Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah: Baha'i Reading Plan Reference App Review (iOS, Free)


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Learn independently about the Baha'i Faith thru this easy to use tool. It focuses on the Baha'i Writings exclusively letting you get a good understanding of the Faith.

Book: Gleanings


Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful app

    by Dr Bassari

    Thanks so much I love it so much that all my friend will know this soon.

  • Handy and easy to use

    by freakyjoon

    Love that I can use the "read it" feature to bookmark selections for quick recall and then delete them as needed - handy for passing the device around during a devotional. And I can read a selection whenever I need to. Thanks!!

  • Thanks so much!!

    by lauracello

    Thanks so much for this app and all of your service. I enjoy so much being able to have Gleanings so close to me where I can keep up with reading.

  • Turn for the worse

    by Melmenarmie

    Agree that the previous version was a thousand times more beautiful and user friendly. Why did you take away functionality? You used to be able to tap "I read it" and move easily to the next verse. Now you have to flip back and forth. Also have to select the language every time. I'll hold out for a bit, since I've bought several other books as well. I hope you'll improve it/restore the previous version. Else I will delete.

  • Going downhill fast

    by Caitlin Cogdell

    I liked this app several versions ago, but now I cannot in good conscience recommend it, and I will probably not download any app from this developer ever again. Even though it is a paid app, it shows full screen ads for the developer's other apps nearly every time you open it, which I find very disruptive. In the newest version, it also asks me to choose my language nearly every time I log in, and it is very difficult to track where I left off reading. I recommend downloading an ebook instead.

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