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Seller: The Zondervan Corporation LLC

A fresh design for iOS 7 keeps all the classic features you love while simplifying and uncluttering the interface.

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The Bible Gateway Bible App is the OFFICIAL and FREE mobile Bible reading and study experience from The Bible Gateway Bible App offers many wonderful ways to experience Bible reading and Bible study, including:
More than 90 different Bible translations, including NIV, KJV, ESV, NKJV, HCSB, NASB, CEB, The Message (MSG), Amplified Bible (AMP) and many more.
Some Bible translations are now available for download to your device, so you can read the Bible when you are not connected to the Internet (Offline Mode)
Fully compatible with the latest iOS devices, including iPad Mini and iPhone 5
Easy-to-use and reliable Bible search, both online and offline
Daily Bible verse in the translation of your choice
Daily Bible reading plans
Bible audio in a number of different translations and styles
Parallel translation viewing (iPad only, currently only available when online)
Quick Bible reading history, so you can go back and forth between Bible verses you have viewed
Personal notes - both general notes and notes tagged to specific Bible verses can be created
Star the Bible verses that are your favorite
Highlight Bible verses or passages
Easily view Bible study resources (Bible Commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, etc.) to help you unpack your Scripture reading
And integrated sharing tools make it quick and simple to share your favorite Bible verses with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter
Our mission is to encourage Bible reading and deepen Scriptural understanding among all Bible readers. We fulfill that mission by making Scripture and Bible study texts freely available in as many languages and translations as possible, in the web browser and on the mobile device. For more about who we are, visit About Us ( and read our Statement of Faith (

Customer Reviews

  • Bueno

    by Geoffrey12345756


  • A Few Improvements Needed....

    by OnyxtheDrummer

    Two things I need for this to help me...first please reencode the app for iOS7 so that when I click out of it for a few minutes the app doesn't lose my refreshes to the home screen Secondly, please find a way for continuous audio playback. It stops after a chapter and I have to go in manually and Select the next. It's hard while I'm driving. Overall great app just need those fixes

  • Love it, just one problem

    by Sarah

    When I go into my "bible in 90 days" reading plan, I can't tap a verse to highlight it or take notes. Is there a way to change this?

  • Please fix the bugs

    by Beth460

    I wish I had not updated. Now when I click verse of the day- it brings up yesterday's verse instead! Also print is too small and hard to read even though I tried to change font, it remains small. I loved this app, please make it work right again. And bookmarks for daily reading to keep my place would be great! Thanks


    by Originalpeach200

    I love this app and share it every chance I get...

  • Helpful

    by nerdorama

    The translations are very helpful when studying. The new look was unexpected, but still welcome.

  • The font size won't adjust

    by ibgibbs

    There was a recent update on this wonderful bible reading app that may make me delete it and go to another...the print is too small and even though I change the font size in settings,there is no difference in small and enlarge print.

  • Great Bible App

    by Elisabeth Spencer

    There are so many pluses about this app that its not fair to say I wish for more, but I do wish it had more resources to work with.

  • Bible

    by Jmatthw

    One of the best looking easiest to use Bible apps. Only thing I would change would be more reading plans to be offered

  • Great app

    by CJ tar heels

    Better then YouVersion but the only thing is... I would like to change the highlighters colors.. And the background to black and the words to white

  • Just a recommendation...

    by Mr. Dempster

    I gave this app 5 stars because I use it all the time. Great job! I do want to ask that you add a Strong's Concordance because I need it for my studies.

  • Gateway review

    by Aj Rojas

    Superb!!! Thank you AJ

  • Great features quick navigation

    by xenacat3

    I really like the new layout which makes it easy to go to any verse. Also like notes but would like to search sort and add keywords

  • Old design

    by Yanni bonni 123

    I like the old design better because it was more appealing to the eyes and colorful. Have a God First evening!

  • Hmm

    by edr1212

    New update is a little crummier. Requires you to "log in" to sync notes. Will not let me share my passages on Facebook, it completely shuts the app down. Please fix! Other wise I still like the app

  • Upgrade

    by Recess39

    The new upgrade is disappointing the enlarge button does not change anything x small is the same size as xx large. There is no way to save settings. Is there any way to go back to the old way?

  • Groan! Interface takes App from 5 to 3 stars!

    by Hanabell3

    You had a beautiful, easy to use interface. Now it's bland, boring, and hard to read with blue on white leaving too little contrast. I love the software, but I hate what you've done to the interface. It has all the features many of us hate with iOS7. We're your designers not listening? Some functionalities seem off kilter as well. Bad move.

  • Verse of the day

    by Maresca1994

    Great app so far please add an option to send verse of the day by text

  • Good

    by Rotorwag

    Love this app. Love having the Bible in my pocket with ability to read anywhere anytime. REALLY needs a bookmark or ribbon feature like a paper Bible.

  • Love it

    by Lynn Golini

    Really LOVE the audio and choices of versions and voices but audio stops at the end of each book. Please fix so app reads continuously without stopping.

  • WHY


    The recent changes has a lot of glitches that need to be only plays one chapter and then it stops.... I pick a verse and chapter and the screen goes blank, it opens the chapter but not the selected verse. I mean the list goes on and on... very frustrated... Why????

  • Ok App!

    by BrassKnuckler

    It has some good features but one major annoyance is it restarts at Gen 1 when you open the app. It should remember your last read verse and open there!

  • Oops you missed the mark.

    by Rig Black

    I ll be going back to paper bible now. Can't change text size and it takes to long to scroll trough the books to get the one your looking for. Please please bring back the scripture search box.

  • What Did You Do?

    by Jordan Awaits

    Since the latest update I am having multiple problems. The audio is failing to start, and the entire app closes on its own. Another major complaint is it will not stay on reader selection I choose. I constantly have to go back and reset my choice. This was a problem before the last update. I NEED MY AUDIO BIBLE EVERYDAY!!!! Please, fix it quickly.

  • iOS 7 version is terrible!

    by CHorsey

    I loved this app previously, but the iOS 7 upgrade ruined it. The "Select verse" function is now worthless; most of the time it takes too long to scroll thru all the books, and then even when you want to start at other than verse 1 of a chapter, it won't.

  • Doesn't! Work as good now

    by Popie69

    Have to start at gen. Your verse finder is no use at all! It will go to chapter but not verse! Book finder was easier to work before, now you can not see book finder as clear! I hope you get the bugs worked out! Is there a way you can open app to the place you let off?

  • Background

    by Storminlyn

    With the app update the soft cream background disappeared. It is now a blazing white and very distracting for reading. I will be looking for a different app to read the Bible.

  • Disappointed with update

    by Left for another app

    No longer saves my place or multiple translations I have opened when I close the app, and no longer will let you go directly to the verse. Very disappointed with this update...

  • I don't like the update

    by Terri2337

    I liked the look much better before the update. However, my biggest problem is that the print with my selected Bible reading plan is entirely too small, and apparently the "font size selector" is not working. I chose XXLarge, and it's still tiny. Really, the entire layout is hard on the eyes. Once this is fixed I will change my rating.

  • New update is full of bugs!

    by Missttcs99

    Avoid updating...they've got work to do to get this app fixed. Why oh why when I tap the verse of the day does it always open to James 1:5??

  • No Longer For Me

    by Larissa123456789

    This was my favorite Bible app but since the update I won't be using it anymore unless it changes. I feel I'm being extremely generous by giving this a one star rating. For me it is way too harsh on the eyes!!!!! I loved it before the changes!!! It would be great to have a choice in the like the previous version for those with sensitive eyes and this new one for those who like the crisp look.

  • In the Authorized King James Version,

    by Schamalfjdkfksj

    "spirit" not "Spirit" in Acts 11:28 "spirit" not "Spirit" in 1 John 5:8 *thank you so much if you fix, i will make 5 star*

  • Why ruin a great app?

    by Fmokren

    There used to be a great feature in the Bible view's verse selector where I could type the letters of a book and the selection would filter out all the books that didn't match the input. For example: typing 'ma' would yield Malachi and Matthew. Now if I want to jump straight to Matthew I have to scroll all the way from Genesis through the entire Old Testament to get there. It will actually be faster to use my paper Bible again.

  • Changes ugh

    by #£€¥>

    Wish I had not updated. Like the old one better

  • Updates messed up audio

    by I cAN TyPE

    Such a great app for listening to the Bible in the night when you can't sleep. But ever since the updates, the reading has to be reinitiated after every chapter. Very frustrating.

  • Sad about changes

    by Dhb987

    The last update has caused problems with IOS 6. In the listen- to -the -word mode, It won't continuously read chapter to chapter and every time I open it to read, it defaults to an auditory option that I didn't select. I did NOT have these issues before the update. So sad about the changes.

  • Great app, needs bookmarks

    by Swiftowl

    I give this app four out of five stars only because whenever I close the app I lose my place. It does not offer, at least I cannot find any way to save my place with a bookmark or having the app open up to where I left off. I feel that this is better then the popular app BIBLE. With this app you don't need to log in to read which is great. Also you can sync with your computers so you can review your notes across multiple devices. It also seems that you can keep your notes private which I very muchly like as opposed to the other app.

  • Version 2.1

    by Wuzafuzz

    I do not like this newer version. It is not as user friendly as its predecessor. In my opinion IOS 7 has cheapened the looks and functionality of this app.

  • Fine, but...

    by EmoCupcakezz

    Takes wayyyy too long to start up.

  • Not an improvement

    by Ollittap

    Bring back the readable typeface! The pale, thin, washed-out look of dashboard and menus makes them much less comfortable for reading, and less efficient for defining sections. And the flimsy "dial" selector is much less efficient than the drop-down menus it relaces. It wasn't broken, so why did you mess with this wonderful app? Go back one version -- please!

  • This is so very helpful

    by SourdoughMe

    I am learning so much by using this app. I have an iPad first edition and am so afraid I will lose the use of this program because of lack of updates. God knows how much I need this so I know there will always be a way. Thank you so much!

  • This app is great, but how do you agree to terms of use when you can't see a button with VoiceOver?

    by Stephie n 2010

    I really like this app. However, when trying to register for an account with bible gateway i found that there didn't appear to be an i agree button. At least not as far as voice over is concerned. If you can fix this and future release it would be greatly appreciated :-)

  • Touchy, yet great

    by Pastor Kev777

    I love this app, but the bible; book, chapter and verse screen is touchy when scrolling. Hard to stop. Also I liked the textured background, so that should be an option. Otherwise it's great.

  • New version is too bright

    by T/dee

    I love this app, but I find the new version background too bright and hard to read. A choice on backgrounds would be great.

  • Needs fixes

    by Fwgrammy

    Verse selection does not work. Was more attractive and inviting, now very plain. Still the Word.

  • Beautiful & complete

    by Lez115

    This is a most treasured app. It is simple and yet completely the Word with no editing. It is easy to use, the audio portions are truly a blessing to tired eyes. Thank you for this app and for not making constant changes but every so often. I do tell others about it.

  • Not working

    by AnnieSweezie

    Text does not come up just title from new download

  • Great app but...

    by Joshua's Generation

    It's so inconvenient that everytime you close it and reopen it it restarts from genesis rather than where you last left off. Please fix. Many times I don't want to use it because there were times the app closed by itself and restarted from genesis instead of the book, chapter, and verse I was last at. Thanks and God bless.

  • Could we select the theme colors, please.

    by Jose Diaz

    The previous theme was warm and inviting. This one seems cold.

  • Automatically play next verse

    by Nissiw1681

    What happened. It used to automatically go to the next verse. Now I have to manually go in and find the book I am on and play it that way. Please add this feature back. I listen to this when I workout or clean and it makes it very convenient that I can continue with what I am doing.

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