allestrange

    I'm a hard-of-hearing person who uses AIM with my VP provider. While the app remains a useful resource, it's not the communication platform it once was. When I receive calls, I no longer get notifications immediately, thus missing my relay, and even my messages are slow to appear. I primarily use AIM now to send short, one-way messages, and get excited when I'm able to receive a response.

  • Pretty decent


    Overall this is a solid app. However, I wish it was easier for me to tell if someone was on mobile or on the desktop.

  • Undercover

    by SarahCuda

    I recently reloaded AIM on my phone so I can secretly chat with friends while we're all at our desk jobs. It's great, low key and an excellent way to stay in touch.

  • Useful

    by UAmisha

    So much easier to connect with everyone -- especially as my life consists of people on different platforms!

  • Pretty good


    Just wish it would save more history and not delete your convo when you switch between widows on the IPhone.

  • lifestream

    by Beth Michelson

    i like this a lot more since lifestream has been brought back but i wish we could upload pictures to lifestream again

  • Best instant messaging app!

    by Enorym

    I ❤ aol instant messenger. I've been using it since 1998! All these other two bit messengers got nothing on it. I hope it sticks around forever. Nothing is better than the original.

  • Vast improvement

    by Joe Cooper

    The rebranding has been removed. The AIM logo returns. Everything is where it needs to be minus two things: back syncing to other devices, universal app.

  • Not Sure Why People Don't Like It

    by William 212

    This is a very simplified, streamlined, and Apple-esque app. I haven't had an issue with it and it has options that others are claiming it doesn't. Try it for yourself and see. I'll repost if I encounter any issues. I didn't give a 5th star because it think the theme is a little lame.

  • Ugh


    My im's often take forever to be delivered. Also at times I don't erase my convos, even ones that have been going on for a while and are therefore extremely long. I mention this bc a lot of times, for no apparent reason, the app sends me to the beginning of the convo so if I want to read the im just written to me before writing back I have to scroll alllllllll the way back down. It's frustrating when it happens multiple times in the same convo. I shouldn't have to erase the history just to avoid this. Sorry to be so neg but hopefully it's at least useful...

  • Please fix it.

    by Vegas viscious

    Im always using this app, but recently it hasnt been working at all.

  • Status message

    by Nikkixbella

    No way to clear your status message, am I missing something?

  • Finally!!!!! 5.1.0

    by Cobber 1000

    This update is way way over due. Why did it take so long to get an AIM version that even started to look or be anything close to the old AIM? I am very happy with this update and I hope that AIM will never again change so drastically. Thank you for the update.

  • Pretty good

    by Swim4evet

    Its good... Nothin special, but nothing bad either... Just saying for the people who say it doesnt let u know when u have a message, U HAVE 2 TURN ITS NOTIFICATION SETTINGS ON!!!

  • Wonderful app.

    by Carolina Reel

    Stands as a great tool for staying connected.

  • A Classic


    This classic application is wonderful. A great way to remain connected.

  • Lost Its Original Luster

    by Etanx2013

    The new version of this app still presents a host of problems, the most prevalent being its seeming lack of push notifications. In order to determine whether or not one has a message, one must open the app directly, rather than having a message notification appear as it has with previous versions. This is irritating and inconvenient for the user.

  • Still not updating

    by Crystal Sorrow

    Lol. I'm running version or something like that. This new update has a terrible interface. I refuse to actually use it. Hence why I'm running old aim. I still have that pretty purple classic icon too. Yeah I have little bugs here and there. Like invisible ims.. And if I don't close the app I won't get ims if I'm on it. I don't get notified. Yep. Updating isn't always better. I love my old outdated versions of all my aims. And well for those who wan the old one back.. If you've not backed up your phone you can get the last version you have. I haven't updated this app in about two years.

  • 2 stars up from 1!

    by Nyzromeo

    I'm GLAD you guys brought back the running man the recent one sucked!!! They improved it from the earlier version! Now if we could be able to join chat rooms that'd be a plus!! Also would be nice if you bring back the old AIM tone... When we get this update I'll 5 star!

  • Looks nice, but kinda useless update

    by ahainen

    Just not good features in app, stupid features, could be done way better

  • Worse with time

    by holomatt

    This is one of the few iPhone apps that just keeps getting worse with time... I have to use the app on a daily basis for work, and the UI just doesn't make sense for starters. It takes more taps to get to the Contacts screen in the newer version. Setting the status also seems buggy. My status will not update unless I first set it to "Invisible" then the select the status I want to choose. I constantly have to check my status to make sure it is correct. If I could find a better AIM client, I would switch.

  • Crashing

    by Esperanza Duquesne

    So every time I try to open AIM it crashes while its loading. Please fix this ASAP.

  • :'(

    by Rickley

    When I try to create my account, as soon as I enter my email, it "recognizes" it. My dad tried to help and he typed my email in wrong and it still "recognized" it. Lameeeeeee. I expected more from the pro version


    by itskv

    This new version is worse than the original AIM when it first came out on the iPhone! There is no way or sorting your buddies or filtering them so all offline and online users are on the list. This means you have to scroll through 100+ people that are included in your FB an AIM just to find and message them. There is the option of adding favorites but that's not the point of AIM buddy list, it's to see who's Online and being able to select them quickly!! THIS UPDATE IS HORRIBLE!

  • Horrible

    by FireMedic2776

    This app is pitiful. The free version is a joke, the paid version is worse, no friends list, no online/offline updates....just horrible.

  • Big fix

    by Bigpunpimpdaddyx

    It's acting up its not showing my contacts

  • Unablr to send messeges

    by Typhina

    refuses to send messeges most of the time better to just send txt's DON'T BUY

  • I wish I could give less stars

    by finaleX1001

    You guys had this app perfect before to changed the whole interface. I used aim for almost 10 years and now it's unusable. Please fix aim or offer a classic option. Now I never receive messages and it takes me offline repeatedly. It's horrible. Please fix it so I can Im like I used to

  • Horrible

    by Smart girl

    As my friend tried to sign in I realize it wouldn't login to her account. Due to me already being logged in it would automatically login to mine. There needs to be a legacy version for iPhone that you can download. I would rather use one of those due to this not truly being where it needs to be at.

  • Junk

    by Kalieb

    The interface design is poor.. I agree the older versions r better.. At least let us choose between apps... Exactly why I will not upgrade on my windows computer.

  • Still broke

    by Fattydah

    The app still decides to randomly delete the history of the person I'm talking to. There is a box that obscures the chat window that says someone is typing, even though no one is currently typing. Why does the sound need to play when I get a message, then again when I check the message? It's annoying. This is an awful app and AOL should be ashamed of hiring these terrible techs that actually make the app WORSE with every updat

  • Frustrations

    by RedBirdinWhiteSox

    I hate that I have to uncheck and check the online contacts in one group button in order to get them to separate EVERY TIME I open the app! I hate having to find the tab for the contacts. They should just be there!! Ugh. Thinking about using another messenger service instead of the actual AIM app.

  • AIM

    by Bippy 63

    What is the difference between free and the paid version? I feel that I just threw away 2.99. It didn't even update and replace the free version. Now I have two icons.

  • Worst

    by Originalgamer21

    this is extreme poor design, i prefer old design back.

  • Stupid updates

    by mermaidsexxx

    These stupid updates don't make this app any better. It makes it worse. It doesn't show past sent messages, it cuts off the last couple of words in the im, and when I try to change the quiet hour settings(which I know are on but it says off), the app shuts down on me and kicks me out. If this isn't fixed, I'm getting a different app.

  • The worst!!!

    by dodgerfan2

    This is the worst app in the history of apps. It deletes half the messages, for some messages it sends 2 notifications for the same message, and does this weird thing where it cuts off the last few words of each message. It's seriously the worst, I paid for this app on faith thinking the paid version must be better than the free one but it isn't it may be worse! Needs fixing stat or Im downloading yahoo messenger.

  • The old aim

    by Ofwgktadgafxx

    This app is crap they should make a panel for the life stream on the app.and get rid of buddy list.

  • This is the best chat app

    by Serifovic

    But you guys need to bring back the original icon

  • Multiple notifications

    by RealAmericanMusic

    This update is out of control. No quality control? Anyone test this? Multiple notifications on every message.

  • So annoyed with this app after the update....

    by courtneyyy s.

    I keep getting push notifications anywhere from 2-5 times for the SAME message. Deleting this app if they don't fix it soon. I can't believe I PAYED FOR THIS.

  • Buggy update.

    by EricRoman

    The latest update is buggy: the "do not disturb" feature is broken and it keeps sending multiple notifications for each new message I receive.

  • Terrible

    by ShuffleYourFate

    The new update has alot of errors. One being that you get messages even when you're signed off. The other being that your friends list is constantly mixed with all your offline contacts

  • Terrible

    by ctyhrzn

    If I switch screen names it sends ims from my other name to the new one... I still get ims when I'm logged out. I'm switching to IMO

  • App now useless

    by Rantopoulos

    This last update is terrible! When the Do Not Disturb option is set to on, push notifications still come through! When Do Not Disturb is set to off, more often than not DUPLICATE push notifications come through. Signing out of the app and deleting my account still allows push notifications to come through (not in duplicate though)! I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app twice on my iPhone to no avail. Fix ASAP!

  • this app is terrible to back to the original aim!!!

    by Barry Williams

    look at title

  • Latest Version

    by Myluch

    The new version has a big error. It still allows messages to come thru even though you are logged out. Not good! Needs to be corrected ASAP.

  • Buddy list broken

    by SCM987

    Won't sort by who is online. The option is broken. The update broke it. Every update breaks something. Can't believe I paid for it.

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