Historical Weapons Reference App Review (iOS, Free)

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  • Updated: Jul, 10 2010
  • Version: 1.0
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Seller: William Wray

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Vintage guns, rifles, pistols and muskets from the 19th and 20th Century. Learn about the different features of each gun and inspect the detailed images of each gun. Admire and learn about the common and rare firearms used in history. Understand the differences between each weapon and see the variations of each gun.

Historical Weapons includes detailed factual and pictorial information on the following guns:

• American Long Rifle
• Kent State Rifle
• US Thompson M1 Submachine Gun
• Zouave Rifle
• Richmond Musket
• Sam Houston’s Rifle
• Rappahannock Forge Musket
• AK-47 Automatic Rifle
• Sharps Carbine
• French Charleville Flintlock Musket
• Matchlock Musket…
…and many many more.

A comprehensive, must-have app for any collector or anyone interested in firearms history or historical warfare.

Free access to many weapons - unlock ALL content via just ONE in-app purchase.

Content does not require connectivity.

Images and information taken from the Smithsonian Institute © publicresource.org

Customer Reviews

  • Exactly what i wanted

    by Kuro!!!

    For you stupid people out there, it says in the description what it does. It's meant to be informative, not entertaining. For anyone else who would like to learn brief descriptions of the weapons with a picture to boot, look no further for a source on firearms. The Smithsonian has one of the worlds largest collections. The only downfall is that you need to pay for all the weapons to be displayed. In the end it's still cheaper than upwards of $30 to the museum itself!

  • You learn alot

    by Tyler 42

    Warning you can't fire weapons by it is really educational

  • Useless

    by J-L B

    May be abandoned and not updated for iOS 7. Either way, its pictures look like shot patterns rather than rifles, and the few of rifles are too small to tell anything.

  • Worst app ever!!!

    by Marinecrawler13

    Worst app ever!!!

  • No good

    by brdavis3

    Pictures are minuscule and pixelated. 90% of them require an in-app purchase to see. It took about 5 seconds to dismiss this one as junk.


    by Pete pedersen


  • Horrible

    by jak 1

    You can't even see what the gun looks like on most of them.......doesn't even deserve the one star I gave it

  • Horrible

    by JasonChang55

    It's a reference guide- if u can shoot I'd rate lots o stars

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