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Seller: aki creative inc.

Fixes problem that stopped app from working with Twitter's recent API changes (sorry about that!!!). Also adds iPhone 5 screen support.

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Friend Trend For Twitter Pro 3 is now available!

Friend Trend is a totally unique way of reading your friends' tweets. Most twitter clients force you to read tweets in chronological or reverse-chronological order. With Friend Trend, your friends' tweets are analyzed to find what topics and hashtags are trending JUST FROM THEM, and sorted so you can read the tweets by topic/hashtag! (While Twitter's global and local Twitter Trends are great, only with Friend Trend can you see the trends of JUST your friends!).

Friend Trend allows you to know what your friends are talking about RIGHT NOW, without having to read through hundreds and hundreds of tweets! Definitely a timesaver when you follow lots of people and want to get a pulse on the conversation.

(Note: This PRO version of Friend Trend for Twitter provides the full ad free experience!)

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome app!

    by HeartsSelGomez

    This app is great! It lets you know what's going on on your timeline in such a simple way! Love this so much! :D It would be awesome if you guys could make it so that we can check our mentions, DMs, etc., and use this app as a replacement twitter app that we're currently using ;)

  • great app

    by DaltonAmes

    this is great! i can see real trends from the users I'm following. one suggestion for the next update version: it would be nice to tell the program to ignore certain words that i think are too generic (for example, "pc" or "tech"). still, I love what i see so far!

  • Friend Trend Rocks

    by Rosmoss

    I find this app really useful. I use the app from Twitter for my day-to-day tweeting, but this app is handy when I want to quickly read tweets on particular topics that my friends are tweeting about.

  • Sweet!

    by Wallstreet72

    Very cool app trendy!

  • Oh hai, REAL trends!

    by RM_84

    While Twitter trends are plain crap, this app shows REAL trends based on your interested (who you follow), not some stupid paid trends that Twitter publishes. It's nice an fast and is actually a great way to quickly get an overview of what the latest buzz is amongst the people you follow, instead of having to read lots of tweets on your timeline to get a proper idea. Looking forward to updates, thanks!

  • Works

    by docbullfrog

    App works as advertised, saves me time. Thanks!

  • Fantastic app!!!

    by *grrreg*

    What a great app! I'm totally busy and never have time to check what everyone I'm following is talking about. This app let's me keep track of the most important stuff my FRIENDS are tweeting about without having to scroll through all my tweets! Then I can just hone in on the good stuff that interests me! Love it!! Saves me a ton of time. Also I like the slick interface...and for me (iphone 4) it analyzes trends and loads superfast. I know they say don't judge an app by it's icon (do they say that?) but what can I say - I like the bird!

  • great app

    by virinel

    five * :)

  • Incredible Twitter Tool for Tracking Trends

    by mikium

    It's a very unique tool, simply put it allows you to manage the trends within your own twitter feed and also among each of your friends. It's especially useful for locating a specific tweet that you may have overlooked based on the word used within it. I haven't found another tool like this, it's definitely worth the $0.99. Check it out, you wont be disappointed!

  • Cool app - Interesting Data

    by Just Your Average Commenter

    Obviously it's interesting to know what your friends are talking about - this is a great, clear and thoughtful way of showing that.

  • Slow but great results

    by axs221

    It takes a long time to load, but the end result is Twitscoop-esque trending topics without the word Beiber in the results.

  • Please fix crash


    Please fix the problems on app. It's crash

  • Worthless free version

    by Al acazam

    Crashs. Most top trends are hidden in free version. Maybe paid version works better. Free version is worthless and bad commercial for paid version.

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