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The complete text of Title 48 CFR, Federal Acquisition Regulations System, on your iPhone or iPad. We’ve optimized it for lightning fast browsing and search. Leave the heavy books at home and buy this app now.


+ Complete offline access.
+ All tables and images included.
+ Add custom bookmarks, highlighting, and notes.
+ Full-text search and other advanced search options.
+ Email and share sections or selected content with colleagues.

Want to try it for free first? Download CFR Titles 1 and 3 at no cost. We have every CFR Title available on the App Store.

Question, comments, or feature requests? Need specific updates? Email us at support@tekkinnovations.com. We respond to every email within one business day.


Disclaimer: The information in this app is not intended to replace official versions, is subject to revision, and should not be considered legal advice. Tekk Innovations LLC presents this information without warranties, express or implied, regarding accuracy, timeliness, or completeness. In addition, this disclaimer may change at anytime. When necessary, consult primary source material.

Customer Reviews

  • Simple and powerful

    by gandalf1974blahblah

    Excellent tool for those of us who are frequently referencing the FAR. Worth every penny. My only complaint is that it appears certain NFS sections are missing. Not a deal breaker but frustrating when you know a section is there but it's not in the app (e.g. 1833.104).

  • FAR in your pocket.

    by FAR_in_your_pocket

    Essential for all government acquisition professionals. Easy and intuitive to search. Regular updates keep it current. Worth the price!

  • Nice!

    by Naptime77

    I am an 1102 with NASA. This is very handy!

  • Review

    by Lunasdude

    I working in Government Contracting and use this app on a daily basis. It's very useful in my profession.

  • Great app!

    by MKBarrett3569

    Very easy to navigate. Much easier than using online FAR versions. Plus great easy access to agency acquisition regulations.

  • Every Compliance Geek Should Have

    by Burro Wan

    Wish List - CAS Preambles

  • Easy interface

    by Contracting Officer

    Great app for contracting officers to quickly navigate the FAR with an easy interface. However, the program doesn't have the AFFARS which is a big deal for me. I would give it 5 stars if it had the AFFARS.

  • Excellent app, frequently updated

    by Daniel Bier

    This app pays for itself, as the publisher quickly updates the content when new FAR versions are released. I frequently use this app to quickly answer contractual questions in business meetings or when posed with a question from a colleague. Well worth the investment. The app is easy to use. It makes working with convoluted defense regulations just a little bit easier.

  • Great for the job!!!!

    by 850 Tally Mane

    This is a very useful and convenient app for anyone in the field of contracting. If I had to complain about one thing, it definitely would be the exclusion of the AFFARS. Please add the AFFARS ASAP!!! All in all, excellent app.

  • Great

    by $)(6@@?bk

    As a government contracts professional, this app is my essential tool.

  • Good but not great

    by Xkoshan Arnold

    This is an excellent product. My only hit against it is that they need to fix the landscape/portrait start up. Every time you start it up you have to lift the ipad up to get it to go into landscape mode.

  • Very Good

    by Magigal

    The FAR app is very good. Organization of the FAR is different than we are used to and takes a bit to understand. Search functionality could be improved.

  • Excellent

    by Buster61

    Can't live without it. Most powerful tool ever.

  • FAR

    by Tepetongo

    Awesome App that is very convenient in all situations. Need to add the AAFARS!!

  • Great App

    by Sparky621

    As a CCO I use this app in the office and while deployed. The updates are timely and the app is easy to use.

  • Well worth the cost

    by Sambrown25

    This product has helped me greatly. It has a great search feature as well as all the updated information pertaining to the codes.

  • Well worth it

    by GlobetrotterKO

    This is worth every penny! I use it on a daily basis, both in the office and out. Better than investing in a paper FAR that you have to keep buying with each update. I recommend the buy- I consider it a professional investment.

  • Fantastic app!

    by Government contracts attorney

    I use this all the time and it's great when traveling or otherwise on the road! Keep up the frequent updates to keep it current.

  • Great FAR app!

    by Government Contracts Atty

    This is a very handy "pocket FAR." Thanks for updating it frequently.

  • AF Contracting

    by BlizzardSkin

    Why no AFFARS? Wouldve been alot happer/given five stars if this wouldve included the Air Force FAR. Will it be available?

  • Excellent Product

    by FedCon

    This app provides very quick access to the Federal Acquisition Regulation and the other regulations provided in Title 48. I found the search capabilities, the bookmarking capabilities, and the ability to e-mail sections of the regulations, to be particularly useful. The only thing that prevented a 5-star rating was the lack of hypertext links between the various internal references in the FAR and the other regulations. Links, of the type provided on the Air Force's FAR site, would push this product over the top.

  • Excellent

    by Groundhog69

    Needed this on the go and it fit the bill perfectly. Seems to be spot on at first glance. Ability to e-mail forms is a definite plus. $20 seemed a bit much but then again I've squandered that much on far worse.

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