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The complete text of Title 14 CFR, Aeronautics and Space, on your iPhone or iPad. We’ve optimized it for lightning fast browsing and search. Leave the heavy books at home and buy this app now.


+ Complete offline access.
+ All tables and images included.
+ Add custom bookmarks, highlighting, and notes.
+ Full-text search and other advanced search options.
+ Email and share sections or selected content with colleagues.

Want to try it for free first? Download CFR Titles 1 and 3 at no cost. We have every CFR Title available on the App Store.

Question, comments, or feature requests? Need specific updates? Email us at support@tekkinnovations.com. We respond to every email within one business day.


Disclaimer: The information in this app is not intended to replace official versions, is subject to revision, and should not be considered legal advice. Tekk Innovations LLC presents this information without warranties, express or implied, regarding accuracy, timeliness, or completeness. In addition, this disclaimer may change at anytime. When necessary, consult primary source material.

Customer Reviews

  • Well done!

    by Cosmo2004

    Outstanding App. CFR is depicted in very readable format. Text is cross-referenced with easy "jump-back" to your original text. Updates are automatic for the most current information. The only thing I would change: if there isn't a list of changes with each update, it should be included so as to keep currency. A must-have reference for professionals in the aviation industry!


    by Buster777

    Appears to be complete and up to date. Has all applicable parts whether or not you need them (I DO). Beware of feds carrying iPhones!

  • Excellent app

    by Balzarog

    I use this app every day. I work for a government agency and need a quick way to research requirements. This is the way.

  • Title14 CFR

    by Sweet Pea Kitty

    Well done APP. Recommend.

  • Great to have

    by Bluerazor2001

    Doesn't read quite like a book from iBooks but it does the trick. Also, get rid of the warning when you highlight something. It shouldn't be experimental as its crucial for studying the material. It's just annoying and should be stopped from popping up.

  • Excellent App

    by WiredForWinter

    This has been a reliable source of info now for years.

  • CFR 14

    by Rpy2

    Excellent tool!

  • Perfect

    by Pima1717

    Excellent way to look at regulations on the go.

  • Excellent resource

    by Shadowdog5000

    This is an excellent resource to look up regulations.

  • Reference

    by W. Ashley Smith, Jr.

    This is an excellent app to use as a quick reference tool.

  • Study aid

    by Lou O

    Excellant study aid on the go with IPhone or IPad. Regs at your fingertips when ever you need them or when your just sitting around and refreshing your reg knowledge.

  • ASI

    by Dilligaf58

    Fantastic! As an FAA Inspector I use this App constantly! I appreciate the fact it's on my phone hard drive and I don't have to rely on the Internet. With out a doubt, the best App I have!

  • Unreplaceable!

    by FedGuy

    Easily the most used app on my phone.

  • 14 CFR is a must buy!!!

    by Phrogwmn

    This is the best app I have ever purchased. This eliminates the need to keep packing the old Jeppesen Airway Manual around. As an Inspector this is an great tool and makes my iPhone even more indispensable. A must buy!!! Great quick reference tool for on the go use. This is most definitely a 5 star app and anyone who says differently is mistaken as to it's purpose. Obviously no user with any professional need for an app like this would be confused as to weather or not this reference tool is "Officially Current". Anyone who would use the data contained in this app as the sole basis to make an Airworthiness or Regulatory Compliance determination should not be tasked with making those determinations in the first place. This is a tool, just like your Jepp book, or annually printed FARAIM/AMT book, it is not eCFR or the Federal Register. It's a great tool, use it for what it is.


    by Mosquito67

    Yes, it has all of 14 CFR.

  • A steal for the price.

    by celtic-tiger

    It is indeed complete and up-to-date. I need access to the very latest FARs (all parts) for my job as a professional airline pilot. Rest assured with this app. It delivers.

  • Amazing

    by mturbeville

    I am thrilled! One less book in the bag. It would just top it off now if I could leave out ac65-15a. This one however is a blessing. I got the other guy's pilotFARs...it's useless. This goes above and beyond, for real! It is worth more than it's price. Thanks so much.

  • Needs Many Fixes

    by louisblr

    Though this is a great compilation of Title 49 - 14 CFR's, but needs corrections and at best can be used for "Reference Only". Cross reference the government website for the most current regulations once you've researched an item with this application. 1) Currency of the Regulations is dependent on the updates and I have not figured out how to force an update. The live feed is dependent on your connection to a wireless connection, so if you're in the field, your out of luck. Content is current as of March 28, 2010, so beware that as of today it's May 31st, 2010. Many changes have taken place to include, the classification of products and articles listed in Part 21. Class I and Class II products no longer exist. A product, now, is the whole aircraft. Many other major changes have taken place in the regulations as well. 2) I have found that the bookmarks cannot be manipulated with my version, so they pile up in whatever order you saved them under and you cannot label, categorize, or delete them for a user friendly quick reference. I'm definitely glad I bought it, but beware you may not have the most current info. If you rely on it in the field, you may be in violation of the law and subject to certificate action and/or civil penalties.

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