Tanach - תנ"ך - תורה, נביאים וכתובים Reference App Review (iOS, $14.99)


Languages: English, HE

Seller: RustyBrick, Inc.

- Fixed Issues With Bookmarks Not Saving
- Other Bug Fixes

Missed anything? Let us know: tanach@rustybrick.com

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Now you can browse and even search the whole Jewish Tanach on your iPhone with this iPhone app from Rusty Brick. This includes the Torah, Nevi'im and Ketuvim. The Torah or Chumash is browsable by both chapter and by parashah and includes the five books of Moses; Genesis [Breishit], Exodus [Shmot], Leviticus [Vayikra], Numbers [ Bamidbar], and Deuteronomy [D'varim]. Nevi'im (Prophets) and also includes Ketuvim (Writings).

This allows you to search for Hebrew words. In addition, it allows you to bookmark verses by clicking on them. You can also email verses.

Features Include:
* Browse by Chapter
* Browse by Parashah for Torah
* Search in Hebrew
* Bookmark Verses
* Email Verses
* Font Size preference
* Hebrew Only


עכשיו תוכלו לדפדף ואף לערוך חיפוש בכל התנ"ל על ה-iphone שלכם. כולל תורה נביאים וכתובים . החומש ניתן לדיפדוף לפי פרק או פרשה וכולל את כל חמשה חומשי תורה [בראשית, שמות, ויקרא, במדבר ודברים] וכן הנביאים וכתובים.
אפלקציה זו הינו היחיד הקיים כעת בחנות iphone app והיחיד המאפשר לכם לחפש מילה בעברית. ניתן אף להשתמש בסימניה לפסוקיםע"י לחיצה כפולה. כמו כן ניתן לשלוח פסוקים באי מייל לעצמכם או לחברים ובני משפחה.


חמשה חומשי תורה
* בראשית
* שמות
* ויקרא
* במדבר
* דברים

* יהושוע
* שופטים
* שמואל (א' ב')
* מלכים (א' ב')
* ישעיה
* ירמיהו
* יחזקאל
* תרי עשר
* הושע
* יואל
* עמוס
* עובדיה
* יונה
* מיכה
* נחום
* חבקוק
* צפניה
* חגי
* זכריה
* מלאכי

* תהילים
* משלי
* איוב
* שיר השירים
* רות
* איכה
* קהלת
* אסתר
* דניאל
* ערזא ונחמיה
* דברי הימים

* חיפוש לפי פרק
* חיפוש לפי פרשה
* חיפוש בעברית
* סימון פסוקים
* שליחת פסוקים באי מייל
* שינוי גודל פונט לבחירתכם

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Radiooo

    Another great app by rustybrick! Thanks so much for letting me learn tanach on my phone! It would be great if you can add English translation or mefarshim such as rashi in the future.

  • Another great app from Rusty Brick

    by SimchaM

    A perfect companion to siddur. And based on the updates to siddur (now at 2.8) it will only get better. I would like to see an English translation at some time.

  • Phenomenal

    by TESLER

    A great app - everything one would expect from this company

  • Finally!

    by wedge07

    As with other RustyBrick products, TaNaCH is superbly written and usability is intuitive. You guys rock! Finally a TaNaKH (that is, one not written by a "non-believer") for the iPhone! The only thing missing is an interlinear English translation, which is why I gave it 4 Stars instead of 5.

  • Excellent job!

    by Alex678910

    Finally an app with true Hebrew support. Worth every cent!

  • Great, but problems with bookmarks!

    by doctorzvi

    I love this application and use it often but I cannot get the Bookmarks feature to work on my new iPhone 3GS. Everytime I try, it either does not respond or crashes out of the program! Help! This would make an already great program so much better! And it would help me remember where I was up to when learning everyday! Rusty Brick----please fix this! Thanks in advance!

  • Amazing

    by Daniel K 1111

    The Rusty Brick Tanach app is full featured, very quick to navigate and a pleasure to use. Keep up the great work.

  • So-so

    by Grapson

    What's great about this application: it's fabulous to read the Hebrew Bible (no English interlinear needed, please) on the iPhone. This app makes it possible, and that alone makes the app terrific. However, for $15, it would be nice to have something that has good features. Let's start with the Fonts and their sizing. There is no need for a SMALL size font cuz nobody can read it on the iPod/Phone. RustyBrick would be better off figuring out a way to provide increments of the large font without having to use a slider. The change in font size is not visible if one moves from the text to the Settings to increase the font size. One has to be in Browse mode to have the the change in font size immediately apparent. That's a defect. Another defect is the kerning or the width of the space between lines...too big. The mail the verse is not a feature that I find desirable; I'd prefer to make notes on the text and send the mail from the notes section. The touch screen is so sensitive that a careless touch will bring the mail verse popup. Annoying. It would be wonderful if the programmer could take a page out of Stanza's programming book and arrange so that the reader flips the page rather than scrolls down when reading.

  • Worth every penny

    by adtz73

    Very useful. Especially the search function. I find the posuk I'm looking for everytime!

  • Searchable Tanach

    by irvly

    Having the "handy" capability of being able to search thru all of Tanach is really very special. Being able to bookmark it and also paste into an E-Mail is a great feature. Of course, just being able to look up a Pasuk is alone a worthy reason of having this application. Achron achron chaviv, The RustyBrick response to a service request is superb.

  • Can be better

    by Electro optical man

    The app is not bad. But after you pay so much you look for better. In search mode doesn't show what parasha you are reading from and you cannot use the TIKUN mode. In parasha mode you cannot see what PEREK number you are reading from.

  • Amazing app

    by Nhawkowl

    Thanks so much...this app is fantastic!! Bookmarks work great for me and I love being able to adjust the font size. I have also had no major issues with vowels or trope marks. No need for interlinear IMHO. I have used this app extensively in the last few weeks as I prepare for high holiday Torah and haftarah readings and it has performed flawlessly.

  • great

    by waingort

    great but if u can gives us the english please

  • Poor

    by Hhhhhsvbigf

    Really expensive, inaccurate trop and vowels, slow loading speed, not worth it.

  • Horrendous price, horrendous dev

    by Twangled

    The price is nothing short of ridiculous. The guy is taking you for a ride no matter what anyone says it's not worth the price. Second of all the dev is less than a pleasure to deal with. Practically no help, just a generic response of buy it and you'll see.

  • Vowel and cantillation alignment problems

    by Chazzan

    This app is not quite there yet. While I applaud the effort and the interface and parshiot layout are just about the best I've seen, it's unacceptable that an app that costs $15, cannot display the text properly. The vowels and tropes are not aligned properly, making for a difficult reading experience.

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