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The premier FAA Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) for the iPhone in your pocket. We've packaged it for lightning fast browsing and search queries. Leave the heavy book at home. If you're a pilot, you should buy this app now.

"Simple and sweet...Recommended."
- USA AppStore reviewer


✓ Explanation of changes
✓ Preface
✓ All 10 chapters
✓ All appendices
✓ All images


✓ Full offline access.
✓ Full-text search.
✓ Bookmarks.
✓ Header only search option.
✓ Context-sensitive search.
✓ Search term history.
✓ Search highlighting.
✓ Email sections to friends.

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Customer Reviews

  • AIM

    by rcelza

    Very helpful glad to have it !

  • It's the AIM

    by PGCDave

    It's the AIM on iPad. Not much you can really do to muck it up or make it better. Search function makes it all worth while.

  • Good stuff

    by 1231223123

    Use all the time

  • Portable!

    by Pandaz3

    I can always have the information I need when the question is fresh in my mind . The big book can stay on the desk, this one stays with me.

  • Great!

    by HEMS Driver

    Great App for on the go. I spend a lot of time on the road, this is a great app to have with you all the time for reference. Updates are quick to be available as soon as they come out.

  • Oops

    by AlCFIpilot

    Bought this on accident. Friend recommended tekk innovations FAR AIM. Anyone buying this is fully aware it's produced by the FAA whose acronym is one letter off of FAR. I wasted money buying just the AIM, poorly titled FAA AIM. Had to buy the FAR AIM too to get what i wanted. Product is great just look closer than I did to the title.

  • Great

    by fudile medford

    Very user friendly

  • ASEL/A&P

    by Switchpoint

    Great app. Well done.

  • Passed knowledge Exam

    by Pilotga123

    Great resource

  • Great app

    by Bluerazor2001

    Great app to look up items. Do like the highlighting feature that was added. Bookmarking could use some fine tuning but still works .

  • Fine reference at tip of the fingers!

    by Rita v.

    Great app! Helps settle many a hangar flying argument.

  • Great App

    by EmerBat

    Very easy to search the regs.

  • Awesome

    by Da Cat

    Did I mention it's awesome

  • Great App

    by ZopeJunior

    I would buy it all over again, its being of great help.

  • Good app

    by bloodclotdem

    Really good App..I fly overseas under a different authority so don't refer to FAA regs much these days but clearly the app is very valuable and easy to use when I do need it. Some of the graphics really do need work though (runway lighting aids section for example).. Or at least we should be able to zoom the graphics in and out to get a clearer picture..otherwise this app would be a 5..

  • Great product.

    by Dolphin driver

    Very happy with product. Searching within the regs is very good.

  • Love it

    by Truth321

    This app is great

  • Easy to use!

    by Vincent Moy

    Very nice app to have for pilots. Use it more often than the paper version.

  • Better than other electronic FAR/AIM's

    by PHXAviator

    I found this version to be far more user friendly then other electronic versions of the FAR/AIM. The search function makes it very user friendly. The only thing I would change is to add an actual highlighter function into the APP. If you could bookmark and highlight it would be even easier to recall important items. That's the only reason why I gave this a 4 instead of 5

  • AIM

    by Sir.Arturo

    After buying this app I don't need to carry with the heavy book. It's just what I was expecting.

  • They forgot the date

    by Geraldo Gomes

    This could have been a wonderful app except for the fact that no where in the app is there an indication of the year of publication. Not knowing if the data is current makes this app useless.

  • AIM

    by Plovsb

    Very handy to have as a aeronautical resource.

  • Great App for Cockpit

    by Brett Cook

    Perfect for in-flight reference, so you do not have to schlep around the FARAIM. The bookmarks are especially useful for personally relevant sections. Two cons: 1) unable to highlight certain paragraphs, clauses of each section. That would be nice when one wants to quickly refer to a particular area of a lengthy section 2) no pilot/controller glossary. This, however, is remedied by getting the free ASA app and using it in conjunction with this app.

  • Very useful

    by Goldwing05

    I found this application very useful. Since I installed it no need to buy the paper copy. The search feature makes it especially useful. There is more information than in the FAR/AIM e.g. part 23 that I look up every now and then. The graphics is still not as good as the paper copy, that's why I rated it 4 stars.

  • Good App!!

    by Boogie440

    It's a bit tricky to navigate, but so is the paper version.

  • Good reference

    by Ken, Jr.

    Generally, a good reference for the AIM. Quick loading, easy to navigate, search function is useful. Would like the ability to highlight text, but that's a minor complaint.

  • Fonts are not correct

    by Big Chile3

    When viewed on my iPhone, some of the fonts are not correct, otherwise a good app. Including the pilot controller glossary would make it a great app M.

  • Just what I expected

    by O57

    Perfect! It's the AIM.

  • Great App.

    by El Jeem

    Love the indexing... Makes this a great research and reference tool!

  • Well worth the price

    by Steve Barge

    Where are all the rest of the references?

  • Love it just needs the pilot controller glossary

    by WillG6

    This is a great app especially for pilots that are intimidated by the length of the AIM. My only complaint is that I would like to see the pilot controller glossary added to this app as that's a critical part of the AIM

  • Missing info

    by balestrine

    I thought with app would have part 141, 91, 61. And it does not! You should know this before you purchase

  • Pilot/Controller Glossary???

    by 2beer

    PLEASE add the Pilot/Controller Glossary!!! Otherwise, very handy app.

  • Basically an eBook - but a must have!

    by FloridaFlyBoy

    This is basically an eBook, but a logical and useful must have. Students, CFIs, fellow pilots... you know what I'm talking about. We live and fly by these rules and guides, the ability to search and find exactly what you need in seconds is valuable and worth the single-digit price. Interface is nicely done (and not OVERdone.)

  • Worth it.

    by MillenniumPigeon

    I bought this app with their FAA FAR app. Nice combo.

  • Nice FAR-AIM guide

    by Dos Cajones

    Simple and sweet with free updates. Customer service responded to emails quickly. Recommended.

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