46 CFR - Shipping (Title 46 Code of Federal Regulations) Reference App Review (iOS, $29.99)


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Fix possible crash during when opening bookmarks

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The complete text of Title 46 CFR, Shipping, on your iPhone or iPad. We’ve optimized it for lightning fast browsing and search. Leave the heavy books at home and buy this app now.


+ Complete offline access.
+ All tables and images included.
+ Add custom bookmarks, highlighting, and notes.
+ Full-text search and other advanced search options.
+ Email and share sections or selected content with colleagues.

Question, comments, or feature requests? Need specific updates? Email us at support@tekkinnovations.com.


Disclaimer: The information in this app is not intended to replace official versions, is subject to revision, and should not be considered legal advice. Tekk Innovations LLC presents this information without warranties, express or implied, regarding accuracy, timeliness, or completeness. In addition, this disclaimer may change at anytime. When necessary, consult primary source material.

Customer Reviews

  • Inspectors

    by Agarns

    I would give it a 5 if it didn't cost so much. Very helpful app for looking up CFR's quickly without carrying the books. I used the web for a while but after problems with the websites and getting it to load I caved in. When you search though and you are trying to look in a section say "k" it will go back and search the whole 46 CFR and you have to find section "k". Overall though its worth the money.

  • Great!

    by Captain18740

    46CFR on my iPhone is great. Makes referencing easy!

  • Very useful

    by JeffB4

    Gret app and very useful being able to search keywords.

  • Excellent execution, up to date, worth price

    by chadborne

    I am a deck cadet at a US maritime academy. I take my job very seriously, and am also a realist. I also happen to hold a commercial aviation certificate. Understanding CFRs is an embarrassingly big part of my life. I bought and downloaded titles 33, 46 and 47. These are the big three for deck officers in the US Merchant Marine. Now, onward! The Tekk series of CFRs is better than anything I've ever seen. Suppose you want a book that contains everything you need to know about regulations. This is more compact. What if you want a guaranteed up to date version of your title of study? Skip paper, go digital. Tekk does the hard work for you - for $30 a title, that's really good. And way easier to read than "just going online". Skip the browser nausea, get this. And what about the nitty gritty? As any competent researcher can deduce, you can highlight, copy, print, bookmark, search, and copy what you need. This comes in handy for practicing users and lowly students alike. I have found no errors or omissions yet. My only criticism is that it would be simpler to install one app as a reader, and download new CFR titles within that app. It would seem to simplify everyone's lives a little. That said, I have benefitted from being able to switch between titles with a double tap of my iPad's home button. If you're a student in a field that relates to these CFRs, you will benefit beyond the money spent. If you're a practicing officer of sorts, you're encouraged to join the ranks of the wizened and efficient.

  • Best Reference App for the Mariner

    by Chief Mate 09

    This is by far the best app I have purchased for referencing USCG regs and rules for vessels. Makes for a quick reference on the iPad and iPhone once highlighted and bookmarked. I would recommend this app for anyone in a supervisory position on board or managing vessels along with CFR's 33, 47, & 49, as well as, the US Code apps. iPad works best.

  • USCG Marine Inspector

    by CGMATAI

    As an inspector and investigator, this app provides a quick reference to regulations that make my job much easier. I love the search function. Great for any maritime professional.

  • Fantastic app for Marine Inspectors & Inveatigators

    by ericstahl

    For years I've been making do with PDF versions of references downloaded from GPO. Having the latest updates to regs with all my annotations from year to year is priceless. So much better than having all of my bookmarks locked in an outdated print book or older PDF! If you're a marine surveyor, inspector, or investigator, spend the cost of a pizza and simplify your life!

  • LT

    by Danny2318

    If you are a marine inspector, etc, do yourself a favor and just get this app...you WILL use it! To have all this knowledge in your pocket out in the field is a great asset. Have a question while out of the office, settle a friendly debate over lunch, or whatever it may be, just use the handy search function for a keyword and instantly you have what you're looking for! Love it!

  • QHSE

    by Baseballdad31

    This is a great app. Well worth the money

  • Great app

    by Weezy122

    Very useful app

  • Awesome!

    by CHM843

    Awesome saves a lot of time and money in my job!

  • Marine Inspector

    by Steven Lewis

    This app is awesome!

  • Works great!

    by Marine Inspector 3

    Worth the $30.00. Even better on the iPad which is free if you buy this one.

  • Marine inspector 2

    by Sardog1vi

    This is awesome. So much easier than searching the Internet or carrying a bunch of books. Well organized and lightning fast.

  • Most useful app on my iPod.

    by Jimbo G.

    This is an awesome app! The search feature is extremely helpful and it's very easy to navigate through all subchapters of 46 CFR. A bookmark feature would be helpful. It's well worth the $$ and sure beats carrying around the 6 or 7 books that make up 46. I hope it stays updated!

  • As advertised

    by Naval architect

    It wouldn't surprise me if I am the first person to download this app! It seems to be exactly as advertised. I'm not sure if it will be updated with revised cfrs, but it is quite handy to have for shipchecks or client meetings.

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