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Inspiring Bible Verses & Photos! 1000's of the best verses! Get inspired, use as wallpapers, share with friends!

• Amazing Bible Verses!
• Share Photos, Go Social!
• Inspire, Save, Love!
• Daily Devotional!

Bible Verses about Love, Faith, Heaven, Salvation, Good, Life, its all here!

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Customer Reviews

  • Great Stuff!

    by BoomStl

    Love this app, it has great stuff in it. Praise God!

  • Love it

    by Iphoneuser05

    Great uplifting app

  • Bible verse

    by Cat49usa

    I love these quotes

  • Excellent

    by Blanca Andujar

    Love it!!!

  • EpicisGod

    by Loveitlots

    We'll I love this app because it makes it's own quotes then relates it to a verse!!!!!

  • :-)

    by liz102376

    The BEST! Love it!!!!! Xo

  • Great app. God bless

    by Bosshad

  • great

    by codzombiesryan


  • RDaven

    by Mongo02

    Fair app, not really what I thought it wound be. Very usable though data hungry due to sending pics all the time

  • Great Daily Inspirations

    by JewelJr

    This app is great! Nice inspirations to share with friends and family.

  • I enjoy it

    by Gloria Baptiste

    I think the images are beautiful and the scriptures are so encouraging. I'm more of a visual person, so this is perfect to help me absorb the message and calm down and have peace in the midst of my trials.

  • Great

    by Oo(45$)

    This looks good . The words are encouraging . So the backgrounds look great. I recommend this app.

  • Jesus

    by Instagramer

    This is a great app and its so inspiring and it's all about Jesus

  • A Great Inspirational App!

    by Bmiznoa

    Keeps me connected with God's Word...

  • God is love

    by BabyWeezel1224

    Could be better

  • Great App

    by GSjjj23386

    It reminds me of God's promises adding to my Faith-keeping it on fire!

  • Beautiful.

    by 8naira8

    Beautiful. Just love it. Would be great to have more and if we could submit. For review first of course.

  • Bible App

    by Rebelcop

    Fantastic App. One of my favorite.

  • Fay

    by Fayinkl

    Love it! Love sharing with friends!

  • Fay

    by Fayinkl

    Love it! Love sharing with friends!

  • Pretend scripture verses

    by Your Friend in the USA

    Very disappointing! I found it appalling that there was a photo/verse that stated that Isaiah 45:15 said some junk about God being mysterious. It doesn't say that at all. Why is such a big deal? Because I want to trust what I'm putting out and don't want others to be misled about what the bible says. Deleting the app as soon as I'm done. To me this is adding to the scriptures. I understand interpretations but ... This isn't even a bad mis interpretation. This is changing totally what the scripture says.

  • Great App

    by RugerMama

    Love it!

  • Keeps getting better and better!

    by Pinkprairiestorm

    I liked this app when a friend first referred it to me, but now there are MANY more verses and I LOVE it!!!!

  • Such an Excellent App!!!

    by DGobin

    This is something that I have needed! Thank you so much!!!

  • Awesome

    by Freddie Lemonhead Simmons

    Great app

  • Great app for God's work

    by Francis Mammi

    Keep the good work.

  • Inspirational

    by NinangLynn

    "LIKE". Only thing that bugs me is scrolling. I have to swipe a certain way, otherwise I'm directed to go elsewhere. Other than that I enjoy this app.

  • Nice app

    by el-one

    This is truly an uplifting app.

  • Simple things in Life

    by Jonathan Richard Constantine

    This is the best app that has any guidance for not just man, woman, and child.

  • Awesome

    by Silver Owl

    This is app is awesome! I love all of the photos but wish there was more. This is a perfect way to spread Jesus through pictures. I post these on Instagram all the time.

  • Great

    by nwntoz

    I use this daily!! Awesome app

  • Amazing app :)

    by Kendy1111

    I love the inspiring messages and stuff

  • Housewife

    by Steele;4

    I love this app

  • So inspirational!

    by Tabnita

    The Bible verses are so inspirational and encouraging. I share them with friends and family.

  • Love this app

    by Lil2tall

    So inspiring.

  • Good app

    by Kevisthatguy

    I'm very thankful that they have this app it's very inspiring especially when you can look back on them an see how Great God is

  • Love! Faith! Amen!

    by ixivmmxiii

    God is good! God is love! In the name of Jesus, thank you dear Lord! Amen!

  • Great app

    by Morning Glo

    Love this app, beautiful messages of hope and encouragement. I like to share with friends through text message and save to my desktop background for daily encouragement!

  • Love

    by nice app -

    God is love!

  • Just great app

    by Loral13

    The messages are so inspiring and beautiful cant wait to see the next one. :)

  • Delightfully refreshing App

    by LMD26

    Only downside is that the pictures are a little blurry, but not sure what to attribute that to.

  • Awesome App!

    by Merliine

    The graphics are beautiful!!

  • Awesome

    by Subsidfjj

    This is a awesome app

  • Love love love!!!!!

    by Nikijaxon

    Great scriptures on a great app!

  • Mrs

    by J3ssik


  • Mrs

    by J3ssik


  • Great Blessing

    by Kgnugget

    Love this app! Good reminders in our busy life!

  • Cute app

    by Already lost 8 lbs!!!

    Love these quotes and the way they're illustrated. Great idea!

  • Awesomeeeeee

    by Panequita

    Love it!!

  • God's gift for me

    by The one still waiting

    I love it! They find a way to make the bible verses more dramatic. Its God's match for me

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