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Languages: English

Seller: Airogami LLC

Note: Version 1.1 is gonna be deprecated very soon. Please update in time.

1. Add drawing feature
2. Add blocking function
3. Fix some bugs

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Chat with someone new today. Send text and images to any city that automatically find other users. Get replies from REAL people, and have fun exchanges. You can even filter who gets your message by Age, Location, and Gender.

Ask questions, get advice, and start chatting outside your Social Bubble.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by AngoTheMango

    Nice app! Good job guys

  • Fun app

    by Katia

    Pretty cool app, now all it needs is more people!

  • Great app

    by Aelius08

    Very cool concept and I've already had some great conversations with people I never would have met otherwise.

  • Great additions!

    by Metalfan7

    This app is wonderful now with autocorrect and a collect count! Great job with the quick update!

  • FunApp

    by BubbleBabble

    Pretty cool, I get to talk to some people from different places. Always interesting to see how things are similar or different outside where I am. Thank you! Finally auto correct!!

  • Awesome

    by Gus Tetzloff

    Nice concept

  • Chain messages are the best!

    by Itwentdowns

    Download it if you want to have fun and talk to random people

  • Great!

    by Starblood3142

    Really great app idea, and very stylishly designed. I see no major issues with it at all. The one thing that would make it better would be more people so I hope it catches on. Sent from a Reddit AMA!

  • Cool

    by Xcisjnxjvvia

    This app is clearly the best app to have conversations with other people. Excellent layout and design.

  • Love it!

    by Sp7812

    This is like reddit+omegle+snapchat. LOVE THIS APP!!!!

  • This is AMAZING!!

    by BigJWin

    It's like Reddit! 0.0

  • Pretty good

    by Cuier_Tracy

    I enjoy using this app. Worked smoothly.

  • This app is the cheese

    by Padraig7

    This app is the cheese

  • Awesome idea.

    by AlexJane1119

    This app is really fun, once you get the hang of it...You can write custom messages and choose who gets them by locations and gender. Can't wait for updates :) The design is really good

  • Great concept

    by Fat cats go down alleys

    I think this app is a great idea. I think I'll be able to make new friends from it and generally enjoy talking to people.

  • Really cool app!

    by Tisrun


  • Found this on Reddit...

    by Dark Rebel 9

    Saw you guys wanted some users so I decided to try it out. It runs very smoothly with a very attractive interface. The options are great and have yet to find any bugs. Highly satisfied with this app. *Edit: an improvement could be made by allowing autocorrect to be used in the text areas*

  • Awesome chat app

    by Richard Maloney

    Airogami is awesome! I get to chat with new people every day and if I don't like a message, I can just toss it back for someone else to get. Great stuff!

  • Cool app

    by huadufu

    This is like Omegle + Snapchat. It is really fun!

  • It's ok

    by xyrusxrown

    Lots of spam and gets boring quick

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