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Languages: English

Seller: Tecarta, Inc.

- iOS7 bug fixes
- improved sync
- added devotional content in library
- fixed start up crash on some db upgrades

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The Bible with Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary is Tecarta's Bible app and includes a local version of the KJV and Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary of the Bible. You get a very fast app designed for Bible Study, quick navigation and easy note taking.  No other Bible app matches the design, functionality of Tecarta's Bible app.

A simple, powerful design will allow you to easily read the Bible off-line (without an Internet connection), navigate, search, highlight verses, bookmark, make margin notes, copy/paste or take notes.  Additional translations such as The Message, New Living Translation (NLT), NIV or NASB can be affordably purchased via in-app purchase or streamed with an Internet connection. Find out for yourself why Tecarta Bibles are the top selling Bibles on iPhones and iPads.
- Fast and easy to use
- Flip back and forth from your Bible to note-taking during lessons with one touch and not miss a thing
- No internet connection needed for downloaded Bibles
- Use either Study, Parallel or Reading (page turning) mode
- Copy and paste multiple verses easily and quickly
- Quick navigation either by using predictive entry or table of contents
- Margin notes allow you to write notes for a specific passage
- Night mode for low light reading
- Both word and verse selection for highlights
- Facebook and Twitter sharing
- Highlighting allows readers to easily emphasize verses or passages
- Full-text search by OT, NT or current book allows users to quickly find words and study topics
- Bookmark your favorite passages for quick future reference or make your own personal studies
- Powerful folder system allows users to organize notes and bookmarks
- History folder and back button
- Portrait / Landscape mode
- Cross references by tap and hold underlined words in the NIV and NASB
- Font sizes can be easily changed
- Easily e-mail notes to yourself, friends or family
- NIV, ESV, NKJV, KJV, and NASB are red-letter editions, which can be optionally disabled
- Users can expand Bible translations library easily and affordably through in-app purchase
- Split-screen capability for parallel translations or for seeing Bible study with personal or study notes at the same time
- Autoscroll with adjustable speed
- Synchronize all your notes, bookmarks, margin notes and highlights across all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices
- AirPrint enabled

In-app translations include the following:
- NIV (New International Version Bible - 2011)
- NIrV (New International Reader's Version Bible)
- MSG (The Message Bible)
- KJV (King James Version)
- CEV (Contemporary English Version Bible)
- NKJV (New King James Version Bible)
- NLT (New Living Translation Bible)
- AMP (Amplified Bible)
- NCV (New Century Version Bible)
- NASB (New American Standard Bible)
- NVI (Spanish NIV Bible)
- CUV (Chinese Union Version Bible)
- CUVS (Chinese Union Simplified Version Bible)
- Korean Bible
- ESV (English Standard Version Bible)

In-app Study Bibles include the following:
NIV Study Bible 2011 version
NIV Quest Study Bible
NIV Women's Devotional Bible
NIV Student Bible
MacArthur's Daily Bible

Are we missing any translations you would like to see? Do you have any suggestions? Email us at

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by AJames49

    I use this app all the time. As a Pastor and a Hospice Chaplain, I find it a great resource. The ability to use various translations and commentaries makes it more valuable than the price paid!

  • Nice app

    by Yazzidawg

    Easy on the eyes. Okay navigation. Decent note taking tool.

  • Chaplain

    by Guard Chaplain

    LOVE that you can save a hard copy to your device in case there is no Internet available. Price is excellent. Need more commentaries for sale! You really need to make this with an automatic login. Also a more exhaustive search engine like net bible (like google) where suggestions are made for spellings errors.

  • Bishop

    by Williedeeb

    Great app, I can read the Bible anytime any where.

  • Great app!

    by D Jeanne Stewart

    I love using this in church & for my personal Bible study! During sermons I take my notes in the margin of the key verse, then add to it as I go back & study it more through the week - including the date & notes about how God is convicting me to apply it to my life. Then when I come across the same verse in the future, all my notes about it are right there to refer back to. I LOVE it! :-) I have purchased 10 different Bible versions over the past 3-4 months, and love how quickly & easily I can flip back & forth between translations to compare wording. The ease of searching, copy & paste, highlighting, etc. is soooooo much better than in apps I had tried previously! I highly recommend Tecarta! Two things I would love to see improved: if I highlight a verse in my Bible, I would like to have an option that could be turned off & on that would make that highlighting show up in all versions that I have - not just the translation I was reading when I highlighted. Also, I often wish that I could highlight just portions of verses, instead of only the whole verse or none of it. The words above are from a review that I submitted a year or two ago. I would only add now that though this is still my favorit Bible app, after 2-3 years of using it regularly, I have STOPPED putting my sermon notes in it, & gone back to lugging my old paper printed Bible on Sundays. I am highly disappointed with the changes in the most recent updates! :-( It was a downgrade. I have yet to find anything that was made BETTER, but I lost the ability to scroll - now have to flip entire page, which I HATE... and when it upgraded, it lost ALL OF MY NOTES!! Over two years of Sunday morning sermon and Sunday School notes just GONE! :'-( Will not trust them to electronics again! :-(

  • Excellent Application

    by JAPP.1

    Much of what is necessary for a thorough Bible study, is included in this app...e.g., commentary, highlighter, margin notes. Additionally, it is easily navigable. Reading the commentary side by side is a big plus for me. Much thought was put into developing this application and it shows. I love it! Thank you!

  • Great great great

    by Granny7899

    Very easy to turn pages and do studies with. Love it

  • Excellent

    by Gwazinaii

    An excellent app. I enjoy it a lot

  • Wonderful

    by Glenda Navarro

    I enjoy how simple the app is to use and find the word I need.

  • Great improvements in the app

    by RickNStl

    I love using this app on iPhone and iPad and have begun using it as a primary study tool. Could use more convenient cloud-sharing of notes but I'm sure that is near.

  • doddlebug65

    by Swirly65

    This is a great Bible app!

  • Good but needs more options

    by rwilson2

    It's lacking in the ease of getting and retrieving notes and their proximity to the text.

  • Disappointed

    by Eng 209

    I am really disappointed that when you updated the app you also removed the ability to switch to other versions. Now each has to be paid for and I don' t know if they work together or if each is a separate app. I have no desire to switch between apps to check another translation.

  • Great App

    by Wrenhaven

    Great Bible program. Easy to use for all my needs. I Recommend.

  • Perfect!!!

    by Daddybl4ck

    This app is very helpful

  • The Real Deal

    by Ydjufvdf

    It doesn't get any better than this!

  • Great book!

    by Lady*hawk

    I enjoy reading this Bible. You can go from one place to another in no time at all. Easy to use and so glad I have it! We go on a trip and I have my Bible handy.

  • Mercy of God

    by Chuy 53

    I love the word of God . All 66 books also this app is a bless

  • Great and Easy to Use

    by ClaireBo86

    This I a great bible app. I've tried a few different ones but this one is easy to highlight, giving you lots of options. Also the notes are easy to take, and the app allows you to flip back and forth between your notes and your place in the bible. Also, navigating to anywhere is easy with the scroll navigation. All in all, great app and one o my favorites.

  • I love this App!

    by Sweet Jennie Lou

    My Bible App is easy to use. Everything is quick and easy to find!

  • Visually Challenged Beware!

    by Blind Jockey

    It words fine to read on voice over and using some hand gestures to navigate. However, theApp tends to lock up when used with other Apps such as notes and other word processing apps. The copy function tends to copy incorrectly and will default back to the last paragraph you tried to copy. THe definition brackets will not go away no matter what I try and this will also prevent anything else from operating correctly.I will have to get rid of this app. I would like my money back please!

  • Radiodoctor1

    by Radiodoctor1

    Lost my most important Bible tool For my Ipad1 after the last update. Bad form Tecarta! I spent some money on this.

  • Fails to open

    by SAP51

    Since the most recent update the app will not open on iPad 1. Tried to contact support but no reply. If they can't fix it avoid this app.

  • Highly recommended!

    by Chandler1976

    I asked someone I know for a recommendation on a Bible app. He travels constantly preaching around the world so I figured he'd be a good person to ask for a recommendation from. He had tried many if not all of them and liked this one the best. I took his recommendation and have enjoyed this app for several years now. The recent update made it even better. So many great options and helpful tools. Love it.

  • great app for Biblical study

    by Dotmc42

    I enjoy using this app along with my devotional references each day. It is easy to see, easy to navigate, and well laid out.

  • Excellent resource

    by meR!na

    I love the parallel option to view both the bible and commentary side by side. Wish highlighting was an option in the commentary, but other than that its a great study resource with a beautiful User interface and easy navigation for tools.

  • Great app


    The ability to have the same info on different devices is great. The word search is helpful. I have even used this app when preparing for sermons. This app is a blessing. This is the first bible app I had and by far the best. If audio playback was added it would be nice. The note that I take when having bible studies are so easily shareable and makes it convenient for printing. I use this app often. Thanks.

  • Love!!

    by Mommy of a,b,i,j,&d

    Best Bible app ever!

  • Great Resource


    Wonderful pairing. So grateful for this app. The commentary and Bible at your fingertips!

  • Almost perfect!

    by Odd Beetle

    I must be doing something wrong as I have lost several pages of notes and I don't know what happened. I am pretty savvy with such things so I suspect a glitch in the app. Also, I would like to be able to leave permanent notes in the text, but this app doesn't have that functionality. Otherwise, easy to navigate, useful notes page, works with or without Internet connection.

  • Great app

    by Vegansrule

    Love this app. I have really enjoyed using it. It's so easy and convenient.

  • Great App

    by Lisa Kemp

    I love this app!!!!! If you do not have it --IT IS A MUST HAVE!!! There are so many new features--note taking is one of my best one you can share, or even email it to yourself so you can keep it for future references. I use this for the majority of my bible reading. The email feature is what hooked me right in. I usually use it to send the sermons to myself. I love the changes done to the note page. I use it faithfully at church for bible study & the sermons. Must say great app again!!!!!

  • Rev. T. Sartor

    by TTCSS

    Thanks! This app is a good one! It has been fun seeing my children reading the Bible on their iPads! You see technology holding the Bible instead of a paper back book makes them all the more interested in reading! Again, thanks & praises unto The Lord!

  • Great App

    by Review_13

    The app is great. It is easy to use n the features allow me to take notes n bookmark verses. This is one of my best purchases.

  • Nice to have

    by Scott Earnst

    So far works great! Thank you

  • Great study help!!

    by Old Time Reader

    The split screen with the scripture on one side and commentary on the other is wonderful for Bible study - and I think the Matthew Henry Commentary is the best. Great app!!

  • Bible app

    by Mcnairn@cox . Net

    Love this app, thanks for your help. It has been a great source of information.

  • Great update

    by Ca_cal

    Great app. It's easy to use and the new update is wonderful and convenient.

  • Like it

    by Randall Robertson

    This is a great bible app. It can be used across a variety of OSs without additional purchase required. I like the OIS interface as it is simple yet effective. I use on both an iPad and iPhone and like the interface on both. With the iPad I use it in the split screen, two version setting frequently when I am studying. Overall a really nice app.

  • Great

    by SNelsonJr

    Very useful and helpful app

  • Great bible app

    by 919bootit1

    I use this At church and study. Excellent app

  • Great bible program

    by J123567893

    This is a great bible program - very user friendly and well organized.

  • Use it daily

    by OrLeesh

    Opens quickly, doesn't crash, easy navigation and search functions, and love that I can use it offline. Powerful app.

  • Great app!

    by David Rivera

    Great App!

  • Awesome

    by Sam72015

    Quick and easy to use

  • A Great Resource

    by Flick Master

    This is a most helpful resource...thank you for all the help...

  • Great purchase

    by Annie6412011

    ...if you love Jesus! An awesome update made this app the best Bible app I could ever have hoped for. It is easy to use and wonderfully organized. I recommend this app to EVERYONE who wants the word with them wherever they go!

  • Thankful

    by Public Health RN

    Great app! Too say the least. Easy to use & wonderful to have the Bible at hand at all times.

  • Excellent Bible with Commentary

    by Vincent Nehikhare

    I have been using the hard copy for a very time until I downloaded this app. There is simply nothing like it. My bible study has take a new wonderful dimension!

  • Great!

    by Sky767

    Love this app!

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