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New look consistent with iOS7
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Also check out BibleDict for iPad, now available in the App Store!Four time-honored and tested bible dictionaries in your iPad. This is a valuable study resource at your finger tips. Designed to be fast and easy to use, it includes the following four dictionaries:

• Easton's Bible Dictionary
• Smith's Bible Dictionary
• Fausset's Bible Dictionary
• Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary

Over 6,500 terms are covered by these dictionaries. Designed to be fast and easy to use, the controls are very simple; search or scroll the topic list, pick a topic, then click on the dictionary buttons to quickly switch dictionaries. Click on the verse references to see the scripture for each sub-topic. You can even click on a scripture verse to view the entire chapter so that you can better understand the full-context of the verse. You can also move forward and backwards through chapters. Supports Dynamic Type in iOS7.

Included are all reference scripture texts (KJV & World English Bible translation), no wireless connection needed. The World English Bible is a public domain Modern English update of the American Standard Version of 1901 and can be found at

- Self-contained no wireless connection needed.

- Fast and easy to use.

- Easily switch dictionaries by touching buttons at the bottom of the screen.

- Easily switch bible translations at the touch of a button.

Customer Reviews

  • It's great!!

    by La-Duke

    I use this app a lot. Study of the meaning of Bible names is very enlightening in their context. This allows you to study that in greater depth. I'd highly recommend it!

  • Superb!

    by DoctorRose217

    I really enjoy using this app. I like being able to consult several Bible dictionaries. A frequent visitor to this app. I heartily recommend it.

  • Very Helpful App.!

    by cali82bam

    I use this app pretty much daily. It is very easy to use and very helpful when looking up references. However, I gave it four stars because there are several places where the Scripture name is not highlighted in blue. For example, a reference to 1 Samuel 17:4 might have the "1" and the "17:4" highlighted, but not "Samuel".... so won't take you to the proper reference. If that bug was fixed it would be perfect! Also, would be nice if phrases could be referenced. All in all it is a wonderful tool and very easy to use!

  • Bible dictionary

    by reader in Korea

    Would be so good if "expressions of more than one word" would be accepted...

  • Excellent quick resource

    by DTC1978

    Check it out!

  • Amazing!

    by Danngrz

    I love this app! It's wonderful to compare different dictionaries. The best part is the link to each supportive scripture. This provides a much needed reference to Gods word. The words in this dictionary are extremely in depth, so many more words than other dictionaries I have tried! A keeper for sure!

  • Bible Dictionary

    by Kimberly Hall

    I recommend those who want to further understand words of the Bible to get this application! It's a great source!

  • REV

    by D1Anderson

    Awesome App!! Enjoy it greatly!!

  • Very informative.

    by Agreewithmore

    Easy to use.

  • App

    by Leonardosabroso

    Great app highly recommend

  • Bible Dictionary

    by drowell47

    Great resource for your Bible study.

  • Love it!

    by Carmen D. Irizarry

    Great app, handy bible study tool.

  • Bible dictionary

    by Rande80807

    This is great to use and easily to find what you need. I recommend this to You.

  • Very useful.

    by Rev. Dr. DD

    Very useful

  • Dictionary

    by User friendly Ezra

    Love this app. Great for digging deeper into God's Word.

  • Not enough Bible words & meanings

    by fallclassic28

    I often have to go back to Webster's Dictionary because I cannot find the meaning to Biblical words. Needs improvement.

  • Review

    by Cory209

    Good app

  • Bible dic

    by Sean adams

    My favorite

  • Deacon northington

    by Mr northington

    Extremely useful study tool! I love it!

  • Bible dict

    by James Hardesty

    Great app. Recommended to everyone.

  • Awesome

    by .naut.

    Best Bible Dictionary in the app store. 4 in 1.

  • Awesome Bible Dict. App

    by Flying Grace

    To have so many Bible Dictionaries in one app is exciting. I am really enjoying it in my continuos study of his Holy Word!!!

  • Extensive app for layman

    by Old runner 57

    Superb. One of the best apps I have. Easy to use with a generous variety of commentaries especially considering the price.

  • Great app.

    by Helenetwg

    Consider expanding.

  • Ed Admin

    by Eddie Mick

    It is a fine app.

  • Good info

    by Fleshhook

    Very helpful. Needs more.

  • Great study tool!!

    by Arthur Rose Jr

    What a great companion to general biblical studies and sermon prep. Without a doubt, a great in-depth study resource that doesn't skimp on details.

  • Embassador of Christ

    by Mid age study in Anaheim

    Love it Need more words, but still helps a lot!

  • Review For Bible Dictionary!

    by Bad Thang

    Without trying to downgrade "true university standards," this app is truly amazing. Anyone serious about their studies in theologies will find this app a Major Plus. I recommend this application to everyone who is serious about the "Word of God." Bishop Campbell

  • Bishop Jeff

    by Papa5577

    Great study tool and time saver

  • Pastor Jack

    by JNW1

    Excellent app, easy to access info, super fast!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love this app.

    by mrsmedicquiz

    What else can i say. I love it! I use it on a regular basis. I love the Faussets dictionary. This i a hard book to find so i was exstactic to find this app for my ipod and so cheap!

  • Christian

    by Burton70

    A good dictionary for the person on the go...quick access easy to understand definitions.

  • Best in the West

    by Drewzinski

    The Christian experience has, more than anything else shaped the course of the Western World, and in particular, the USA. I've found it's info most accurate, and most helpful.

  • Love it!

    by CaliJenny

    I am so surprised that no one had reviewed this app before me, but after trying twice I think there is a bug that is preventing people from doing so on their mobile devices. I finally had to get onto my iTunes account on my computer to leave a here it is. The user interface is very clean and easy to use. I love that the app has 4 bible dictionary's in one so you're almost always able to find a definition in at least one of them. Then if the term you searched for is in multiple dictionaries you can click back and forth between all of them very easily. I haven't had any problems with it freezing up and I've found it very useful in my bible studies so far. I really like the ability to click on bible references within the definitions and have them opened up in the bottom half of the split screen, that's a feature I haven't seen in any other Bible dictionary apps so far. I also love the fact that I can access the content without Wifi, a bonus for all the iPod and iPad owners. For .99 cents it's a great buy and I highly recommend!

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