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Languages: English, French, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: AOL Inc.

- Stability and performance enhancements

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AIM is the best way to keep in touch with people and groups, no matter where they are. Chat with friends on AIM, Facebook and Google Talk. Start or join a group chat, share images, voice messages and your location, and continue conversations with your desktop and web clients seamlessly.


• Get updates from Facebook, Instagram and AIM in one easy to navigate window
• Comment and like Facebook and AIM posts right from the app
• Use AIM to post your status to Facebook or compose your Tweet
• Say goodbye to paying for SMS. Use AIM to send and receive messages. Just type in your friend’s mobile number and start chatting*
• Chat with a friend or a group of friends with the new “Start a Chat” button
• Customize your groups with features like add/kick members, edit group icon and mute
• Favorite your friends and group chats for instant access
• Share photos, voice messages and your location without leaving the conversation
• Copy and paste messages
• Tap on location previews in your conversation to get directions
• Tap on icons to quickly view user details or group chat settings
• See your social notifications for activity on your AIM, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts
• Turn on “Do Not Disturb” to turn off sounds and push notifications
• Set quiet hours to mute sounds and push notifications for when you don’t want to be disturbed
• Change your incoming message sound in sound settings
• Connect to Facebook Chat and Google Talk in your chat networks settings

*Msg and Data Rates may apply to recipient.

Customer Reviews

  • Missing A Few Details

    by Kimbahoohlala

    This app needs to be tweaked. I find it strange that when a new buddy adds you, you aren't notified or given the option to "accept". It's terribly annoying and needs to be added. I believe the option to search friends via email should also be available. Thanks if you ever fix it and make it more user friendly.

  • Still needs a bigger update

    by JessicaErinSmith

    This app really needs a major overhaul update. The last few days it has been freezing up on me or suddenly closing. Also ever since downloading it months ago, I don't always get notifications when I get new messages until I go back into the app. Please AOL!

  • UI updates still need tweaks

    by Sillyvalley

    Short of a Pidgin for iOS, this is something you either AIM or not AIM. The latest update with groups in the buddy screen sounds good on paper, but has its own caveats, e.g., folded groups block view of contacts in open group, forcing me to scroll more. Some IM clients uses a system "Online" group, which could solve this problem on a mobile device. Alternatively, give user the option to hide groups from main view.

  • Annoying

    by Cindykt720

    It keeps crossing over with iMessage and sometimes I type in and it says you are typing too fast and ignores it. Also on my computer it won't go to texting. Grabs other emails to use and sometimes even uses my sons. Keep to your own program AOL and leave iMessage crossovers alone. Used to love it

  • Great ap

    by Bounce U

    Keep up the good work aoll

  • Good and Bad

    by aimuser1011

    This is my main form of communication throughout the day, but like am any others I find myself constantly refreshing the app in order to receive new messages. It takes a while to load messages, and for them to be delivered to my iPhone. I also dislike how my messages are deleted or never reach a person, but I am not notified of this. It becomes very hard to leave a message for someone when you are not sure if they received your previous messages. Other than this, I just wish aim could send video through the mobile app.

  • Not a fan of the spam I get...

    by lawf20

    You need to figure out how to stop the spam messages...if you do that will be 5 stars.

  • Just okay...

    by KiraJ07

    I constantly have to check & uncheck the Sort Contacts by Availability option to refresh my contacts list.

  • Almost great

    by AIMUserLike4ever

    Notifications do not work 60%of the time.It upsets the ones closest to me when I pick up and reply hours later.Really wanted to like it. : /

  • Work horse

    by RobMarano

    A good client for the AIM that is reliable and gets it done! I rely on it.

  • Works Great But Has Issues

    by Futurenun12

    Delays in receiving messages or messages disappear.

  • Mama to 5

    by Laura G 1971

    I am stuck in a hospital room almos 2 hours from home rright now with a very sick child and AIM has allowed me to use video chat to see home and my family (including my other 4 kids) and feel like I am there with them briefly. I am grateful for that. Thank you AOL and AIM!

  • Love this app

    by Ninapup

    I use it everyday, great app. Only suggestion would be the response time, it's a little slow but nothing that takes too much from the experience.

  • Best app

    by Gabbersxox

    I love it. I wish it had more sound notifications or allowed us to make our own, but other than that, it's amazing.

  • Great interface between IM apps!

    by atothebside

    Love it... Keeps all my IM'ing centralized!

  • Great!

    by Murl1

    If you like aim you'll like this

  • It does the job

    by Wheels!

    I like aim. Used it for years. Good ap.

  • Decent

    by Danielope9


  • Does the job

    by gtejano

    AIM does the job.

  • Not great, not totally bad

    by Z1fan

    Syncs and keeps multiple chats going fairly decently Buggy at times, I get messages after shutting down/logging off. Some messages do not sync even though it tells you part if the message in a notification .

  • Ehh

    by Courtney Meyers

    I use aim constantly and most of the time it works pretty well but lately my messages tell me that they've been sent but others don't get them right away. It also has glitches when looking at status updates and I can't make updates in Japanese. Other than that it's pretty great.

  • Broken since update

    by Subway Rider in NYC

    No longer notifies of chats unless you open and check. Please fix or roll back

  • Needs work

    by Tweety2100

    I dont appreciate receiving messages much later than they are sent. I know it has nothing to do with my internet connection. Fix it.

  • Can view messages but can't reply - USELESS

    by Sylvia NYC

    I have iPhone 5 and have the latest update on the app. This has been an ongoing issue for me. I replied messages on my phone using this app and the message won't go through. I tested it a few times using my colleague username and can view replies on my phone but my replies will not show on the other parties end. USELESS app.

  • by erickatennile

    You would think with as many people complaining about the app not notifying you of new messages UNTIL you open it the creators of the app would find a way to fix that. I have all my settings correct but I'm missing important messages because I'm not being notified when I get a new message.

  • It's ok...

    by Alyssa Henkel

    I love aim and all but I'm having a problem receiving new aim messages. For me, I'll receive it the day after it was sent to me and it's getting kind of annoying...

  • Forget about push notifications

    by Vvixen

    This app will cause you to miss out on messages and have your friends thinking you're ignoring them. So frustrating!

  • Doesn't sync

    by snapple x3

    Terrible. Aim doesn't sync messages from mobile to pc when one of them is offline. Often times certain messages are off sync or not synced at all.

  • unbearable load times.

    by ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡°

    i can't vouch for individual chat messages, but new messages in chat rooms can take up to a minute to load! that is a minute of waiting every time you open a chat. this is unacceptable. also, the chat scrolls down after opening links automatically. it would make much more sense to have a dedicated button or gesture to scroll down. also push notifications never worked for me. im+ is a much better alternative for my uses as it has instant load times.

  • One step forward, two back.

    by Simiah

    App gets better then goes back to being awful again. Alerts me of messages, then doesn't show me the message! No longer shows me notifications either and deletes conversations at times. Disappointed!

  • Closes

    by Acemxer

    It won't let me send messages or open it up. Waste of space on your device.

  • Could be better

    by swagswagswaggsgwags

    Push notifications still don't work unless I have the app open. My boyfriend keeps complaining that he can't reply to me because it just won't send. I also wish it had to option to post pictures without going through other social media apps. Some of us don't have instagram and Facebook.

  • It's pretty good...

    by Michscan

    I am mainly happy with this app, I use it several hours each day. Occasionally it fails to notify me of a response, so I find myself having to refresh often. Several years ago when I had my blackberry, it would also alert me when a new buddy signed on for the day. That feature isn't available with iPhone for whatever reason. It would be a better addition to the next upgrade.

  • Can't even sign in

    by Nitroqazxy

    Ever since the last update I can't sign in or send messages or anything

  • Satisfied

    by karategal1210

    I'm satisfied with usability of this app. The keyboard is easy to use and the messages get there quickly. That's all I can ask for, at this time.

  • Very Handy

    by Susan Lee

    Works good when I can't log into AIM on my computer.

  • Great app

    by Deanna Pitruzzella

    Five stars..use it every day.

  • Very serviceable app.

    by carlccu

    I would give it my greatest rating ever, but it works fine as advertised. One thing I wish it did is I always have to go in to clear the messages that I've read them other platforms running AIM. but that's a minor thing.

  • Gets it done

    by Rudeface

    Just what I wanted. Stable app that let's me use aim from my phone.

  • I love it but sometimes the notification stops

    by ~*Nenita*~

    It's a great app I'm happy I can easily sign in because it remembers my sn and my password. I just wish I could link my sn's together and the notifications worked all the time.

  • Good messaging app

    by dreweastmead

    I like it. No issues. Good notification system. Works very nice on 5S. Totally mirrors your Mac desktop iChat app, if you want it to.

  • Good

    by Johnx2025

    I like it.

  • by hellomf

    doesn't notify me when i have a message, even when its enabled to! says message failure way to much when my service is fine!

  • Notifications stopped working

    by Berningscience

    I no longer receive notifications when I receive messages. I have to long in to see them. This issue started only recently. Please fix soon!

  • Very good App

    by L DAWG 3

    Keeps me in touch with others

  • Nice app

    by Francis Pineau

    Works great !!

  • Decent

    by Minicupes

    This app is a lifesaver when I'm traveling and need to communicate with my team quickly.

  • Needs improvement...

    by Winn119

    Often doesn't send messages when they're sent. Also, must manually enter AIM emoticon codes in order to use them. No direct link. How inconvenient when the whole point of these apps is to make things more convenient. Blah.

  • Easy use

    by tjae1

    No issues - it does what it says.

  • Works well

    by Tshehip

    Works fine for the small amount I use it. Satisfied with app

  • Okay

    by Akuoni

    The app sometimes doesn't pull up messages despite the fact it is open when I am on my computer. I don't get alerts despite being logged in. It allows communication at least.

  • I love AIM

    by punkadoodle

    It's the best social app ever! I haven't had any problems with it yet and it's a great way to keep in touch with friends and family.

  • Very good

    by Aldogs10

    It's a great app. Also when u don't want anyone else to read your txts. You can use it to communicate with only those you need to.

  • No notifications

    by Dana Petrillo

    Doesn't alert me when I get a new message, and also sometimes says I'm "sending messages too fast" so I can't even talk to the person, even though I'm not sending them fast at all

  • AIM

    by Gucci King

    It works.

  • Works great

    by jefflaur

    Combines AIM, Google Chat and Facebook beautifully..can't ask for more

  • Ultimate freedom

    by rhythmshadow

    This app has made staying connected to work and friends even easier. My one complaint is that there are frequently delays in receiving IMs, when compared to my laptop and other connections using the desktop client. These delays can be anywhere from several seconds to several minutes. Overall, a wonderful addition to the iOS for all my devices.

  • AIM forever!

    by Nico of Azerath

    I love the IM power of aim, now, it's available on my phone! I can keep up with my cousin on the go! No laptop needed! ... I sound like an ad.

  • Sound notifications don't work

    by Billyjr847

    Both push and sound don't work... Please fix


    by 50NOID

    I read other reviews and they are all lying , i am have no problems from this APP !! Its Awesome

  • Slow

    by call-me-crazy

    I've been using AIM for a long time to chat. I've used Skype a little as well but seem to always come back to AIM. This app is very slow and you can tell when I'm online verse when in on the computer because it takes a whole for my response. Not at good as the normal application on the computer, but however bareable.

  • Df

    by Chhhghjhg

    It wont send my messages and it should be compatible with ios7

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