Jisho Touch (Multilingual Japanese English Dictionary) Reference App Review (iOS, $14.99)


Languages: English, German, Japanese

Seller: Sugoi Software, LLC

Fixed staring words after restarting the app not saving English.

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Meet Jisho Touch - the Japanese English Dictionary for the rest of us. It speaks your language, and with over 100,000 entries you'll never be lost for words again!

Mac Users: Be sure to check out Jisho for Macintosh. A Full demo is available on our website.

- Search in Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, and Romaji), English, German, Russian, and French.

- Automatically converts hiragana and katakana to roman letters.

- Once Jisho Touch is on your iPhone or iPod Touch, no internet access is required to search and use Jisho Touch.

- Bookmarking. Create a list of words you want for quick reference just by touching a star. Remove it by touching the star again.

- See that kanji clearer with Jisho Touch's Zoom Kanji View.

- Swipe between kanji in the Zoom View.

- Persistence. Pick up right where you left off when you quit Jisho Touch.

- Search History remembers recently searched for terms so you don't have to. Search for words again just by touching it.

- Toggle Displayed Languages/Romanization Off and On

Jisho Touch uses the excellent JMDICT file. The file is the property of the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group at Monash University, and are used in conformance with the Group's license.

Customer Reviews

  • No frills, easy to use

    by StrangeloveM5

    I picked up two J-E/E-J dictionary apps, and this was the first one. Overall, it's very nice I think. It doesn't have a ton of extras, but it's quick and searches are easy to perform. Verbs are fairly easy to find accurately so long as you use "to" when you're looking something up ("to drink" or "to walk" and so forth). Personally, I don't have an issue with doing that since I already think of verbs in those terms after studying Japanese for a few years, but I can see the point about some people just wanting to punch in "go" and getting back an instant result. That aside, after using "to go" as per my usual test to see what I get back, it did return the appropriate common verb that I was looking for (iku). It's an excellent value and a nice Japanese reference app.

  • すばらしいです!!

    by るるく



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