NIV Quest Study Bible from Zondervan Book App Review (iOS, $14.99)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: Tecarta, Inc.
  • Updated: Mar, 16 2012
  • Version: 3.07
  • Size: 52.18 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Tecarta, Inc.

- iOS7 bug fixes
- improved sync
- added devotional content in library
- fixed start up crash on some db upgrades

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YOU WERE MADE TO ASK QUESTIONS. The Bible was made to answer them.

Passages that once puzzled you become clear as you explore God’s Word and uncover the meaning of Scripture using the insights extracted from the Zondervan New International Version Quest Study Bible.

Includes the complete New International Version of the Bible and over 7000 Questions & Answers from the Bible.

* Browse through an ever-changing variety of compelling, and often difficult, questions about the Bible.

“Is it OK to question God?”

“Why do material things make me feel good?”

“Why does God allow bad things to happen?”

“Are people just pawns in God’s chess game?”

“How involved should Christians be in caring for the earth?”

* Connect with Facebook to share your answers and see what others think.

* Discover solid answers to Bible questions that will unlock over time.

“Does God have a specific plan for my life?”

“How can we handle guilt and regret over our past decisions?”

“What are angels and how do they interact with the world today?”

Like no other, this unique app addresses the common, uncommon, and perplexing questions people ask about Scripture. See for yourself!

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Star Bible App!

    by RKappHappy

    Awesome app for studying. Helpful commentary with Q and A that leads to more insightful Q and A's.

  • Great

    by Littleyrk

    The best app I have found. Easy to understand. The answers to the questions are very clear.

  • Nice BUT

    by Uncle Leroy 7

    good bible but crashes every time I try to view the interactive videos on either wifi or 4g. That's a big problem for me.

  • A Fantastic Way To Learn, God's Word, For All Ages

    by The Bamajr

    I had this Bible, in print, as a kid. And now that I'm an adult, I have it as a digital version, accessible on my iPhone. It is, by far, my favorite Bible format. I think it is A Fantastic Way To Learn, God's Word, For All Ages.

  • Perfect!!!

    by AtticusFinch


  • Great for journaling!

    by Keik's

    Answers many of the questions I would've asked.

  • Great Mobile Bible!

    by DtMLopez

    This Bible app is a really good, fast, effective study bible!

  • Niv quest bible

    by Elloboc

    Lucid, Nicely crafted ! An easy read. Layout is wonderful. Hey, if it helps you read God's word more...then it's awesome! Ello

  • Love it

    by Counselot

    Love it

  • First rate layout and format!

    by W. Rayburn Leeper

    Thank you for an excellent quality product!

  • I love it!!

    by Jade's World

    I bought my hubby a print version of this bible n really wanted it on my phone and iPad to read at night, and there it was! Totally worth the $15.

  • Great!!!

    by actionjack419

    A must have!!

  • I love it

    by clrstew

    Excellent!!!! Thanks

  • Quest Niv Bible

    by Homes to see

    Great app. I have this Bible and it is great to have on my IPad and phone. A very good study bible and contains many perspectives on questions.

  • Awesome

    by The that knows

    I've only had the app for a short time, but so far I absolutely love it. Literally in every way possible. I've been using the Youversion app and I've loved it, but this helps with additional features that help clarify things without extra fuss. It's really a blessing to have such powerful tools at our disposal at all times.

  • Just like the printed version very convenient

    by Bag999

    Really like the quest study bible. Glad to have a convenient way to stick with the same bible on the go. Every word and picture seems to be on this electronic version.

  • Quest Bible

    by Polishfolk

    Excellent Bible, especially for new believers. The tool used to go to books,chapters and verses is very frustrating , however. The dial method takes longer and is not user friendly as it is so easy to dial past the number you want.

  • The perfect study Bible

    by SCPackerfan

    I bought this Bible on Christmas morning, 2012. I have used Zondervan's Archaeological Study Bible for years, but I wanted a different format for my iPad. I researched many of the different formats that we're available, and I found this to be the best blend of commentary and study tools available for the NIV translation. The "study questions" which accompany the verses have given me a new insight into passages that I read for years. I know some persons have not liked the recent update which changed the means to access the Books in the Bible to a "scroll wheel" format. I realize this is a matter of personal preference, but I actually think it was a change for the better. In my opinion, it has made it even easier to go directly to a particular Book and passage. This Bible has brought a fresh approach to my daily Bible study. I would recommend this product to any scholar, Christian or otherwise, who wants a deeper understanding of God's Word and the message of our Lord Jesus Christ. UPDATE: There was a temporary "hiccup" which caused the app to crash after a recent update. Customer service at Tecarta could not have been more courteous and responsive by acknowledging my concerns and assuring me that a solution was forthcoming-and they delivered on the next update. Great tech support is another reason to get this app.

  • Quest Bible

    by Big Shang

    Great Study Bible. Good for teaching. Will recommend to others.

  • Good, good.

    by Reader172

    Good app! I thought at first the inserted text & questions would be distracting. It's been helpful when I want it & easy to ignore when I don't. Recommended.

  • Niv Quest

    by Bchbum0627

    I love this app. It has a lot of helping tools to help you with the answer you are looking for.

  • NIV Quest

    by TCCarter2013

    I absolutely love this app! I have many bible apps but this one is simply the best!! A must have if you are studying the bible.

  • Bible review

    by rome0113

    Awesome a great bible

  • 5 Stars+

    by Bumblebee39

    This Bible is so easy to use and a great help with all the notes that help in understanding difficult passages.

  • Reading Plans

    by sdeetz

    The improvements and side by side translations are great! Only things missing are The Living Bible translation, and to add reading plans. Then it will be perfect.

  • Nice app

    by anthony hernandez

    Very good app.

  • Quest

    by Channpoo

    It's s very helpful for my study

  • Love it!

    by John D. Gilbert

    I have enjoyed the bible. I mostly use it when everyone is asleep. I can lay in the bed and read God's word without waking the kids or my husband. I love the questions due to the fact that I am a reborn Christian and this is truly the first time I have really studied the word. It has helped me understand a lot more than some of the other bibles I own. LOVE it being on my phone!

  • Great Update

    by Talent33

    I love finally having my favorite bible in digital format for only $15. The questions and resources as always are awesome. This last update was awesome! You can now sync the app between you iPhone and iPad so it goes with you. Awesome app I use it everyday. Great job with the update!

  • Works perfect!

    by Gbarks82

    Best bible app available IMO.

  • LOVE

    by Swilliams22

    I love this Bible! Great search features, easy to navigate, fantastic notes!

  • Great App

    by CapnJJ

    This is a great app and the content is superb. I just wish they had left the chapter, verse selector alone instead of switching to the rolling wheel.

  • NIV Quest

    by tbeckmann0317

    I enjoy being able to go from one version of the Bible to another and have my notes to refer too.

  • Quest Bible

    by BSNURB

    I so appreciate the questions/answers in the margins. The information enlightens the reader and adds further understanding to the scriptures. Quest then gives additional scriptural listings where the reader can explore the thought even further if you desire. I also like the fact that I have Quest at my finger tips at any time. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND QUEST BIBLE.

  • Great Bible for Explorers

    by SeanMcL987

    This is a great bible for someone who is reading the bible for the first and wants "the facts" and not necessarily dogma. It is well laid out with lots of resources. I particularly liked the maps.


    by Dadherzog

    This bible app is one of the most useful tools I've found without spending alot of money. IT HAS USEFUL QUESTIONS, AN EASY SEARCH TOOL, AND LOTS OF OTHE EXTRAS. LOVE IT GREAT APP

  • Pbodyt

    by Pbodyt

    Love this app everything you need to learn the Bible

  • Study Bible

    by erick&cobie

    easy way to study the Bible. Thanks.

  • Newest update is good and bad

    by Norq

    I like being able to have access to all the Bibles and notes in this new update. I have the Study Bible app, now, I only need one app icon on my home screen to access everything. Some other nice options included as well. Posting to Twitter is way better! No more having to move my cursor every time I hit the space bar! Thank you! The only change that is bad....and it's really the book navigation menu. The scrolling wheels are lousy forms of navigation. They overshoot. There are 66 books in the Bible...WAY too many for a scrolling wheel...even with the OT/NT option. The previous navigation was was better than youversion! Now it is really bad. Unfortunately, it makes it too time consuming to use in Church, where you need to get to the references quickly. So, I will be using Youversion on Sunday mornings, and scale back my use of the Tecarta apps for study only. Bring it back!

  • Crashing

    by Cho chun

    It is a wonderful software, when it is not crashing. Crash all the time on certain chapters. Please fix it for IPhone. I stopped using it because of the crashes.

  • Incredible UI. Awesome integration of Bible questions and text

    by Smashable

    Let's face it. Who doesn't have questions about the Bible? This is an awesome app. You can choose to 7000 Bible questions appear inline in the text interface if you want. Click any one of them for great commentary. Even share answers through integrated Facebook. Plus you get the full NIV text. You can highlight any text. Share it through Twitter and Facebook and email. Take notes and even organize notes by folder. Plus maps, charts, and very nice book introductions. The UI is amazing and so attractive. Like no other Bible app, or other iOS app for that matter. Here's some examples of the questions: What are angels and how do they interact with the world today? Can our prayers cause God to change his mind? Why does God allow bad things to happen? Does God send troubles? Does God approve of War? Is it wrong for both parents to work outside of the home? This is seriously cool. Plus the app syncs between devices. Never loose your notes, margin notes and book marks.

  • Great secondary bible

    by samwho?

    Wonderful learning tool for expanding your spiritual knowledge. I will say get it, if you already own a good study bible, like the NIV study bible or even a good NKJV. Best of luck, you might even look into the celebrate recovery, the NIV version.

  • Great Bible App

    by Ambrosia_d

    I saw this Bible and decided I had to get it. It was Sunday and the local store was closed. I looked for the app and was so happy to see that they had one. I purchased it and I am so happy with it. The study questions make it so much easier to understand. The bad reviews don't seem to be relevant to the app anymore. It's not free and it's the full version. Definitely worth the 15 bucks.

  • Deceiving,

    by WayneGene

    This purports to be a Bible (free), but is actually an ad for a Bible costing $15!

  • Wasn't worth my download time

    by AnnAlva

    All you get is a page with questions about the bible.... No study bible, no bible at all. And it doesn't even answer the questions!!! When you click on a question, it says what do you think and lists a scripture. Link to purchase the "full" app for $14.99 is the first thing you see when you launch. Very disappointed! For people seeking a greater understanding of the Word, this is NOT the app for you!!!

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