Kitab-i-Iqan: The Book of Certitude Baha'i Reading Plan Reference App Review (iOS, Free)


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Learn independently about the Baha'i Faith thru this easy to use tool. It focuses on the Baha'i Writings exclusively letting you get a good understanding of the Faith.

Book: The Iqan


Customer Reviews

  • Wonderful easy to read

    by Emily_96***

    This is an great app for people who want to read it without internet and who want to be able to read it better in short clippings

  • This is a wonderful app!!

    by OneLove99

    I'm am so excited to see your new offerings and have snapped up several of them already. I like the clean interface very much and love having these books on the iPhone. My one request, as with the other reviewer: paragraph numbers, and having those numbers show in the list of readings, would make me very, very happy. Thanks!! And I hope to see Some Answered Questions soon! :)

  • Missing one key feature

    by Edtech Pro

    I downloaded this as soon as I saw it available because I'm studying this book with others. Great features - multi languages, Ability to mark which paragraphs have been read, font size variability. Missing feature - sadly I discovered this app doesn't include para numbers. It also loads somewhat slowly. Looking forward to improvements. I'd also suggest pricing all of your Bahai apps at 99 cents. The "less than a dollar" amount is stronger incentive to purchase. :)

  • Do not buy

    by Al Cadena

    Contains ads. No numbering of paragraphs. No search. Cannot save multiple selections. Not worth the effort--even if it was free.

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