Beard+ Photo Editor with ifunny beards for Duck Dynasty Commander,Deer hunter,Bitstrips and 9gag fans Reference App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Veronica Juc

Quality stickers improved

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+Hunting Rifles
+Many More

Beard+ is the perfect photo booth for Duck Dynasty fans. Try it now and share the results via Email, Facebook and Twitter.

-Works with photos taken with iPhone/iPad Camera or browsed from your photo library
-Choose from hundreds of items. Infinite number of ways to decorate your picture.
-Select Beards, Sunglasses, Caps, Accessories, and many more
-Add Text and Captions
-Use Filters, Control Transparency, Flip, Use Eraser, and Many More
-Upload results on your Facebook/Twitter
-Send 'Picture Email' to your friends and families.
-Save results to Your Device

Duck Dynasty is copyright of its respective owners. This app is developed for entertainment purpose only for Duck Dynasty fans.

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by misshayday

    Cool app

  • nice beards

    by john mong

    Maked my family picture kind of duck dynasty.Fun to use

  • Woooww

    by Johny Branson

    This app made me a real man :d did you try this? Very cool.....

  • Cool app guys

    by Rozzany

    Nice idea,duck dynasty is a trend now,so I thing going to a picture side of it is good.Nice stickers

  • great beards

    by Patrick Gordon

    good beards for my funny face

  • :) Have a new beard now!

    by Sergiu Gonta

    Its a very funny app, choose a lot of beards and other funny stuff to make you look great.

  • Cool features

    by Johnydaed

    Nice beards,and I like the glasses

  • Feel my beard baby :)

    by Parazitii2013

    This app has tons of beards and all in best quality. I feel like a cowboy or rockstar :) Enjoy a new bard on your face and post it on Facebook :) Give me the link please

  • So awesome

    by goody goodyy

    A lot of coold trendy stickers are making my friends photos to look original!

  • Seriously?

    by modi_tovaas

    You have a typo in the cover photo. Please proof read your product before release. Poorly put together overall.

  • Don't buy this app!!!!

    by CasinoCas

    Wish I could give this app NO STARS!!! Not only do you have to BUY more beards and mustaches in-app in order to do anything at the cost of $3.99!!!, BUT when I went to save to Camera Roll, the glasses and some of the various facial hair was DISTORTED and LOPSIDED!! What's the point in saving that??? And when I tried to connect to App Support, Safari could not even locate the site. I have never been so disappointed in an App EVER!! Terrible!!

  • Most things you have to buy but you

    by Ultimatecoltsfan

    Can make funny pictures of people.

  • Scam

    by Oshagh

    You need to pay to do anything. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

  • Fun idea, but could function better

    by MusicLover78

    While I think the idea for an app like this is fun, I am not as impressed with its performance. This app keeps freezing up on me, and, the only way for me to back up and try again is to uninstall the app and than reinstall it again. Also, if I do get to the point of wanting to save or share a picture, the finished saved product is completely out of proportion of how it looked when I was creating it.

  • Not working for me!

    by Momsik131

    The beards don't stay where I put them when I save picture. They end up off the face. Any suggestions on how to fix.

  • Crashes when I export to Camera Roll

    by STLMayor

    Like the app. Installed, deleted and re-installed to try to resolve crashes. Hasn't worked. I don't recommend it. 4s running iOS 7.

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