Message Makeover for iMessage - Colorful iMessage Bubbles Social Networking App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Andrew Halligan

Version 1.1
- Six New Holiday Christmas Background Patterns
- Send Beautiful Festive Greetings to all of your Contacts!

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15 Ratings
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25 Ratings
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Message Makeover for iMessage is ON SALE celebrating our launch! Grab it now!

Tired of the old blue and grey iMessages? Look no further. Message Makeover for iMessage is bringing beautiful messaging to iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

Be the envy of all your friends by sending them bold, colorful messages that they can only dream of.

- Custom iMessage Background Color
- NEW Assortment of background patterns
- 300% More Colors than our competitors
- Custom iMessage Font Color
- Custom iMessage Shadow Color
- Beautifully designed, simple interface
- Preview your message before you want to send!
- Launch Messages app directly from the app
- Vast array of Color Choices - If we don't have it, ask us and we'll add it!
- Best of all, our beautiful iMessages are absolutely 100% free to send and receive!

Why wait? Download Message Makeover for iMessage today and start composing not only messages but pieces of fine artwork that will make messaging a joy to do AND look at!

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good

    by Issy

    Well I love it but the messages show as pictures and the words are really tiny

  • Great but....

    by Yuk546

    Its a good app but the font is WAY 2 small!!!!!! And when u send a message, it says its an attachment not message!!! Sooo frustrating!!!!


    by Gutter th gguig

    It actually works double click the message box and it will say paste it really works all my friends think its soooooooo cool!!

  • Love It

    by Sheila Fitzgerald

    Great App

  • Text...

    by WarByrd

    The text size needs to be normal iphone text size, and the bubbles need to be resized to fit like the iphone, the text is way too close to the bubbles borders... Other than that i think the app is decent.

  • Love it!!!

    by Elfie's cool

    I love this app! It copies it for you, all you have to do is paste it. I love the striped pattern background!

  • A good app

    by Msbiutiq

    The app is good many colors and patterns to choose from it would be great if the text wasn't so small

  • Finally

    by Woodyt11

    Finally something for those of us not wanting to jail break! Super cute patterns! Yes, you have to copy and paste but so what??? It's not difficult! Comes out as a cute message image! Girls you will love it!!! (o:

  • Not what it looks

    by Poohboylongtail

    Nothing like picture views as picture message can't read waste of a dollar someone should make one that works!!

  • Not what it looks

    by Poohboylongtail

    Nothing like picture views as picture message can't read waste of a dollar someone should make one that works!!

  • Good Idea, Horrible app.

    by Michellerene912

    I want my money back. It doesn’t even work.

  • Not good

    by Ido not get it

    It fun to chose the background, but it takes a lot of Time! And you have to paste and copy!!!! It is not worth it

  • Ugh it is a pain

    by Sam bi

    Not built into iMessages. It creates an image u have to copy, leave the app, go into iMessages, and then paste. Good for teeny boppers with time on their hands.

  • Waste

    by VictoriousMii

    Don't buy


    by The lil Ev

    It makes you make the "message" it's a picture and then go to iMessage and paste it. Not worth it. I was one of its victims.

  • Waste of $!

    by Tffnylee

    You have to open two apps just to send a text. It's not even a text it's a picture that looks like a text bubble. Don't waste your money.

  • Boring

    by Wootie30

    The font is way to small a waste of a buck .

  • Um...

    by Person1010

    Good idea bad app!!!!!!

  • Terrible

    by FlauntBelleza

    I thought you could just choose the color but you have to copy and paste a whole text and then go back to the app to write more. Waste of your money.

  • Garbage

    by Jovito328

    Please do not waste your time and money, this app is horrible

  • Awful

    by JenGr527

    Copy and paste app. If I wanted to take the extra time to switch between app and messages to constantly change the message then I would be happy. And to add to further disappointment, it pastes half the size. Not worth it

  • Makeover

    by xxxcharm

    Do not waste your money on this lame app! It's more like the app itself needs a makeover.

  • Waste of a penny...

    by Ilovethisthing

    It's just a picture message...they should have told us that in the description..

  • by Mavalos27

    Is a copy & paste app! DO NOT get it, copy & paste is not hard but I know who ever bought this app was looking for the real thing. Someone needs to come up with an app that truthfully changes the color of your font. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

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